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A great actor
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Just thought I would share this:

In the late 80s and early 90s I worked at Macy's in the Danbury Fair Mall (Danbury, CT). RV was a regular in the store. He would find a chair in an out-of-the-way spot on the third floor of Macy's near the escalator, and people watch. I feel like it was an acting exercise -- paying attention to people, how they walked, interacted, etc.

Once I was working at the register in the "housewares" department on the third floor (called "The Cellar" because housewares is in the cellar at the main store in NYC) with my head down. Then I heard that very familiar voice (I was a big MAN FROM UNCLE fan as a kid and knew his voice well), "Excuse me." I looked up. The quite polite Robert Vaughn asked me if a makeup mirror for his daughter had been put on hold for him, per his request. I checked for him, and it was indeed in the "hold" area. I brought it out, and he proceeded to inspect the item. I can't remember if he bought it or not, but as I recall, he did. A small gift for his daughter. He was cordial during the entire episode, and I did appreciate his respectful attitude (not always the case with the famous and near-famous).
RIP Mr. Vaughn.
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