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Seeking Help To Determine If Dr. Vaughn painted a 'self portrait'
Sep 9 2016, 2:42 PM EDT | Post edited: Sep 9 2016, 2:42 PM EDT
Hi, folks. My name is John Harrison, and as all of you are, a life long fan of Robert Vaughn and the world of U.N.C.L.E. For the record, I am 65-years young.

So, I recently purchased a painting, done in gold, black, brown and white, from a fellow Man from UNCLE in South Carolina. The painting was bought by him in an estate sale. On the front left corner of the painting is the name Robert Vaughn, 1965. On the back of the painting is a signature "Robert Vaughn," and NYC, 1965. The signature looks very much like Dr. Vaughn's, and I must say is the best penned version I have ever seen.

I have asked my friend, John Heitland, to contact Robert to see if he either painted this, or at least signed the back of the painting. As I said, the painting is now 51-years old, and isn't abstract, but close to it. If someone can help me in this regard, I would appreciate it. If Robert did paint it, he might just be interested to know that it is still around and may be interested in seeing it again.

I will be happy to post a current picture of it if someone informs me of the process.

Thanks for listening, and best wishes. Dr. John Harrison, jharrison@cadca.org

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