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When a television series or a motion picture company need special physical effects,
they call on the imaginative people in the Make-Up Department to get the job done right.
Everything from making minor prosthetics, to full blown facial effects,
the masters of plaster turn to the Life Mask.

From a simple plaster casting of an actors face they mold and craft the effects
that make us jump, laugh or even cry.

Whether it's a personality change..
(Witch Academy)The Life Mask - Soloholics
..damage sustained in a space battle....
(Battle Beyond the Stars)
The Life Mask - Soloholics
an attack by killer birds....
(Zombie 5: Killing Birds)
The Life Mask - Soloholics

or revenge inflicted for a botched surgery.
(HBO:The Hitchhiker- "Face to Face"
Face to Face

A very special Thank You to
William Forsche
of Forsche Design

for allowing us to use his wonderful
photographs of the
Robert Vaughn Life Mask.
The Life Mask - Soloholics

The Life Mask - Soloholics

The Life Mask - Soloholics

The Life Mask - Soloholics

This plaster life mask is a wonderful piece. It is one that really needs to be seen in person
in order to appreciate it's beauty and the amazing art work.
I have this piece in my personal collection.

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