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The Lieutenant 50th Anniversary - Robert Vaughn

Special Guest Star:
Patricia Crowley
The Lieutenant 50th Anniversary - Robert Vaughn

Guest stars:
The Lieutenant 50th Anniversary - Robert Vaughn
Barbara Bain, Walter Koenig, Bill Bixby, Rip Torn, Ted Knight & Ricardo Montalban, Nichelle Nichols
"The Lieutenant"
Saturday September 14, 1963

Robert Vaughn made the step up from "guest starring" roles to Co-Starring status with his role as Captain Raymond Rambridge. The one hour drama presented on the NBC network was the first TV series created by Gene Roddenberry. Produced by Arena Productions, MGM's most successful in-house production companies of the 1960s, the show aired Saturday evenings from 1963-1964.

The series was set during peace time in Camp Pendleton, a west coast Marine Training facility near San Deigo California. Lieutenant William "Bill" Tiberius Rice (played by Garry Lockwood) is a recent graduate of the Officers Training School in Quantico, Virginia. He is assigned to Pendleton as a rifle platoon leader. The stories revolve around the lives of the men on the base. Where Robert Vaughn's no-nonscense, up thru the ranks, Captain usually only appeared in one or two scenes an episode, he was given a chance to step into the spot-light occasionally.

"The Alien" and "Between Music and Laughter" gave viewers insight into Captain Rambridge life. In "Between Music and Laughter", Patricia Crowley guest starred as the Ex-Mrs.Rambridge. She ask assistence from Rice to try and win back her ex-husband's affection. Crowley would go on to guest star opposite Vaughn again in the pilot episode of "Solo" (aka "The Vulcan Affair" and the film version "To Trap a Spy").

The series ran from September 14, 1963-April 18, 1964

1 season 29 Episodes

Final Episode "To Kill a Man" made into a feature film. Released internationally.
The Lieutenant 50th Anniversary - Robert Vaughn

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