The Inevitable AffairThis is a featured page

Written by: Solo's Girl

Napoleon stood on the roof top and took a deep cleansing breath. He stretched his arms to their fullest giving each a slight twist to wring out the stiffness. He hunched his shoulders a few times, then gave each a few rotations in turn and gave his stiff neck a few light turns. Another deep breath was followed by a heavy sigh. He looked out once more on his city and turned to leave for work. It was a long walk from his apartment to UNCLE headquarters, but the day was so nice he couldn’t resist it.

New York in the springtime. The heavy depressing snows were now just a memory as were the cold dark nights. The gentle spring rains had come and washed it all away. The temperature was still cool but pleasant. And everyone seemed to be in better spirits.

Central Park was once again coming into bloom and he loved the sweet smell of dew damp grass. The few good memories from his childhood flowed back to him. What he wouldn’t give to just take off his shoes and run thru the grass!

A slight laugh crossed his lips. A grown man in a dress suit, shoes and socks in his hand, running barefoot through the Sheep Meadow. Followed close behind by the men from Bellevue trying to get the “nice, snug” white jacket around the nut!

Spring. A time of rebirth for the winter weary city and its occupants. A time of renewal for the spirit.

Napoleon stopped in front of one of the Fifth ave store fronts to look at the display. Three weeks before Easter. Shining green plastic grass filled each window along with assortments of chicks, bunnies and brightly colored, albeit oversized, eggs. Candy overflowed from light wicker baskets.

A sad smile crossed Napoleon’s face. He started to turn when something caught his eye. Just within his peripherals, he tried to see again. It was gone. He looked at his reflection in the window and ran his hand thru his thick black hair. There it was again.


He turned quickly only to see the bustling crowd that was getting thicker by the minute. Whoever it was had vanished. He started down the sidewalk and made his turn towards the east forties.

UNCLE headquarters was never slow. Agents, secretaries, department heads were always moving throughout the long grey hallways. When he first started there, Napoleon had thought the grey walls as somewhat depressing. But now he loved them. Actually there was nothing he didn’t like about the place. Solo glanced at his watch. Seven thirty. He still had a half hour before the daily morning briefing.

Down to the cafeteria for a cup of coffee or at least what the cafeteria claimed to be coffee. That and a stale pastry still could not dampen the good mood he was in.

“Nothing could make this day any better”, he said to himself smiling.

Little did he know.

Napoleon went to his office, took off his jacket and hung it neatly on the hanger behind the door. He went to his desk and looked over a few Intel reports. He pushed himself back in his new high-back chair and sighed. Thick plush, buttery leather, it was a birthday gift from his boss, Mr. Waverly. There was a knock at his door.

“Come in,” Solo called.

It was quiet. Then another knock. Napoleon walked over and opened the door. He looked into the hallway. A few people going about their work in the steel grey halls, nothing more. He stepped out and took a few steps giving both ends of the hallway a glance. He heard his office door click shut. The confused agent scratched his head then went back to his office. Napoleon stood for a moment looking at the door handle and the small mechanism that helped it close on its own. Something really strange was going on today.

He walked back to his desk and took hold of his high back chair. He turned it around.

“Sweet Jesus!!” Napoleon heard himself yell.

The agent jumped backwards as if he had been electrocuted. His shoe caught the edge of his wastepaper basket and he tripped, landing with a thud on his back in the floor. He felt his .38 slip from the shoulder holster and saw it slide out of onto the floor. He scramble for his gun and looked up.

“Nice to know I haven’t lost my touch,” the woman said smiling at him.

She was sitting cross-legged in his chair, elbows on the chair arms, her chin resting in her folded hands. Her dark brown eyes sparkled as she looked at the stunned agent. She casually gave her head a shake; her soft sandy blond hair flopped back from her forehead.

For a few moments they just stared at each other. She smiled and tried to hold back her tears of joy at seeing him. Napoleon felt his chest tighten. He rolled his lips a few times and gave his eyes a blink as if he wasn’t sure he was seeing what he was seeing. The agent made it to his knees and moved in front of her.

He reached out and felt a surge as her fingers touched his. He took a few short breaths as he came closer to her. She saw that sweet crooked grin cross his face as he looked at her.

“Aren’t you even going to say hello?” Lynn asked.

“Hello,” Napoleon said, barely audible.

She could almost see his heart pounding as his eyes fixed on hers. Too many years. Napoleon took her every feature in. She saw him cut his eyes towards the desk.

“Where’s my coffee?” he said trying not to laugh.

Lynn Whitlow threw her head back and laughed. She unfolded her legs and leaned forward wrapping her arms around his neck. Napoleon held her so tight she had to give him a light pop on the back of the head to get him to loosen his grip. He stood up, letting her body slide down his own and stepped back from her.

“Well, what do you think?” she asked holding his arms out so he could get a better look.

Napoleon shook his head. The change was amazing. Although her facial features were still the same, she was now even more a woman then the last time he had seen her. Her small five-foot four frame was a bit thinner, but firm and tight. Her black slacks and dark blue blouse were very becoming. The bright yellow badge shone like a beacon.

It had been years since they last saw one another. A few wonderful days after she finished U.N.C.L.E. Survival School had been spent getting to know each other better. But before they could become close, she left for Europe.

Napoleon had never forgotten her selfless act. A mere secretary at that time, she had risked her own life to save him from a masochistic THRUSH operative, finding him when no-one else could. Never giving up, staying with him. All this, even after he had treated her so shamefully.

Lynn had gone from an invisible U.N.C.L.E. secretary to a full-fledged, highly lethal U.N.C.L.E. agent in section two. And that was not an easy task. Even worldwide there were only a handful of females in the Enforcement section and even fewer of those were actual field operatives. She had gone from London to Paris, on to Singapore, Tokyo, and Istanbul with her last detachment in Australia.

But she was glad to be back in America, and even more so to be in Napoleon Solo’s strong arms. He held her tight once more, his face against the top of her head.

“Are you back for good?” he asked.

“That will be up to Mr. Waverly,” Lynn said, “But at least two weeks.”

The phone rang.

“This is Mr. Solo,” Napoleon said into the receiver, a smile in his voice.

“You sound very chipper this morning, Mr. Solo,” Waverly said, knowing full well why, “I would like to see you in my office……And bring Miss Whitlow with you.” He smiled.

“Yes Sir,” Solo replied with a slight blush on his cheek.

He hung up the phone and offered her his hand. Her fingers lay gently across his and she felt his curl around her hand.

Things were relatively quite at the moment. There were a few small skirmishes here and there around the world but other U.N.C.L.E. teams were on the job. Kuryakin and April Dancer were still out on assignment and probably would be for at least another week or so.

Napoleon handed his boss the roster of agents currently still at New York Headquarters and had checked the things each needed to do during the down time, firing range, medical evaluations, physical training and so forth. He liked to keep the Enforcement agents in top physical and mental shape. One reason because the better conditioning, the better the agent. Another was the fact that he never knew when they would have to rescue himself and Kuryakin. He didn’t want any slip-ups.

Waverly signed off on the roster.

“I’ll need a report on each individual agent once they have completed the necessary requirements of your report, Mr. Solo,” Waverly said, “Nice to see you taking the initiative to keep up on your agents. Sign of a good leader.”

“What do I need to do to become a great leader, sir?” Napoleon asked with a sly smile.

Waverly smiled at him.

“Become Alexander Waverly!” Lynn piped in nonchalantly, looking at Solo.

Napoleon laughed as did Waverly. Lynn picked up the copy of Napoleon’s roster. They all stood up. She headed towards the door with Solo close behind.

“A moment please, Mr. Solo,” Waverly said.

Lynn walked out and the door closed.

“Yes sir,” the agents said turning towards the elder man.

“I know that you are happy that Miss Whitlow is back,” Waverly began, “But she isn’t going to be with us for long.”

Odd way to phrase it Solo thought.

“I don’t like to interfere with my agents personal lives..And I can hear you thinking “since when”. I want you to try and stay as professional as possible…And try not to let your emotions become clouded.”

Solo looked at his boss. What was this all about? Was she a THRUSH working as a double agent?

“Certainly, Sir,” Napoleon said, a confused tone in his voice.

He looked at Waverly. Something in his expression told Solo things were not what they seemed to be. But the minute he saw her again, Napoleon let go of any negative thoughts that might have been.

They worked diligently that morning on the paperwork for the agents. She went around to each office with him to inform the men what they needed to do and giving them the paperwork for the specific department heads to fill out. Sometime around noon, Napoleon went back to his office to get Lynn so they could have lunch.

To his surprise he found her sound asleep in the small chair in his office. Her arms folded on the desk her face resting against them. Solo tried to wake her but she was out completely. He smiled. Napoleon gently picked her up in his arms. She would be much more comfortable in the bigger chair, he thought. But as he moved her, she grimaced in pain. Napoleon saw her expression and moved her as carefully as possible to the larger plush chair. She remained asleep.

Solo retrieved his jacket from the hook and covered her with it. He knelt down next to the chair, his fingers brushed thru her hair. He gave her a kiss on the forehead and headed down to the cafeteria. By the time he returned she was waking up.

“I’m sorry Napoleon,” she said.

“Nothing wrong with a little cat nap,” he said handing her a sandwich and soda from the lunchroom.

She took a bite and looked slyly at him. He was happily chomping away at his lunch.

“Then again,” she said, “I’m probably not the first woman who ever slept in your office.”

Napoleon made a choking sound and looked at her. He gave her a crooked smile.

“Actually you are,” he said, taking a drink, “With me around, they never get a chance to sleep.”

He playfully raised his eyebrows. Lynn laughed. He loved to hear that laugh. Solo looked at her.

The week flew by. Lynn helped him with the reports and took them to Waverly. At work it was strictly business. Reports, “I have those ready, Mr. Solo”, “Can you take a note, Miss Whitlow” and the like. He thought it odd that an Enforcement agent would be happy with mere secretarial work again, but she seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. Lynn even started bringing his coffee. Napoleon had even taken to sneaking little catnaps himself when he found her in asleep in the office.

But after work they enjoyed one another on a much more relaxed level. They went dancing, horseback riding in Central Park. Long walks though the city, even in the rain. They went to the movies, feeding each other popcorn, sharing a soda and Solo even stole a kiss in the balcony. Napoleon felt completely at ease with her. He didn’t need to be “Solo” the suave playboy spy. He could just be Napoleon, whose often boyish side just wanted to play.

Friday rolled around. Things were still relatively quiet, so Napoleon planned on a long lunch break. He and Lynn hopped in a cab and went to the park. For a picnic.

He spread out the blanket in the meadow and she set up the lunch. They ate in silence just enjoying the warmth of the sun and the company. After they finished cleaning up, leaving only the blanket still out, Solo flopped back on the blanket. Lynn reached over and brushed his hair back, her finger following the outline of his face. He grabbed her finger with his teeth. Lynn squealed and tried, not with too much effort, to pull it free. She closed her eyes and sighed as she felt him pull it into his mouth, his lips gently sucked the skin. He let her go and smiled.

“You know what I want to do?” she asked looking at him.

Solo gave her a devilish smile. She gave him a sharp jab in the arm in return. Lynn reached down and took off her shoes giving her toes a liberating wiggle. She then proceeded to remove Solo’s shoes and socks. She stood up, giving him a tug. They folded the blanket; put it in the basket and picking up their shoes, walked across the warm soft grass. At one point Lynn reached up and softly touched the back of his head. Then to his surprise she gave it a playful slap.

“Tag you’re it,” she shouted taking off across the field.

Solo took off after her. The game continued for several more minutes. Suddenly Lynn fell to her knees as if she couldn’t breathe. Napoleon dropped everything he was carrying and ran to her. He knelt down and gently took hold of her shoulders.

“Lynn,” he said in panic, “Lynn what’s wrong?”

She took hold of his hand he felt her squeeze it hard. Finally she started breathing normally and sat back on her heels. She was in tremendous pain but hid it from him.

“I’m alright,” she said, “Maybe I shouldn’t have been running like that after eating. I’m alright Napoleon.”

Still holding her shoulders he pulled her close. Solo helped her with her shoes and by the time he had his shoes and socks back on she seemed fine once again. She smiled.

“See all better,” she said.

“You scared me to death,” Napoleon said, “No more tag alright?”

She took his arm and smiled, giving him a nod. The next week took Napoleon away for a two day assignment. He returned bruised and battered but otherwise alright. An overnight stay in medical for a concussion and finally back to work.

He looked around for Lynn but she wasn’t in his office. Solo went to the cafeteria. She wasn’t there. She wasn’t even in headquarters at all according to the receptionist on duty. He went back to his office and called her apartment. No answer. Napoleon was on the verge of panic. Certainly she wouldn’t have left without leaving him some kind of a note or letter or something. He looked at the photo of them on his desk. The door handle turned and he looked up.

“Sorry I’m late Mr. Solo,” she said.

Napoleon jumped up and ran to her taking her in his arms.

“Jeeze,” she said, “Maybe I should come in late more often!”

Lynn had already gone for the day wanting to get a jump on their dinner. Napoleon was down in “little agent’s room” as Lynn liked to call it, when Mr. Waverly stopped by his office. The U.N.C.L.E. Chief laid a folder on the agent’s desk for the morning. He was about to leave when he saw the framed photo. He picked it up and looked at it.

Solo cut quite a figure on a horse. He looked as if he was a natural rider. Sitting behind him, her arms wrapped around him was Lynn. Both smiling, having so much fun. Waverly looked at the way Solo was looking at her. He sat the photo back on the desk. The U.N.C.L.E. Chief knew he had to tell Napoleon about Lynn, regardless of what he had promised.

He was about to leave when Solo walked in. The agent was startled to see his boss. Waverly rarely went to his agents offices.

“Mr. Waverly?” Solo said, “Is anything the matter?”

“Beautiful photo,” the Chief said pointing to the picture, “Mr. Solo…..Napoleon..I have something I need to talk to you about. It concerns Miss Whitlow.”

Napoleon laid his head back on the sofa arm. His temples were pounding and he was trying desperately to stay as upbeat as possible. He watched her in the kitchen. She walked back out with two glasses, one scotch and one milk.

“Scotch with a milk chaser,” he said, “Hell I’ll try anything once.”

Lynn handed him the scotch. She sat down on the sofa and draped his legs across her lap.

“So I’ve heard.”

Napoleon laughed and took a drink. He noticed that she was looking at him, but not like she normally did. She had something on her mind, but wasn’t exactly sure how to start. She took a sip from her glass.

“I’m glad to see you’re fully recovered,” she said slowly.

“Well that was what almost five years a……”

“No I mean from your illness a few years back,” she said, her lip trembled, “Illya kept me posted on everything. I took leave and came to see you. You probably don’t remember though. You had just started the…..treatments…” She reached over and ran her fingers thru his thick black hair. “He said you lost…That it...fell out..”

Napoleon sat up and pulled her close. He felt her trembling.

“It did,” he said, “But it all came back in. Even the stupid piece in the front that never stays put.”

Solo gently kissed her forehead as she tried not to cry. He tenderly held her face and looked into her eyes.

“Hey, don’t cry,” he said his voice rich and soft, “It’s alright now…I’m fine…Believe me. The doctors at U.N.C.L.E. keep pretty close tabs on me. Been clear for two years now. Lynn…”

Napoleon looked deeper into her eyes. He felt a hard knot tie in his gut as he remembered what Waverly had told him. Solo tried not to let his face give away his thoughts. He pulled her close.

“Where you ever….afraid..” she asked her voice broken by her crying, “Of… afraid..of..?"

She couldn’t bring herself to say the word. Napoleon pulled her close her head lying against his chest. He tried to calm her fears.

“I‘ve been afraid a lot of times,” he said his voice broke, “On assignments, when I thought U.N.C.L.E. had given up looking for me. I was afraid when I was sick….I’m afraid right now.”

She looked up at him as the tears fell on her face.


Lynn felt his lip tremble as it pressed to hers. She readily took his moist lips, giving his bottom lip a light nip. The kiss was warm, hard and filled with more passion then either of them had ever experienced. They held each other close as lips moved together, she felt his tongue press to her lips and opened her mouth to take him cheerfully in. Her own explored his mouth with vigor. She felt his lips move to her cheek then the side of her neck. His mouth gently caressed her tender skin and she sighed at the feeling.

Lynn pressed her hand to the back of his head pulling him closer. Her tongue carefully traced the outline of his ear and she heard him moan as it flicked his earlobe. Once more their lips met, melting together in the passion and fire they felt. She laid her head back as he kissed her chin, the front of her neck and returned once more to her warm mouth. He hungrily took each of her lips in turn. So full, so sensuous was the moment that they became totally lost in each other’s arms.

Napoleon lifted her carefully in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and then laid down beside her. Hands softly explored bodies as they melted together once more in the passion of their kiss. His hands slowly untucked her shirt. She felt her body tingle as his fingers slid beneath the fabric and touched her skin. His hand slipped across her sensitive belly and he watched her body arch as his fingers found their way to her tender breast. He carefully pushed her blouse back, his warm lips following from her trembling stomach to her now erect nipple. He took it gently in his lips, caressing, nurturing the delicate tissue.

Her hands reached for him, unbuttoning his shirt, her finger tips brushed against his chest hair. She slid the garment away as he removed hers. She saw the sadness in his eyes as he saw what the disease had done to her beautiful body. Lynn reached over and took his shirt pulling it over her. She turned her face from his.

He had let his eyes betray him and for that Napoleon hated himself.

He pulled the shirt away and dropped it to the floor. His hands carefully removed her slacks and they followed the shirt to the floor. She helped him with his own trousers and soon the lovers lay side by side their bare skin beaded with the sweat of anticipation. Their bodies crying out to be together.

Lynn looked at him. Her wonderful Napoleon. She loved this soft side of his personality. His ability to become instantly passionate. And knowing when it was the real thing by nothing more than the expression in his eyes. She had dreamt of this moment so many times. Wished for it. Longed for it with all her heart. She knew his reputation, but as she looked into his face she knew the truth.

This was for real.

Napoleon raised his body over hers. He heard her gasp as his body became one with hers. Lynn’s back arched once more and he slipped his arm beneath her, the palm of his hand pressed against the center of her shoulder blades. His other hand tenderly caressed her swollen breast, his lips to hers as he slowly began to thrust inside her.

Lynn’s fingers wove their way through his thick silky hair, one hand moved slowly down to his shoulder and he felt her give it a soft squeeze. He stopped his gentle movement and they savored the passion of their embrace, the fire of their kiss. It was one of the most erotic moments either of them had ever experienced. Napoleon’s hard body throbbing inside her, her warm body locked tight to his.

After a few moments, he began once more, moving slowly against her. Lynn felt as if the entire world had disappeared and it was just them, her and Napoleon, alone in the universe.

She made a soft moan as his lips traveled once more down her neck to her breast. She saw him close his eyes from the sheer pleasure he was giving her as well as what he was feeling. A smile crossed her lips as she looked at him, his hair falling down against his sweat soaked forehead. The fire inside them began to intensify. He lifted his face and looked at her. His lip trembled as all she need do was give him a simple nod. He raised himself up, pushing deeper inside his lover. Her hands held tight to his forearms as he began thrusting faster. Even now his gentleness was as erotic as his movements themselves.

“Napoleon,” she said in a whisper, “Take me my love. Completely..Please.”

Solo thrusting movements became more intense. He laid his head back, his mouth dropping open from the total bliss of having her. Lynn saw his neck and shoulder muscles tighten, his chest expanding as the moment approached for them both. Her hands reached up pulling her body up to meet his. His one hand supporting her back again as they both felt him swell inside her. They both cried out in the bliss of orgasm as he filled her body. He pressed against her, filling her once more as he carefully laid her back on the bed, his body dropping softly atop hers.

They were both trembling with ecstasy from the moment. Her eyes filled with sweat and tears, Napoleon trying desperately not letting her see his tears of happiness.

Her fingers brushed the extremely sensitive skin of his shoulders and she felt him shake. Her one hand rested against the back of his head, one to the side of his face. She felt his warm breath against her neck. She could see his face, red from the heat of intense love they had just shared. Her fingers reached down and cupping his chin she gently pushed his mouth closed. Planting a tender kiss on his forehead, she felt him move slightly as he fumbled with the blanket, finally getting them covered.

And this was how they both slipped off to a peaceful sleep. His warm body still deep inside her, her loving arms wrapped tightly around him.

They were indeed the only two people in the universe.

Lynn woke the next morning to a feeling of profound happiness. The memory of what had happened the night before flooded back to her. Sometime during the night, Napoleon had moved and was now laying tightly spooned behind her. His arms still holding her tight as if he were afraid she would vanish.

She turned in his arms, laying her face against the soft hairs of his chest. He made a light sigh and his eyes slowly opened. A smile crossed his lips as he saw her looking back at him. They kissed one another good morning. Lips caressed lips. Their bodies aching to be together once more. Napoleon’s hand slid across her side, causing the muscles to twitch. She felt his hand move down her back, gently teasing the sensitive skin. His finger ran softly across her buttocks and down the back of her thigh. She felt his hand cup her leg just above the bend of her knee and draw it slowly…..

The chirping sounds of the communicator broke the moment. Lynn let a light laugh escape her lips followed by a disappointed sigh as his hand moved away from her towards the nightstand. He picked up the pen and opened it.

“Channel D open…Solo here”

“Mr. Solo,” Waverly’s voice came thru, “You are aware if the fact that this is Monday, are you not.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And what happens every Monday at eight am?”

“The staff briefing, sir?”

“Are you also aware of the fact, Mr. Solo, that the time is now ten-thirty am…”

Napoleon looked at the clock. He had neglected to set it the night before.

“I am so sorry, Mr. Waverly,” he said in panic, “I must have forgotten to set the clock last night. I’m on my way Sir.”

“Report too my office upon your arrival Mr. Solo.”

Napoleon and Lynn quickly cleaned up and dressed. She went to the living room to wait for him. Solo came out pulling on his jacket his tie draped around his neck, still untied. He was hoping on one foot trying to get his shoe on. Lynn walked over and took hold of his arms to steady him.

“Napoleon, calm down,” she said smiling, “Waverly’s isn’t going to demote you just because your late one time. Here let me do this.” She began to tie the silk cloth around his neck. “Besides, starting the day later means well be home that much quicker,” she finished pushing his tie into place, “There that’s done.”

He smiled and gave her a kiss.

Suddenly, Lynn grabbed the front of his jacket as her knees buckled from the pain. She collapsed in his arms. Napoleon held her tight. One hand gently took hold of her face. He could see the pain in her eyes.

“Lynn, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Get me to medical, Napoleon,” she managed to whisper, “Please….hurry..”

Solo scooped her up his arms and got her into his car. He radioed that they were on the way. Even with the traffic, he made record time getting to headquarters. He watched as she was whisked away to the medical wing.

The agent paced the floor. He would stop and look at the clock on the wall, check that the time was the same on his watch and pace some more. He walked over to the door and leaned his head against it trying to hear what was going on.

“I wish…I wish I had more time,” Lynn said slowly looking at Waverly, “Being back here has been….the best time..I’ve ever my life.”

Doctor Martz checked all her vital signs. He looked at Waverly and sadly shook his head. Waverly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He leaned over to the young agent and gave her hand a gentle squeeze.

“Napoleon should be here with you,” he whispered.

Lynn’s lip trembled. Her eyes filled with tears as she slowly nodded her head.

“I’ll get him,” Martz said.

The door unexpectedly opened and Napoleon tumbled against Dr. Martz. The doctor held the agent steady as he straightened up. Napoleon could see the lone figure lying on the bed. Then he saw Mr. Waverly standing in the room. He felt his heart fall to the floor. Solo walked in and stepped up to the bed. Waverly could see the pain in his agent’s face.

Napoleon looked at his boss, his eyes begging for reassurance that everything was going to be alright. But it wasn’t there. He stepped up next to the bed and took Lynn’s hand.

“You‘re…ah..doing this backwards,” Napoleon said trying to control the emotion in his voice, “I’m supposed to be the one in the infirmary.”

Waverly and the doctor walked out leaving them alone. Napoleon fumbled with the chair trying to get it next to bed, but it seem stuck or something. He grabbed it with both hands giving it a hard pull, throwing it across the room. Suddenly he felt a hand on his arm. He turned towards Lynn.

“Will you…hold me?” she asked.

Solo sat down on the edge of the bed and gently lifted her into his arms. His hand brushed against her hair, his thumb gently wiping the tear from her cheek. She reached up and took hold of his arm. He looked down at her.

Napoleon felt his teeth grind together as he fought to control his emotion. It wasn’t fair, he thought. She had saved him once. But he couldn’t do anything to save her. He felt the empty spot in his chest grow larger. His teeth clamped down on his bottom lip and he tried not to let her feel his body shaking.

For nearly an hour the gallant agent sat holding her in his arms. He gently brushed her hair back and smiled at her. Napoleon lifted her hand to his face pressing it to his cheek then giving it a tender kiss.

“It’s alright…Napoleon..” her voice becoming weaker, “I’m not afraid…I’m not…not...afraid…”

Napoleon sat on the roof top of U.N.C.L.E. headquarters. He glanced down at his shoes. Hum, a spot. He bent his knee bringing the shoe closer. His fingers brushed to spot away. He made a heavy sigh and looked out across the skyline. Mr. Waverly’s voice came back to his ears.

“That’s why she came back Mr. Solo,” the Chief said, “I was asked not to tell anyone of her condition. The medical team in Australia discovered it, but it was found too late. It had progressed too far to stop. Any treatments would have only prolonged the inevitable by a month or two at the most. And that time would have been worse than it already was. You know firsthand what it’s like…..”

He heard the rooftop door open but didn’t bother to turn around. The sounds of footsteps behind him stopped a few feet away. Napoleon took a deep breath and rubbed his hands together. Waverly made a heavy sigh. He gave the young agent a gentle pat on his shoulder.

“I am deeply sorry, Napoleon..If it’s any consolation, she said the last two weeks were the happiest she had ever had in her life,” Waverly said, “And she had you to thank for that.”

The U.N.C.L.E. Chief reached up and brushed the tear from his cheek, turned and went back inside. The elder man walked thru the hallway to his office. It was always difficult to lose an agent. But Lynn had been more than that. One of those true treasures whose beauty of heart ran through her very veins. He would miss her.

Napoleon shoved his hands in his trouser pockets and headed back to his office. People passing him in the hallway had no idea what was up with the agent. He had been so happy the last few weeks. He rounded the corner. Another figure rounded the corner nearly knocking his into the wall.

Illya, bruised face, ripped clothes and all stopped and looked at Solo.

“Hey partner,” Illya said grinning, “Made it back in one piece!”

Solo just walked past him. He shouldered his office door open and walked in, letting it close on its own. Illya stood for a moment looking slightly confused by his friend’s action. He walked over and lightly knocked on the door. When no reply came he opened the door and looked in.

Napoleon was sitting in his chair. One foot gently traced the rim of his wastepaper basket. Illya started to go in but figured whatever had happened he would find out soon enough.

The Russian went back to his office. He didn’t bother to turn on the overhead light he just groped his way to the desk and sat down. The thud of his survival kit dropping to the floor resonated thru the cold, dark room. He leaned back in his chair, propped his tired feet up on the edge of his desk and took a deep breath. He reached over and flipped on the desk lamp, its faint glow flickered then stayed lit. He ran his hands down his face a couple of times and stretched his arms up over his head. The blond yawed and leaned over slightly in his chair.

Something on his desk suddenly caught his attention. Illya sat up and leaned forward resting against his desk. He picked up the small black box tied with a light blue well worn ribbon. This was familiar somehow. He pulled the ribbon and let it fall to his desk. He lifted the top of the box and took out the small slip of paper.

“Illya, you saw me when no-one else did. I have always treasured this gift from you. Now I want you to keep it to remember our friendship. Good-bye my friend, with deep affection, Lynn Whitlow.”

Kuryakin felt a knot form in his throat as he took the small plastic kazoo from the box. He smiled for a moment then he felt a strange twinge in the back of his neck.

Good-bye? Lynn was gone? Illya rubbed the back of his neck. Kuryakin got up and went back to Napoleon’s office but he wasn’t there. He headed back to the reception area when Mr. Waverly stopped him.

Illya caught up with Solo outside the entrance to Del Floria’s. Napoleon just stood, staring off up the street his hands buried in his trouser pockets. Illya gave him a tap on the shoulder.

“I know it’s a bit early,” Kuryakin said, “But how about we grab a drink somewhere?”

Napoleon turned his head and looked blankly at his partner. Kuryakin gave his partners shoulder a friendly squeeze and the two men walked silently down the sidewalk.

They had gone about twenty yards when Solo looked over at the Russian.

“Illya?....When did you get back?” Solo asked.

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The last line is a perfect landing.

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