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Written By: Solo's Girl

Chapter 4
"Cat and Mouse"

Napoleon listened intensely as Mr. Wohlehaus went over in fine detail what the job with THRUSH would involve.

“So you would be a political advisor, liaison as it were, between THRUSH and anyone who crossed us. We have connections around the world, in some of the greatest counties, inside the capitols of Kings. Large countries, small countries but all very easy targets.”

He looked at the young man sitting across the desk. There was something about him Wohlehaus was still weary of. There was something too clean about Solo’s appearance. He just didn’t have that “I can take what you dish out” look about him. Wohlehaus sat back and folded his fat hands together. He studied the young man seated across from him with great interest.

Napoleon sat and looked back, never flinching. He smiled.

"I'll be blunt Mr. Solo," the THRUSH said, "You may have the brains, but you strike me as an all-American, straight laced young man."

"Thats a problem?"Solo asked.

"For our orginazation.....Yes," Wohlehaus said, "THRUSH is not interested high ideals. We require all our people to follow orders without question. Your loyalty must lie with THRUSH and THRUSH only."

Napoleon stared at the man. His expression stone.

"Would you like to explain what you said to Miss Desha about, I believe your words were "everbody does something in their life they regret." Is that what you said Mr. Solo."

Napoleon let one corner of his lips turn in a crooked smile.

"Photographic memory that one," Solo said.

"She is one of our best."

"So she has proven," Napoleon said sarcastically. He leaned forward in his chair. "Now let me be blunt with you, Mr. Wohlehaus. I am interested in making money. I was rasied in money. My old man cut me out of it because he said I was irresponsible and a disgrace to the family. I have no loyalties to anyone. During the war, I did a few things that got me into a lot of trouble. Spent some time....okay a lot of time, in the stockade. I'm not afraid of anything or anyone. If THRUSH wants my services, they're avalible for a price. If not I'll say so long."

Wohlehaus sat and stared at the young man. He reached into a drawer and took a revlover from the desk, laying it gently on the top.

"Your friend is in one of the upstairs rooms. Miss Desha has been overseeing his physical....."

Napoleon gave his neck a twist. The crooked smile crossed his face once again.

Im sure shell be very thorough, Napoleon said.

Wohlehaus pushed the gun towards the young man.

Kill him.

Napoleon stood up and picked up the gun. He looked it over. Checked the balance, then opened the chamber and saw six new bullets ready to be fired. He held the gun at eye level to check the sight.

"How much?" Solo asked.

I beg your pardon?

How much to kill him?


"Four....Then if you change your mind about me, it will be enough to get me to Canada to avoid murder charges."

"Four then."

Napoleon reached over and extended his hand to the man. They shook on the amout. Then to Wohlehaus surprise, he watched as the young man opened the chamber once more. Solo gave the gun a shake and the bullets slipped out. He took one and put in back in the cartridge holder.

"One bullett?"

"It only takes one."

And what if I change my mind on the deal afterward? Wohlehaus said with a smirk.

Napoleon never broke eye contact with the THRUSH, as he once again flipped open the revolvers bullet chamber and slipped one more bullet inside. He gave the gun a causal flip to close it. The THRUSH was impressed with the young mans nerve. Napoleon tucked the gun in his waistband and started for the door. Wohlehaus stood up and started towards him. He followed Solo up the staircase to the second level and watched as Napoleon carefully listened at each door for any sounds.

Aaron slowly opened his eyes. His head was ponding, his body hurt in places that shouldn't even have had feeling. He felt sick to his stomach. He looked slowly down and ran his hands over his rumpled clothes.

"It did happen," he whispered, "Didn't it? Yeah, she wanted me."

He sat up and the motion made his stomach rise. He managed to grab the trashcan just in time. The young man laid his head on the nightstand and took a couple of deep breaths as he tried to keep his stomach down. There was a knock on the door.

"Come in," he said weakly.

Vasara walked in, closing the door quietly behind her. She gasped and rushed over to him. He felt her fingers stoke the side of his face. She carefully pushed his hair back.

"Are you alright?" she said on the verg of tear. Vasara knelt down in front of him.

We did.make love didnt we? he asked slowly.

We did…” she cooed continuing to stroke his hair, And it was superb.I dont know what I saw in that NapoleonYou are so much more of a man.

The door flew open and Napoleon stepped into the doorframe. He held the revolver with both hands and made his way quickly across the room.

Vasara, get away from him, Solo yelled, making a motion with the gun.

She wrapped her arms around Aaron and held on.

No! she yelled, What is wrong with you?!

Wohlehaus watched from the doorway. He saw Solo grab the woman by the arm and give her a hard pull. Her grip broke from Aaron as Napoleon shoved her across the room.

Aaron looked at his friend and partner. A faint hint of fear crossed his face as Solo reached for him. He knocked Napoleons hand away and staggered to his feet, swinging at the other man with both fist. In his present state though it was easy for the other agent to dodge and brush off the assault. Napoleon grabbed the front of Dobsons shirt.

With one swift motion he kicked a small chair to the side and pressed Aaron into the corner. He stood nose to nose with his friend and glared into his eyes. Aarons fingers clutched at his hand trying to pry it away. But Solo held on tighter. Vasara looked at Wohlehaus then back at Solo. She screamed begging Solo not to do it. Napoleon released Aarons shirt and grabbed his throat, forcing his head back against the wall. Dobson felt the metal of the barrel slide slowly up his cheek, finally coming to rest on his forehead. He was shaking so hard it was all Solo could do to hold him up. Aaron slowly moved his head side to side, begging Solo not to pull the trigger. Sweat poured down his forehead.

Mr. Solo! Wohlehaus shouted from the door.

Solo glanced back then pushed the gun harder. Everyone watched as Solo pulled back the hammer. Aaron closed his eyes, causing the tears to fall down his cheeks.

"Mr. Solo! Stand down!" Wohlehaus shouted coming into the room.

Napoleon sharply pulled the gun back. He released Aaron. The young man fell with a thud to the floor shaking violently. Vasara crawled over to him and took him in her arms. Napoleon carefully moved the hammer back and turned his face back towards Wohlehaus. No expression shone through.

Wohlehaus felt the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. An oily smile crossed his lips.

"You are exactly what we're looking for, Mr. Solo" the THRUSH said.

Wohlehaus looked at his operative and then at Aaron.

Get him cleaned up Miss Desha, he said.

Wohlehaus took the gun from Solo and tucked it into his belt. He gave the young man a pat on the back and gently pushed him towards the door. Napoleon stopped in the doorframe and looked back at his partner. He hated putting him through that but it was necessary. He saw Aaron look in his direction.

Vasara helped the man to his feet and onto the edge of the bed. She made sure he was safely seated then went towards the closet to retrieve a uniform. As she passed Napoleon she stopped and looked at him. Solo felt the sting of her hand before he even realized it had moved. The slap resonated through the room and the young agent felt his head swim from the force. He drew his own hand back.

Mr. Solo…” Wohlehaus shouted from the end of the hallway.

Napoleon glared at Vasara and Aaron, turned and followed the THRUSH Chief down the hall and back to the office.

I have to say, Mr. Solo, Wohlehaus said taking his seat behind the desk once more, That was most impressive. I want our staff doctor to check you over then if he clears you, well have you go out on the obstacle course and see how you do there. End of this hallway, turn left, third door down.

Napoleon acknowledged with a nod and walked back to the door.

Just a moment Mr. Solo, Wohlehaus said, I need the rest of the bullets.

Theyre in the gun, Solo said letting the hint of a smile cross his face.

Napoleon walked out and headed to the medical area. Wohlehaus flipped open the revolver. He felt a chill run down his spine as he looked inside the chamber.

Sometime between leaving the office and finding the room with Dobson in it, Solo had managed to put the other four bullets back in the gun undetected.

He would have to keep a close eye on this one.


Napoleon sat on the cold examination table. He was poked and prodded by the THRUSH doctor. Blood samples were taken, every inch of his body checked. When the doctor questioned him about the scars, he merely said they were the result of a motorcycle accident when he was a teenager. Partly true but the doctor knew not all of them were acquired that way. He handed Napoleon a pair of grey exercise pants and a sweatshirt. While Solo dressed the doctor called the drill sergeant at the obstacle course.

Fine he will be there in about five minutes, the doctor said. He hung up the phone. Sergeant Masters will be waiting by the course.

Napoleon went outside to the obstacle course. He was tying his shoe when it became very overcast. As the dark shadow moved over him he stayed cool, finishing up his laces. He turned his head to the side and saw the massive THRUSH drill sergeant standing behind him.

Solo? the man said, the voice sounded like it was coming from deep within a cave.

Yes Sir.

Masters reached down and grabbed Solo by the back of the shirt. Napoleon felt it pull tight and realized he was dangling in the air. He was tossed nonchalantly towards the first part of the course.

Napoleon stood up and looked at the instructor. He was a good seven inches taller than Solo and at least fifty pounds heavier. One of Masters arms was as big as both of Solos and he felt a knot form in his stomach as he looked at the man. The first part of the course looked easy enough. Standard, almost like U.N.C.L.E.s with the tires, cross bars, hurdles and rope. Napoleon made it through the first section with ease.

But then it got interesting.

Panting for breath and sweating profusely, he felt Masters shove him towards the warehouse. They stood and looked up at the large metal building. He saw the instructor smile.

Now we will see how light you are on your feet, Masters said, You will scale the building and make your way to the other end via the roof. Watch your step, Mr. Solo. Inside the building are highly train sharpshooters who are ready for the slightest creak, the lightest buckle from the metal roof. Any sound they open fire.

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion they are going to fire, sounds or not?

Masters laughed and gave him a sharp slap on the back.

Napoleon made his way up the side of the building. That part was easy. He quickly surveyed the rooftop and decided on his course of action. He knelt down out of sight and took off the running shoes. He felt the heat from the metal roof immediately, but blocked it out. Solo slipped out of the sweatshirt. He tied the laces and the sweatshirt together and hung them around his neck. The agent found the series of rivets in the rooftop and used those for his grips. He knew if he stayed wherever the rivets were, the strong support beams would hold him and prevent him from pressing against the flimsy metal panels. He made his way up to the peak of the slanted roof. Using his arms for balance, he began to slowly walk along the peak.

You can do this Napoleon, he whispered to himself, Just concentrate.. he took a deep breath.

Wohlehaus was watching from the window of his office. He was most impressed by Solos agility. He could see Masters walking towards the other end of the building to intercept the agent.

Napoleon made his way quickly along the point of the roof He was about halfway across when his sweating foot slipped, hitting the flimsy rooftop. The heard the barrage of bullets hitting the metal roof on inches from him. He slipped the sweatshirt and shoes from around his neck and holding the end of one shirt sleeve let them fall on the roof nearly a yard and a half away from him. He quickened his pace along the peak, letting the shoes bounce along the metal well away from him. It worked. The THRUSHes inside the building fired in the direction of the sound.

Napoleon was about three yards from the end of the roof, when he saw an armed THRUSH guard appear over the edge before him. Giving the shirt a hard pull, swinging the shoes like bolas, Solo let it fly. He watched it wrap around the mans neck and he fell backwards from the roof edge. Napoleon made a dive and grabbed the gun. Looking over the edge of the roof he saw the man lying on the ground, unmoving, only a few inches from Masters.

The THRUSH instructor looked up at the face peering down at him. He nodded his head. Once Solo was back on the ground, the instructor shook his hand vigorously.

That was the most brilliant thing I have ever seen, Masters said nearly wringing the agents arm of his body.

Thank you sir, Napoleon said.

Im going to suggest to Wohlehaus that you be my assistant trainer. At least until we have the facility completely up and running.

They stepped over the body of the fallen THRUSH and headed back to the main building.


There was a knock at the door. Vasara walked in closing it and throwing the heavy bolt shut. She heard Wohlehaus snort.

Save it for the young ones my dear, he said as he put the gun back into the desk, Speaking of which, you really did a number on young Dobson. He didnt even have the strength to fight back. He smiled. Or was that just the effects of the drugs?

Vasara turned and pressed herself against the door. Wohlehaus looked at her.

They are U.N.C.L.E. agents, she said, her face paling a bit.

Wohlehaus sat back in his chair. He folded his hands together and gently tapped them against his chin.

That makes somewhat of a difference then doesnt it my dear Vasara, he said slowly, I suspected as much when the dog went after Mr. Dobson. Perhaps we can use that to our advantage. Have you ever watched a cat play with a mouseHe will let it go so far before pulling it back, then over and over until.

Wohlehaus slammed his fist down on the desk with such force in made the woman jump.

She saw him smile.

It will be easy to break Dobson, Vasara said, I mean after all, he was the one who told me they were UNCLE Agents. But Im not so sure about Napoleon Solo.

Leave Mr. Solo to me, he said, You just keep playing one off the other.

The phone began to ring. Wohlehaus picked it up.

Wohlehaus here..Yes………..Where?....I see. In about an hour then? That will be fine, he said. He hung up the phone. They are bringing what is left of Otto here.

What is left.. Vasara said in surprise.

Yes. Apparently from what our men could tell he fell out of or was pushed from the train. He, well you will see when they bring him in. He must have found out about your U.N.C.L.E. agents as well.


It was nearly another hour before Napoleon and Aaron saw one another again. Aaron was down in the medical sector for screenings. Solo walked in from another examination room looking over a stack of folders in his hand. Aaron backed around the examination table, keeping the distance between himself and Solo.

Aaron relax…” Napoleon said low.

RelaxYou just tried to kill me you sick bas…”

I wasnt going to kill you. If Wohlehaus hadnt told me to stand down I was prepared to kill him...I had to make him think I was THRUSH material.

Aaron still kept his distance.

Aaron, you would have done the same thingyou know you would...We have to remember that we are working on the same side. Vasara..

Leave her out of this…” Dobson said low.

Napoleon looked at his partner. Something was wrong; he could feel it in the back of his neck. He always got a small twinge when a mission wasnt going right. He backed away and saw Aaron relax a bit.

The doctor walked in with the mens files. He handed each their respective reports.

Take these over to Mr. Wohlehaus, the doctor said, You both check out fine. Fit for duty.

Aaron pulled at the mock neck black shirt he was now wearing and rolled the sleeve back down giving his arm a flex. The doctor handed him his grey jacket and helped him slip it back on. Aaron buttoned the jacket up and his hand slowly brushed across the black and white patch on the shoulder. He picked up the black beret rolling it in his fingers a few times.

They took the folders and walked out, Aaron following Solo, but several feet behind. They arrived at the office and were immediately escorted in by the guard. The THRUSH stood up as they approached. He noticed the distance between the two men.

Ah nice to see we are all friends again, Wohlehaus said sarcastically, Judging from the way you are dressed I see you have decided to take us up on our offer.

He took the folders, glanced thru them and sat back down. He handed the folders to Vasara. She smiled and took the folders. As she walked past the two young men she blushed, pursed her lips and gave Solo a wink. He puffed up his chest a bit and gave his gun belt a shift.

Napoleon was dressed in light blue trousers tucked neatly into his black boots. A lightweight, black turtleneck shirt and light blue kepi rounded out his attire. He moved the cap bill a bit more to the front and looked towards the woman returning the wink.

The THRUSH walked around the desk and looked over the two men. He gave Aaron's jacket a tug and adjusted the beret. One more quick look, and he moved over to Solo.

"Captain Solo, where is your jacket?"

"They didn't have one that fit....Sir," he said making a slashing movement across the front of his shoulders.

Wohlehaus nodded.

"Actually, Captain, you do not really need it during training. Dobson you will join the other new recuites on the obstical course in fifteen minutes. Captain, I want you to join Masters to watch and learn. When he feels you are ready you will be in charge of obstacle course training. Dobson once you pass training, you'll be assigned to guard duty. As soon as we have everything up and running you will both receive permanent positions."

Aaron looked at Napoleon. Solo glanced over at his partner.

"Yes sir," the two young men said together.

I will have Miss Desha prepare your packages for processing. You will return here after training to sign your paperwork, get more details on your pay etcetera. Congratulations gentlemen, Wohlehaus said extending his hand to each man in turn, Welcome to THRUSH.

Napoleon heard Vasara laugh quietly from the far side of the room.

The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end.

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