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Written by: Solo’s Girl

Chapter 2
“Incident on The Train”

Aaron Dobson slid the door shut and flipped the lock. Reaching into his shirt pocket he removed his cigarette case and opened the top. He slid the small pack from the brown leather case and opened the back panel releasing the wires. Quickly looking around he found the hidden outlet and connected his radio. He removed the other wire he and hooked one end to the metal clip of the radio and the other end to the metal mirror frame. The young agent turned the small silver dial and the radio began to hum.

“Open Channel D…Mr. Waverly,” he said low.

“Waverly here.”

“Sir, Napoleon and I have made contact with Vasara Desha….”

“Excellent work Agent Dobson….How did you manage to so quickly.”

Dobson explained the details of the meeting to his Chief. He then relayed that the woman was now with them in the dining car.

“Keep her attention Agent Dobson…But don’t overplay your hand...She is THRUSH’s top female agent.”

“Yes sir,” Dobson replied.

“Keep me posted on everything…Waverly out.”

Dobson re-assembled his radio, closed the case and slipped it back into his pocket. He turned on the faucet, giving his hands a quick scrub then ran his damp hands over his hair. After adjusting his shirt he went back to the table. The young agent noticed a strange look on his partner’s face. He raised an eyebrow.

“Motion of the train getting to you?” he said as he slipped in beside Vasara.

Napoleon shook his head and coughed.

“No, just thinking about…something…” he said looking towards Vasara.

She blushed

“Naps tells me you boys just graduated from NYU..Little old for college graduates aren’t you?”

“Not really,” Dobson said, “We had to take a trip to Korea first…That sort of set things back a few years.”

“Of course,” she said sympathetically, “I should have thought of that. Did you boys see a lot of action?”

“Napoleon did..Marine.”

“Ooohhh…a Marine..I bet you looked incredible in your uniform,” Vasara blushed and turned to Dobson, “Where you in the Marines as well?”

“No, Army,” Dobson said proudly.

“The Army was our back up resources,” Napoleon said smiling slyly, “Not that we really needed help mind you…”

“Oh very funny,” Dobson said with a sarcastic tone.

Vasara laughed and gave Dobson a supportive pat on the shoulder.

“And now?” Vasara asked.

“Now we are heading to Washington DC to try at put out degrees in Political Science to work,” Dobson replied taking a sip of his coffee.

“Uh hum,” Vasara said seductively looking from one man to the other, “Brains as well as looks…”

Both Napoleon and Aaron puffed themselves up a little and smiled. Dobson took the opportunity to flex his arms a few times, and casually draped one on the top of the seat behind the woman.

She smiled when Solo made a small almost undetectable huff at his partner’s action. She slipped her foot from her dainty shoe and began to tease Napoleon’s ankle with her stocking toes. He swallowed the lump in his throat as he felt the silken material playfully push his sock down, then trail lightly up his shin. Her toes drummed slowly against his skin and he tried desperately to hide the feelings he was experiencing.

“Would you excuse me?” Napoleon said, sliding out of the booth. He went thru the car and stopped at the lavatory door. The agents looked back and saw his partner and the young woman sitting closer, Dobson whispering in her ear, her face blushing at whatever he had said.

“She is good,” Solo said under his breath.

He stepped thru the door into the vestibule, the sounds of the train magnified, the safety plates shifting beneath his feet. He could tell in his gut that this affair was going to push him and his partner to the very limits. But it was a challenge he was ready to face. He felt a heavy hand on his shoulder.

"You again..." the conductor said, "No standding in the vestible!"

His voice loud and forceful, he opened the door and gave the young man a hard shove back into the car. Napoleon landed with a thud in the floor. Several other riders turned in their seats and looked into the aisle. Solo made it to his knees and worked his way to a standing position. He reached down and gave his knees a rub.

"Take it easy," he said looking back at the conductor, "I was going into the other car."

"You're going back to your seat....And anymore problems, you'll be going off the train."

Something in the man's tone made Solo's blood run cold. He looked into the mans dark cold eyes and felt the hair on the back of his neck stand on end. The young agent gave his shirt a tug, straightened his colllar and went back towrds the table at the other end of the diner car.

Dinner service was in full swing and the three had to relinquish their table to other dinners. The young men grabbed their suitcases from the storage area behind their table and headed to the seating car they had first come through. Vasara casually flopped back into her original seat and watch the two men scan the car. She had reserved a small four seat section, two seats facing the other two. They were at the rear of the car, with only a large open area across the aisle. Several suitcases and large steamer trunks were stacked up in the area. She looked at the two agents.

“You gentlemen are welcome to sit with me if you like,” she said coyly, dropping her eyes, “After all it’s still another couple of hours to Washington.”

She stretched out on the two seats and folded one arm behind her head. A light flick and her shoes fell to the floor. Aaron and Napoleon took the two seats across from her, stowing their cases in the overhead rack. While Arron was putting his case away, Napoleon slipped into the seat, taking the one near the window, directly across from her smiling face. Aaron made a huff when he started to sit and discovered his partner had taken the one he wanted.

Vasara shifted trying to get comfortable leaning against the hard armrest and the window. Dobson looked around a saw a stack of small pillows in a storage compartment near them.

“You need something more comfortable to lie on,” he said standing up to retrieve one of the fluffy cushions.

“You’re absolutely right,” she said.

While Dobson had his back turned, the young woman reached across the seat and grabbed Napoleon by the front of his shirt. One hard tug pulled the started young man into the opposite seat. Vasara gave his shirt a quick brush to straighten it and snuggled against him.

“Much more comfortable,” she cooed, giving him a playfully tap on the end of his nose, “Much, much more comfortable.”

She kissed him.

Someone cleared their throat. A stunned Dobson stood with a pillow clasped in his hand and the burly Conductor stood with his hands on his hips.

“I’m tired of talking to you two,” the man said growling, “Give me that,” he said snatching the pillow from Dobson, “And you!” he shouted leaning towards Napoleon “…There’s a law in this state against necking on public transportation.”

“It was entirely my fault, Mr. Conductor, Sir,” Vasara said smiling at the man, a hint of innocence in her voice “It won’t happen again.”

The man smiled at her and gallantly tipped his hat. Aaron’s mouth twisted slightly at the change in the man’s demeanor. The conductor turned back and looked at him. His smile quickly faded.

“Sit Down!!” he shouted.

Dobson jumped slightly and quickly took his seat.

“We didn’t get yelled at this much in the service,” Napoleon said smiling and shrugging his shoulders.

Vasara giggled and laid her head against Solo’s shoulder. She looked at Dobson, alone and dejected in the seat across. She smiled as he leaned his back against the window. She stretched her silky foot across the small space between then and gave his hip a playful push. Again. Then she pushed once more, harder this time. Dobson turned and looked over at her smiling.

“That’s better,” she said, “What’s the matter Naps?” she cooed, “You seem…nervous for some reason.”

“Not at all,” he said, “It’s just that….Well you’re a very attractive woman, and I’ve never…”

Sitting up suddenly with mock surprise, Vasara clasped her hands to her face and looked at him.

“You’ve never…!!!.....I would have thought a good looking guy….” She began to laugh at Napoleon’s stunned reaction.

“No wait…You didn’t let me finish..” he said blushing.

Dobson began to laugh.

“I love the way your ears turn red when you’re embarrassed,” Vasara said, running her fingertip around the outline of Napoleon’s ear, “So sexy..”

She looked over at Aaron Dobson and noticed he was having a few problems of his own. She raised one pencil thin eyebrow and gave her head a nod towards his lower body. The embarrassed young man tried to hide his reaction but finally gave up. He looked towards the woman with a sheepish grin on his face. To his surprise, she gave him a slight wink and pursed her crimson lips.

Vasara sat back against Napoleon’s arm giving it a gentle squeeze.

“Go ahead Napoleon,” she teased, “Finish what you were going to say.”

“I was about to say that I have never encountered a woman who was so open about her…ah…ah..”

“Sexuality?” she said.

“Yes…Most of the girls Aaron and I know are…”

“Prudes…Cold fish…”

“That’s one way to put it,” Aaron said with a snicker in his voice.

“Well did you ever think that the reason is because they ARE just girls?”

Vasara sat up and looked from one man to another. She gave her hair a gentle tussle. They watched as her already tight grey suite became even more so. The woman reached up and fanned herself with her hand. Then one hand carefully undid the top two buttons on her blouse.

Unconsciously, both young men began to breathe faster. Vasara laughed, giving her hair another flip. She reached over to both men and her soft manicured fingers gently pushed their chins up, closing their mouths. Varasa giggled again and looked at both the young men. She seemed to be studing them for some reason. The color in their faces returned to normal.

"You know," she said finally, "I work for a company that could use a couple of bright young men like yourselves. And you would make a lot more money then you will working for the government. Good pay, travel, clothing allowence..."

"Sounds intersesting,"Aaron said folding his feet indian style beneath him.

"The only thing is, you have to pass a very strenuous physical and mental examination."

Aaron smiled. He rolled back his shirt sleeves. Dobson looked above his head and studied the luggage rack. Reaching up with one hand, he took hold of the ledge. A deep breath and he lifted himself off the seat with just the one hand. Back down, then up again. He repeated this three more times. The final time he let go of the rack and landed with a plop back in the seat. He exhaled and flexed his arm.

Vasara reached over and gave his biceps a gentle squeeze. They were rock hard and she swooned slightly.

"Show off," Napoleon mumbled.

Varasa heard him but kept looking at Aaron. Then she turned to Napoleon.

"Now it's your turn," she said smiling.

Aaron could see the wheels turning as Napoleon thought hard of a way to show up his friend. Solo looked at the woman. A glint came to his eye.

He gently moved Vasara to the edge of her seat. Taking her hands he carefully folded her hands in her lap. Napoleon leaned back and looked at her, and then she watched as he slipped into the floor between the seats. Vasara watched as Solo slipped his arm carefully beneath her thighs. His arm moved a bit more until she was practacally sitting on his shoulder. His elbow hugged the fabric of her skirt as it bent back, his hand gently taking hold of her arm.

Napoleon began to slowly stand, lifting the woman as he went. She was startled at the first movement and jumped slightly. But his grip on her arm and his confident smile relaxed her. She felt herself being lifted higher until the young man was standing up with her perched on his shoulder.

The train made a sudden jolt and the woman out of reflex wrapped her arm around his head. She could feel his silky hair and his warm skin against her hand. Napoleon grabbed the edge of the seat and kept his balance. He felt her fingers brush his cheek. The young man steadied himself and used both hands to reach up and lift her from his shoulder. As she felt her feet touch the floor her hands once again gave his arms a good squeeze. She ran them back up to his shoulders and one hand tenderly touched his cheek. She looked into his eyes. Napoleon smiled.

"Nice recovery," Aaron said folding his arms in a huff.

Vasara felt her face flush as she continued looking at Napoleon. Her mouth opened slightly as her breathing sped up. He smiled and carefully pushed her chin up as she had done to him. He offered her a seat. Aaron would be a good THRUSH agent, she thought, but Napoleon would be for her and her alone.

"Impressive," she said breathlessly, "Both of you...Oh my.." she fanned herself, "Will you excure me gentlemen..."

She stood up and streightened her skirt. The train movement made her sway. Napoleon reached over and held her steady.

"Are you sure you're okay?" he asked.

"Just a little dizzy...Napoleon, can you help me down to the, ah, powder-room?"

Solo smiled and nodded. He stood up and steadied her.

“Can I get you something to drink?” Aaron asked.

"Could you please get me a ginger ale from the dining car?" she asked softly.

"My pleasure," he said unfolding his legs, "Naps you want anything?....from the dining car?"


Aaron nodded and stood up. Napoleon helped the flustered young woman down the swaying asile to the lavatory. He slid the door back and held her arm as she stepped inside. She closed the door and Napoleon leaned against the opposite wall to wait in case she needed help back.

A few minutes passed. Napoleon was starting to wonder if she was alright.

"Napoleon...." her voice was soft and weak, "Can you help me?"

He heard the door lock click. Solo stepped across the dark aisle and opened the door a bit.

He felt her hand grab his arm and pull him inside the tiny room. She shut the door and locked it. Napoleon saw her jacket, blouse and skirt neatly folded and laying on the tiny sink. Her lace panties, garter belt and bra the only things she was wearing. Solo looked at her shapely body and felt his body react to her's.

"Vasara..." he started.

She reached up and took his face with her hands pulling him into a passionate kiss. Lips explored his neck as her hands began to unbutton his shirt. Vasara felt his hands caress her body. She giggled feeling his fingers tremble while brushing across the silk lace panties she wore.

"I want you, Napoleon," she said her breath coming hard, "I wanted you the minute I saw you.. "

"Vasara...please," Napoleon panted, "I want you too...But not like this..."

She stepped back and looked at him. A strange sensation came over her as she looked at the expression on his face. His eyes glistened, a slight tilt of his head and that wonderful dimpled chin. He did want her. But he wanted something more then just a quick restroom romp. Her entire body blushed and she pressed against him. His arms wrapped around her and she felt his face lay gently against the top of her head. She listened to the sound of his heart beating.

"When we get to Washington...." he said, Ill make it up to you. I promise.

He smiled at her and gave her a warm kiss.

I hope no-one saw me pull you in here, she said a bit more reserved then was her custom.

If they did, Napoleon said, And if they question it, Ill just say my girlfriend was unwell and needed help.

Vasara ran her fingers across his shirt as she carefully redid the buttons.

Hummmmgirlfriend. I like that, she said finishing up the last button. She gave his chest a light pat.

Ill see you back at the seat, he whispered.

Napoleon slipped out of the door, un-noticed by the other patrons in the car. He heard the door click shut and started up the aisle.

Aaron stepped into the vestibule between the dining car and the passenger car. He felt the safety plates shift beneath his feet and nearly dropped the small cardboard tray with their drinks. His hand reached for the door release. The door opened and the conductor walked out. Aaron watched as the man stepped in front of him blocking his access.

Excuse me, the young man said, trying to step around.

His path was blocked again.

Look, I dont want any trouble, Aaron said standing firm.

We dont either, the conductor said backing the younger man against the inner wall of the train.

Aaron watched as the man reached over and unlocked the side door of the speeding train. The cold air rushed in and the noise was almost deafening. Aaron felt the tray knocked from his hand and the man grabbed the front of his shirt.

The U.N.C.L.E. agent fought back. He felt himself lifted in the air by the man who had a good eight inches and thirty pounds on him. Aarons fingers dug against the smooth steel walls, trying desperately to find something to hold onto. Finally his numb fingers found the safety bar.

Napoleon reached the seats and looked around for his partner. Certainly he wasnt still in the dining car he thought. Solo stepped up to the door and looked through the tiny window.

The door opened and Napoleon leapt on the older mans back. He wrapped one arm around the mans throat while his other tried to twist the mans head. The conductor bucked and tossed his head back striking Solo point blank in the face. But the agent didnt let go.

Aaron hung on to the bar but the fact that he was now hanging on the outside of the train was making it difficult. The cold air rushing against him was forcing his strong arms to weaken. He felt the conductors heavy shoes come down catching two of his fingers.

Napoleon gave another sharp twist and finally the older man staggered a bit. Solo slipped from his back and delivered a few well placed blows to the mans head, chest and the center of his shoulders. A karate chop to the throat sent the man into the wall.

Dobson pulled himself back into the vestibule and rested on his knees.

I knew it. the conductor struggled to say, U.N.C.L.E. Agents.Arent you?

The two young men looked at each other then back at the man.

Marines, Napoleon said.

U.N.C.L.E.! the man shouted as he lunged once again towards Dobson.

Aaron flew backwards.

There was a loud cry and the train made an almost inaudible thump.

The only sounds, the rushing air, the shifting metal plates.

The static of the Walkie-Talkie.

Come in Otto…” a voice said thru the static, Did you feel that?

A bruised hand reached for the radio and pressed the side button.

It was a deer.

A deer?....Roger that,We will be in DC in twenty minutesOut.

Napoleon tossed the radio out of the open door.

He reached over and pulled his partner back into the safety of the train.

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This is one of my favorite of your THRUSH Villians!! She is a real....well you know! Are the guys really getting taken by her or they just really really good at what they do. She sure is. I loved the "showing-off" scene. And looking back at the picture from Chapter1 (you forgot to add it to 2) It was easy to visualize the two agents fighting for attention. Napoleon's coolness when confronted by Vasara's advances. And YES..I agree with Kelly about the conductor. Nice twist.

Hope #3 is close at hand. Can't wait to see what happens next!! BRAVISSIMO!!
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WOW!! This woman is a real worker! Well trained by THRUSH. She is really driving that wedge in deep.

Thought there was something strange about the conductor. I did love it however when he yelled at Aaron to sit down. I could just picture the guy standing there like he was still holding the pillow. You have really created a great scenerio and are putting the Agents to the test.

Waiting on the edge of my seat for the next chapter. You are one hell of a terrific writer. Keep it up!!
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