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Robert Vaughn and Ronnie Burns 1956Written By: Solo’s Girl

Chapter 1
“Let the Games Begin”

Waverly looked at his two agents. He tried his best not to smile, but the sight of the youngsters brought back fond memories of his own days as an agent. They were dirty, clothes in disarray, despite their best efforts to clean up; one had a swollen nose and cheek, the other a black eye and bruised knuckles. They had come straight from the field to headquarters.

“Impressive gentlemen,” Alexander Waverly said.

He held his hands out towards the two men. They reached behind them and took their guns out of the holsters. They handed them to the chief. The elder man examined both of the .38s; cautiously sniffed the barrels of both then removed and checked the magazines. He clicked the cartridges back in place and returned the weapons to their owners.

“Very impressive,” Waverly said, “Not a single shot fired. I never would have believed it.”

The U.N.C.L.E. Chief motioned for them to sit down. The agents slowly took their seats, their sore muscles ached when they moved and the youngest of them had received a hard kick in the seat of his pants which was still extremely tender. He saw his partner crack a slight smile.

“You are both to be commended,” Waverly continued, “Not even the most seasoned agent would have taken on five THRUSH operatives bare handed.”

“To tell the truth, sir,” Agent Solo said, “At first we didn’t know three of them were THRUSH.”

Waverly raised one bushy eyebrow and looked at the men.

“That’s right sir,” Agent Dobson said, “We were trailing the two THRUSH operatives. Napoleon and I followed them through one of the waterfront bars. When we came out the back of the building, we saw the three…..Well….”

“Ah,“roughing up” a young lady,” Solo said sheepishly.

“So you stopped your assigned pursuit of the two THRUSHes to assist her?”

Dobson and Solo looked at one another. Then they looked at their boss.

"Yes sir,” they said together.

Waverly picked up his coffee cup and took a sip. He held the cup in his hands, slowly rubbing a finger against the rim.

“Continue gentlemen,” he said.

“Sir, they had already slapped her around quite a bit. Most of her clothes were either gone or torn,” Dobson said, “She screamed and begged us to help. What else could we do?”

“The three tuned on us so we fought back,” Napoleon said, “That’s when the two we had been following came out of the shadows and joined in. Aaron took the girl and moved her to another section of the alley.”

“That's when we realized she was the girl who had been kidnapped. The girl was safely out of the way and we had no choice but to defend ourselves. Sir.”

“Why didn’t you fire your weapons?”

“The alleyway was too narrow. Any shots that might have missed, would have ricocheted off the walls and could have struck the girl,” Napoleon continued.

The U.N.C.L.E. Chief felt a smile inside at Solo's comment "might have missed". From anyone else it might have been taken as an arrogant statement, but the young recruit had proven time and again what an expert shot he was, rarely scoring less then 98 out of 100 shots. Waverly sat his cup down and stood up. He folded his arms behind his back and strolled to the window looking out at the city. The two agents saw him rock back on his heels a few times. Waverly turned around and walked back to the table stopping next to them.

He stared at the men.

Unflinchingly they stared back. A smiled crossed the old man’s face. He gave Dobson a pat on the shoulder.

“Well done gentlemen,” he said, “Our first rule here is to protect the innocent lives. As you know, the young woman you assisted is the daughter of Congressman Fleming. THRUSH had abducted her from in front of her hotel and the two you were initially following were sent to collect her, as they put it. You put your instincts to work and ended up finding and helping the young lady as well as taking out her abductors."

Solo bit down on his bottom lip and shifted uneasily in his chair. Sitting was not quite as enjoyable as it normally was.

Waverly looked at them both.

"Go to the infirmary and get checked out," the Chief said, "Go home and get some rest. You can finish your reports in the morning."

Dobson stood up and gave his partner a hand. Napoleon made no attempt to evade the helping hand extended to him. He took hold of Dobson's arm and pulled himself up.

"What is the matter Agent Solo?"

"A well panted kick with steel toed boots, sir," the agent cringed, "Actually it feels better then it did about an hour ago."

Aaron Dobson steadied the other agent and they started for the door.

"Cheeky THRUSH," Waverly said smiling.

The two men stopped at the door.

Dobson snickered. Napoleon looked at his partner and sneered.

They continued out the door and up to the infirmary.

One Week Later......

Dobson leaned back in his chair and sighed. Napoleon laughed and shook his head.

"So then what happened?" Solo asked as he finished his sandwich.

"She looked me dead in the eye, picked up my beer and dumped it down the front of my pants."

Napoleon nearly choked. He looked at his partner. Dobson started laughing as well. Served him right for trying to sweet talk one of the staff girls. He and Solo had begun getting a reputation for being quite well versed with the ladies. They were young, handsome, and suave. It was irresistible.

But where the ladies were their thoughts, right now their hearts belonged to U.N.C.L.E. And no woman would come between them and their first love.

Solo's phone rang. He washed down his sandwich and picked up the reciever.

"Agent Solo," he said, "Yes sir....On our way sir."

He hung up the phone, stood and brushed the crumbs from his clothes.

"Come on," he said, "Mr. Waverly wants us in the office."

Dobson paled slightly.

"How did he sound?" he asked.

"Like Alexander Waverly," Solo said grabbing his jacket from the door hanger, "Why?"

Solo stepped out the door, Dobson behind him.

"It was his niece I was out with.....She didn't bother telling that until AFTER the fact..."

Solo gave his partner a reassuring pat on the back as they headed for the office.

I didnt know Mr. Waverly had a niece?

Well his cousins daughter.Still family.

The two young agents adjusted their jackets and ties and walked thru the punmatic door into the large conference room. Waverly was back in his office on the phone. The agents stopped at the large table and glanced at the file folders laying there. Mr. Waverly motioned for them to take their seats.

"He's looking at you," Napoleon whispered low to his partner.

"I will take care of it,"Waverly said, "You have a nice trip...Jacquie." He hung up the phone.

Aaron Dobson slipped down slightly in his chair. Napoleon coughed a few times and his partner pulled himself back upright in the chair. They watched Waverly stand up and walk towrds the table. The Chief took his seat and pushed the folders to his young agents.

"Good moring gentleman," the Chief said, "And Agent Dobson.....If you will open the files we'll get started. It appears that THRUSH has started recruiting new operatives and has set up operations in Arlington Virginia. They have secured a large warehouse on the Potomac, with docking facilities and are in the process of having a ten foot high fence installed around it.

The agents looked at the files and the photos that U.N.C.L.E. had acquired.

The warehouse was situated on the banks of the Potomac River with plenty of docking space. There were several other buildings nearby that looked similar to army barracks. There were large open areas around the buildings and what appeared to be a long concrete driveway heading inland. Napoleon picked up one of the photos and had a closer look. He handed it to Dobson.

Looks like an obstacle course, doesnt it? he said.

I believe it is, Aaron said giving it a closer look, It isJust like the ones we had at the army base in Missouri. This must be their version of Survival school.

On the contrary gentlemen. This is their preliminary training grounds. We do not know where their final testing facilities are. That is what I need you to find out, as well as what they are storing in the warehouse.

They looked at several enlargements of the aerial surveillance photos.

Is that looped barb-wire around the top of the fence? Solo asked.

It is a newly developed form of barbed-wire, Agent Solo. Specifically designed and exclusively used by THRUSH.

Waverly turned to the small cabinet against the wall. They watched him slip on a thick glove and reach cautiously into the drawer, pulling a small length of the wire out. He carefully laid it on the table top in front of the two young men. Dobson removed his handkerchief and folded it several times to make the fabric thicker. Using the cloth he gingerly picked up the steel wire and had a closer look.

This reminds me of the piranha we encountered in South America, Dobson said.

Yes.But this looks a bit more deadly, Napoleon said leaning in for a closer look, This is designed to cut thru to the boneAaron…”

Solo nodded towards his partners handkerchief. It was spotted red. Blood. The wire had easily sliced thru the cloth and cut his fingertips like a hot knife thru butter. Dobson dropped the wire and looked at his hand. Not too bad. But it stung like a deep paper cut. Waverly reached over and picked up the wire once again and put it back into the drawer for safe keeping. He took off the glove.

This glove is made out of the best polymer U.N.C.L.E. possesses. Fireproof and the same materials we use in our bullet proofing.

He tossed the glove on the table. The fingers he had picked the wire up with were shredded down to the steel reinforced tips.

THRUSH may be using this for more than just escape-proofing their stronghold.

Persuasion methods? Solo asked.

Sadly yes, Agent Solo.

Waverly pressed a button on his control monitor and the movie screen whined slowly down from the ceiling. The agents looked at each other. The boss had a new toy in his arsenal. Waverly picked up a long black bar from beside the monitor and aimed it towards the back of the room. There was a loud click and the lights dimmed. Another button pressed and an image came up on the screen.

This assignment must be carefully executedAs you can see by the aerial photograph it is a very large complex. Another image came up on the screen. And it is less than a mile from the Pentagon.

Dobson and Solo looked at the photos.

I am not going to sugar coat this gentlemen, Waverly said, The two of you have proven yourselves a formidable team. Your age and stamina are going to be major factors in making it out alive.

Waverly pressed another button and the photos changed again. This time Dobson and Solo had to take deep breaths to keep from losing their lunches. Bodies, literally cut to shreds by the wire as one recruit had tried in vain to escape the brutal training camp, others missing fingers, limbs merely installing the deadly wire.

How do we get in, Dobson said trying to keep his stomach down.

Waverly smiled. Another click and a differnent photo came up on the screen.

Dobson and Solo felt their respective jaws drop slightly as they stared at the face on the screen. A sweet demure smile, if the term innocent had ever applied before it did now. She was absolutely stunning.

"This is Miss Vasara Desha" Waverly said, "Her given name is Emily Hotchkiss, she is twenty-four years old, five foot-six, blond hair, blue eyes and lethel. Do not let the look fool you gentlemen. She is more deadly then any black-widow and loyal to THRUSH. She is your connection, your "way in" so to speak. Be on your guard. She can turn on you without warning and turn you against each other just as easily."

"Yes sir," Napoleon said giving his head a nod.

"Yes, Sir," the other agent said.

"Our sorces tell us that she had returned to Boston for a funeral, but that she is currantley in route back to Virginia via train.

Waverly brought up the photo of the young man tangled up in the wire above the fence once more. He brought up the same photo but with a wider view. They could see Vasara standing, looking towards the body with a sadistic smile on her face. Her hands resting on her hips, the black THRUSH beret pushed slightly back.

The man in the wire…….is her brother, Waverly said with a tone neither of the men had ever heard in their boss voice, Be extremely careful……Dismissed.

Two hours later
Penn Station, New York

Passengers inside the cars watched as two young men ran frantically along the platform. Their suitcases bouncing against their sides as they tried to reach the only open door before the train pulled from the station. The horn blasting, and the distinct sounds of the metal wheels grinding against the track sent them into overdrive. The oldest jumped aboard, dropped his case in the vestibule and reached out for his friend. The other young man grabbed his hand and felt the sharp tug as he was pulled aboard.

Both had a good laugh as they tried to catch their breath from the long sprint. They stood for a moment as the train began to slowly build speed

That was a very foolish thing to do, a voice behind them said.

Napoleon had been leaning forward, his hands resting on his knees. He turned his head to the side and saw the stone face of the train conductor looking at them. Aaron continued leaning against the doorframe panting for air. He motioned to the man as he tried to speak, but his voice was still gone from the lack of breath. All he could do was smile and nod.

You do have tickets for this train? the conductor asked sternly. They nodded, fumbled in their shirt pockets and produced two tickets for Washington DC. The man examined the tickets closely, then the two young men. He finally punched their fares and handed the remaining side back.

Find a seat gentlemen.

Where is the.the dining car. Napoleon managed to say.

Two cars forwardI suggest you Walk, the man said and adjusting his cap he opened the car door and waited for the passengers to pick up their bags and move inside.

The train began to pick up speed and the swaying motion of the cars made it difficult to walk without bumping into other seats and passengers. They apologized as they made the long walk thru the car, out the door and into the next car. They were almost to the dining car when Aaron stopped in his tracks. Napoleon had been looking back for the conductor when he ran into his partners back. His suitcase fell to the floor. Solo looked around his partners side and saw what had stopped him cold.

The woman sat alone. She was attired in a tight light-grey business suite. Her white silk blouse buttoned to the top and a beautiful black silk scarf ran under the collar and was tied in a knot just above the jacket buttons. She was shapely, skin smooth as the silks she wore. Her long blond hair fell in ripples around her face.

She looked at the two young men and dropped her crystal blue eyes in a coy manner. She smiled.

Napoleon gave his partner a slight shove and they made their way past the woman and into the dining car.

Okay, Dobson said, What was that all about?


Pushing me past her.

Let her come to us, remember, Napoleon said as he slipped his suitcase into the storage area behind their table.

Right, Dobson said, dropping his bag on top of Solos.

They sat down at the table and ordered something to drink.

Dobson glanced at his watch. Nearly twenty minutes had passed since they entered the car.

She isnt coming, he said.

Napoleon motioned for him to be patient. He took another sip of Pepsi. Aaron smiled and fumbled with his glass, rolling it back and forth in his hands. He looked up. Then Solo saw him stand up.

He turned in the tiny booth and saw the woman coming towards them. Out of reflex, Napoleon sighed and rested his chin on his arm as he watched her sway up the aisle of the car. She started to sit at the table across from them when a sudden jostle from the train, threw her into Aarons arms. Napoleon leapt from his seat and tried to help.

Im so sorry, she said trying to regain her balance on her high-heeled shoes, This must be what its like to be drunk!

The two young men laughed. Aaron steadied her. She held his arms and gave them a gentle squeeze. Nice, muscular arms, she looked up into his large dark eyes. Out of the corner of her eyes she saw the other man make a small huff of disappointed. A smile crossed her lips.

Another sharp turn and she dropped back against Solo. He held her tight, letting the scent of her hair soak into his system for a few brief seconds.

Im sorry, she said apologetically to Solo, You must think Im such a klutzCant even stand up.

She turned to him and held his arms. Just like the other. Both men were in excellent shape. She started to take a seat at the table across from them.

Dont sit by yourself, Aaron said, Why dont you sit with us?

Napoleon offered her a seat next to him. But she opted for the seat beside Aaron.

He slid in next to her.

The man behind the small counter came over to the table.

Would you like to order? he asked.

Just coffeeBlack, the woman said.

The two agents indicated they wanted refilling of their drinks and in a few minutes the man returned with their order.

We will be serving dinner in twenty minutes, the man said slipping three menus on the table.

Thank you, Solo said.

So what are the names of my Cavaliers? the woman said.

Im Aaron.This is my friend Naps, he said.

Naps?....Excuse me but what kind if a name is Naps? she asked a strange twist to her full lips.

Its short for Napoleon. My parents had a weird sense of humor, Solo said taking a sip of his soda, And you are.?

She extended her hand. Rose petal soft fingers, manicured nails. Maybe she wasnt who they thought she was. Solo took the hand and gallantly kissed the top.

Im Vasara, she said smiling, Vasara Desha.

Aaron took her hand and also kissed the top.

Delighted, he said.

SoHow far are you gentlemen planning to go? she asked taking a sip of coffee.

Aaron smiled as Solos face blushed.

Napoleon! she said in mock surprise, That is not what I meant!

The flustered young man looked at her trying his best not to make eye contact.

Excuse me, Aaron said trying not to laugh.

He stood up and headed to the end of the car and the lavatory.

Napoleon felt a soft hand on the side of his face and the fingers gave him a gentle pull. Vasara looked quickly around to make sure no one was looking, and then leaned forward giving his lips a deep passionate kiss. He felt his face flush as her cheek pressed against his, her lips pressed close to his ear.

I lied, she cooed, It was exactly what I meant.

THe Good Agent Affair Chapter 2

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Loved It!! Glad to see Agent Dobson back as well. So many great moments in this one too. When Napoleon whispered "He's looking at you." I nearly fell out of my chair laughing!! And imagining those two running for the train...whew...left me breathless. Not from the run (if you get my drift!!)

This THRUSH Villian has me a little worried as Dobson's libdo seems worse then Solo's! Your THRUSH villians are always so delightfully repulsive.

Next chapter quickly..Our boy may be in great danger!!! Fantastic storytelling

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Great Start!! I was hoping you would do another story with Dobson in it. You're original characters are so much fun to read and blend so perfectly with the regular characters. Solo as a young Agent. Makes my heart skip a beat just thinking about it. And the photo is perfect. This THRUSH woman isn't wasting any time is she? (boo...hiss) I absolutely loved the line from Waverly "Good morning gentleman.....and Agent Dobson..." Mr. Waverly always has that subtle way of getting his point across! :-)

Can't wait for the next chapter! Please hurry!!
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