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Dr. Fabray
Illya's first thought upon coming to was that waking up in a cold damp cell was that it was beginning to be a habit that he seriously needed to change. He felt someone placing a damp cloth across his head. He opened his eyes slowly grinning at Napoleon.
"Don't say it," Napoleon said before he could utter a word. "It was a trap, you were right. I believe that Dr. Fabray is still holding a grudge from our last meeting."

Illya sat up with Napoleon's support, "So what else is new," glancing around, "Where are we?"

Napoleon looked at him with a questioning glance, "In relationship to the lab?" he clarified.

"Sorry they blindfolded me, and you were out. I do know that we are underground, and the walk here was about 10 minutes from the lab door."

"An underground base, not very original. Toys?" Illya questioned.

"They did a thorough search, took all my equipment, and unless you have something I don't know about, I assume yours also."

"Did Dr. Fabray say what he is planning?" Napoleon shook his head no.

Now that they knew Fabray was in charge, they decide to proceed with their plan. "You know Napoleon, if we could get the working machine, we could help prevent wars."

"We already had this discussion, Illya. Waverly said to destroy it, that's what we are going to do."

"Do we always have to do what he says? He is not infallible. I am not sure destroying it is the best way to handle this. We are always demolishing science instead of making use of it."

"We have orders, Illya, and they will be followed."

"Really, Napoleon. We do not even know what they want and you want it destroyed. What is it that they even want?"

"What Dr. Kuryakin? Are you in such a hurry to watch your partner die again that you can't wait?" Dr. Fabray asked from the cell door.

Illya recalled the last time Fabray attempted to kill Napoleon. While they made him watch, Napoleon was made to run through a field while the molecutronic gun fired at him. Unknown to either of them, the gun was a phony, and Napoleon was actually running through a field of dynamite. Seeing Napoleon falling down the cliff, Illya had been sure his partner had been killed.

"What do you have in mind this time? Another hoax?" Napoleon asked.

Ignoring Solo, "Actually Dr. Kuryakin, there is a little matter of Quantum mechanics that I need your help with. It was so kind of Mr. Waverly to send his best two agents to investigate our little project." "You really do not believe that I will help you, do you?"

"I think you will. Your scientific curiosity will make you want to find out what makes the machine work. Also, you see the first person testing our energy shield will be Mr. Solo. So Dr. Kuryakin, either you help us perfect it or you will be responsible for his death. Your choice."

Once more he would have to watch his friend die unless he helped them out. He knew that Fabray would kill Napoleon if he didn't.

"How long do I have to make my decision?" he glance at Napoleon who shrugged his shoulders.

"That's entirely up to you."

Pointing to Solo, the guards proceed to remove him from the cell. "Where are you going with Napoleon?"

"I will leave you alone to make your decision while we entertain Mr. Solo."

Napoleon shot over his shoulder, "Tovarisch, don't let them make you do something that we know is wrong."

He would have fallen from the rifle butt to his kidneys, if he hadn't been held by the two Thrush agents.

"Whenever you are ready, just let me know Dr. Kuryakin. I just hope your decision doesn't take too long for Mr. Solo's sake. Think of it this way, you will finally get the acknowledgement you desire."

Illya could hear them beating Napoleon. He knew that he had to stick to the plan. Fabray won't believe he changed his mind without some pressure, but how long should he wait to stop the beating.

So many ifs. If he didn't agree to help them, he didn't doubt that Fabray would torture Napoleon to death. If he did help hopefully they would be able to get it away from Fabray, but if not the world could be in real danger. If he worked on stalling until they could figure a way out of here, perhaps he might be able to create a fault in the program that would go unnoticed until the machine was fired.

Of course, he would need to make sure to get Napoleon out of the line of fire. Both of them could die but at least the device would be destroyed and the world safe. Enough was enough; he called out to the guard.

Illya's Decision

Fabray stepped into the cell while his guards dragged a bruised and battered Napoleon with them, "Your decision, Dr. Kuryakin."

Illya looked directly into Napoleon eyes hoping his partner would play this right. "I will help on a few conditions."

"You are hardly in the position to make demands." "Fabray, either way I will probably be killed. Here are my conditions. You will give me something to clean up Napoleon. Second, you will not touch Solo during the work but will see to it that he is fed regularly and appropriately without additives. Finally, I will be able to visit him whenever I feel it is necessary to check on his treatment."

"Okay, Dr. Kuryakin I will abide by your conditions. But understand this, if I see any problems with your work, Mr. Solo will be punished for your foolishness."

"Illya don't do this; we have to stop them," Napoleon pleaded with his partner.

"I accept your conditions for now." Illya let the breath he was holding out, "Now may I have some water to clean up Napoleon?"

Fabray ordered his men to comply. "We will start first thing in the morning Dr. Kuryakin. I will send some dinner in a little later."

Illya assisted Napoleon taking off his shirt. He wasn't sure what Napoleon had been hit with but large welts and bruises were already appearing across his back and ribs.

"Illya you can't help them. They're going to kill us anyway." Napoleon turned to look at his partner and noticed him tilling his head toward the hanging light.

"We do not know that for sure Napoleon, besides the chance to work on something like this is very fascinating."

Illya used his hand to encourage Napoleon to continue to argue with him, "Truly you can't feel that way. You're on the good guy team remember, UNCLE. They however are on the bad guy's side, Thrush."

"Science knows not good or bad, Napoleon. It is people who use it for evil. I actually am looking forward to work on some pure science."

"I'm not sure I even know you anymore, Kuryakin. What happen to the man who has such black and white beliefs? Perhaps Waverly is right; you should go back to the labs." Napoleon bitterly told him.

He got up from the bed pretended to find the bug that Illya had indicated, he pulled it out. "What did you also make a deal to help them get information from me?" Napoleon stamped on the bug.

Before the guards responded to the removed of the bug, Illya indicated that Napoleon should hit him in the jaw. After a silent argument, Napoleon knew it was the only thing they could do to make the scene more believable even if he was unhappy about it. The guards came in as Illya flew back toward them.

One helped stop his fall, while another moved headed for Napoleon to hit him in the back with his rifle.

"No!" Illya yelled. "Let Mr. Solo be. I am okay."

"Don't think that make it better between us, Kuryakin. When I get out of here, I will deal with you."

"I think Dr. Kuryakin that you would be safer in the next cell for the evening."

"That is alright, do not forget his dinner. Maybe he will in a better mood after he eats." Illya reminded them. "Don't do me any favors, Kuryakin. I don't need your help," Napoleon yelled as Illya went to the next cell.

Once the guards left him alone Napoleon had time to worry. Illya was playing a hazardous game. His partner would be the first to go down if they fail, and he was sure that Fabray won't make it pleasant.

'I hope you know what you are doing' Napoleon thought to himself as he settled down to wait for the promised dinner. Illya asked to visit Napoleon in his cell before going to the lab.

"I am sorry Dr. Kuryakin, but Dr. Fabray is concerned for your health."

"Fine," Illya responded, "Then you can tell Dr. Fabray that I will not be of assistance to him. One condition was that I could check on Solo when I felt it necessary. He was hurt when he was beaten before."

The guard was torn. His orders were to keep Kuryakin happy but safe. Because Solo had attacked him before and the guard was concerned for his safety.

"You can take the responsibility when I do not assist him," Illya threatened.

"Okay, but at least one guard will be in the cell at all times, and if Solo tries anything, we will deal with him," the guard gave in.

Illya walked in with the guard. Before advancing toward Napoleon he made a search for bugs. "We were told not to place anymore," the guard informed him.

He ignored the guard and continued his search. Happy that no other bugs had been placed, he headed to Napoleon's bunk.

"How you doing?" he asked his dozing partner.

"If you really care, I have blood in the urine, but seem to be getting lighter. Dinner and breakfast were good," he glared at Illya.

"Cute lab coat and glasses, they make you look like a lab rat, emphasis on the rat part." Napoleon continued in a whisper, "Be careful Tovarisch, you are playing a dangerous game."

"True, but you are the one that we need to worry about. He will come after you if I get caught, at least at first. Do you need anything?"

"Aspirins would be nice. My body aches all over."

Illya picked up Napoleon's shirt and looked. His whole back was black and blue and welts were everywhere.

"Aches? Really Napoleon." "Guess it time to make this look good," Napoleon whispered then raised his voice, "What do you mean you are planning to on work on the machine?"

"It's a chance of a lifetime. This machine could make war impossible, Napoleon. It will be beneficial for humanity."

"Get out of here, I don't even know you anymore," Napoleon gave Illya a push toward the door.

The guard came quickly toward the bunk, but Illya waved him off.

"It alright, I will go and see you later."

"Don't bother Kuryakin; I can manage quite nicely by myself." Napoleon yelled back.

When Illya arrived at the lab, Fabray was there already. "Ah Dr. Kuryakin. Nice of you to join us. Where would you like to begin?"

Illya looked over the material in front of him, "Before I can do anything, I must examine what you have completed so far, the notes and the machine."

"You will, but a guard will be assigned to you at all times. One wrong move and Mr. Solo will suffer."

"Yes. We have been through this before. I know what you have said. Shall we get on with it, or would you like to spend the day threatening me."

Illya waved his hand at Fabray. Illya mind was whirling. He needed to evaluate the materials to determine how far along they were, and how he could sabotage it while hopefully getting Napoleon and himself out alive.

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