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The Assignment

The next morning Illya and Napoleon reported as ordered. A little hung over but ready for action to prevent depression over the woman both of them loved differently but utterly.

"Good morning, gentlemen. I hope you were able to get some rest," seeing their red eyes he knew it wasn't true but trusted they would be professional.

"I don't remember reading in your report that you had been injured during the arrest Mr. Solo," glancing at Napoleon's black eye.

"No sir, I fell over a table last night. However I am fine," he finished by shooting his partner an annoyed look.

"Very well. Here is a file with the information that we retrieved from the Thrush agent you caught yesterday. Mr. Kuryakin, what can you tell us about Energy Fields."

Illya began, "Yes sir. The principle of energy shields are to protection the user again weapons by deflection or some believe absorbing the impact from the weapon. The object or person under attack is protected by a field projected around them. This field absorbs or dissipates the energy that is coming from the attack."

"There are quite a number of problems that has prevented the shield from being operable. First prolong exposure weakens and collapse the shield. The cost of such as project is phenomenal. Finally the energy needed to project the shield would be astonishing so it would be impossible to hide the testing. I was under the impression that this technology was decades away yet."

Napoleon gave his partner a sourly look. Although not on purpose, sometime Illya made him feel like a dropout from kindergarten.

"Is that all?" Illya smirked that his partner, "For now. Why the interest Sir?"

"The files we retrieved from the prisoner were in code which is now decoded and suggests that Thrush has been working on a viable energy shield. As you gentlemen know they never seem to have a problem with money, and it seems they have found a way to hack into the mid-Atlantic power cable for their power. How workable it is at this time we don't know."

"You gentlemen will be sent to check into this situation, discover if it is truly viable, and bring it back to UNCLE. If you are unable to save it, it must be destroyed, through it would be a loss to science."

"Do you have an idea where we might start sir?" Napoleon asked.

"According to the data we found, Thrush has located it new project on Inaccessible Island."

Before Illya could add any information, Napoleon spoke up quickly.

"Sir I visited it once when I was sailing the Tristan da Cunha Island chained. Inaccessible Island is an extinct volcano and located in the South Atlantic Ocean. I was surprised to discover it is actually closer to Uruguay, even through it is part of Africa. It is referred to as "inaccessible" because the beach is blocked by 1000-foot high cliffs. No one really lives on the island, but it is a protected wildlife reserve which has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. I do know there are no accurate maps of the island because of the difficulty to access the interior of the island," giving Illya the I-know-things-too smug smile.

"True Napoleon, however, the geology of Inaccessible Island has numerous cliffs which afford an excellent opportunities to study the whole island. The center of the island is covered in peat bog. As the island is purely volcanic, the basalt lava flows imbedded with pyroclastic material provides large shallow areas. Thrush could be setting up their lab there but of course it would take a lot of work."

Waverly shook his head, the one upmanship of his two best agents made them what they were but at times could be frustrating, "Gentlemen if I may continue."

Both men tried to look a little embarrassed by their behavior but couldn't stop the smiles spreading on their faces.

"It may take them a lot of work, but the privacy and inaccessibility would make it an excellent place to locate. Gentlemen I need not emphasis the importance of this assignment. If they achieve their goal of creating a working model, our fight against them will become increasing difficult."

"I only have one major concern. The sudden appearance of the agent on the trolley you were on, the shooting of Miss Kuryakin but not anyone else when he had the opening, and the simple code. It does lend to some questions."

Both men thought about the 'old man's' concerns. They knew that there was no options but to check this out, but also knew Thrush was known to go to all lengths to achieve one of their plans. Illya spoke up first, "Any idea of how to achieve this, sir?"

"That's what I pay you gentlemen for. I'm sure you will come up with something equal to the task. Good luck. Until we know what they are really up to, be careful" looking up from the file, "You are dismissed."

Napoleon and Illya spent the rest of the afternoon and evening preparing for the assignment. Because there were no airports near the island and a boat would be too noticeable, most of the miles from Carrasco Uruguay to Inaccessible Island would be made in a US Submarine. Once close enough, they would use a Diver Propulsion Device to swim to the east side of the island. Once there, they would hide the device and proceed on foot to the lab.

Before leaving, they stopped at the hospital to check on Jo. As she was still too unstable to be moved to headquarters, a guard was placed outside the glass enclosed room. Jo lay in the bed silent and unmoving. Her face, pale almost the color of the sheets; her pale strawberry blonde hair shaved short only on a small part of her head behind her ear.

"She would have been upset if they had to cut it off," Illya said as he looked at his sister.

Napoleon picked up her hand and kissed it gently, then pushed her hair off her forehead, "She would complain about this you know," he said.

Illya glanced at his partner questionably. "The two of us worrying about her, feeling sad on her account."

"True. I hate to be going and leave her like this. Mark's on desk duty yet and has promised to keep us informed. She will be moved to UNCLE tomorrow if everything keeps the same," Illya leaned over his sister and gave her a kiss, " YA budu derzhat' vas v moikh myslyakh mladshuyu sestru. Byt' zdes', kogda ya vernus'. YA lyublyu tebya. (I will keep you in my thoughts little sister. Be here when I get back. I love you.)"

With the little Russian Napoleon knew, he said to her, " YA lyublyu tebya, moy upryamyy russkiy. Ne podvedi menya . YA ozhidayu , chtoby zakonchit' nash den' , kogda ya vernus'. (I love you, my stubborn Russian. Don't let me down. I expect to finish our day out when I come back.)," he looked to see the guard watching them, but decided he didn't care if he saw the kiss or not. Leaning over, he gave Jo a deep kiss, "That's just a preview of what's to come."

"Your accent is still horrible Napoleon, but what you said was beautiful," both agents left, a little of their heart left in the room.

Inaccessible Island

The trip was long and tiring. An UNCLE Jet took them the 5300 miles to the Carrasco URUGUAY with one stop in 18 hours. As the submarine at top speed went 42 nautical miles an hour (35 miles), it took another two and a half days, taking almost 4 days before they were ready to swim into the island.

Once they landed on the island, they headed out to find the lab. At least at the eastern end of the island the cliffs were shorter with passes created by the constant waves. They met no one on their trip over the cliffs and were getting nervous. Both men had stopped for a break.

"What's wrong Illya, I know that look."

"If this project is so important, why the island is so poorly guarded. Not one guard or surveillance device. I do not like this Napoleon." "And that is new. Can you tell me the last time you liked a Thrush set-up? Napoleon was right of course, he did look at life with a little more distrustful then his partner. That's how he was raise. Trust no one or nothing. He had already broken that rule with the friendships he had formed, but with Thrush he maintained his teaching.

"I cannot help it if I believe in being pessimistic. It has saved us a lot of trouble."

"I will give you that, but why would Thrush believe UNCLE would come to this God forsaken place, just to see what they are up to. In addition, it does live up to it name. Inaccessible Island is just that, unless you have a smart Russian plan for the infiltration." Illya smiled, "Of course a smart American's input helps."

The two men finished their snack and began to finish the climb. Once they reached a passage way through the cliffs, they paused to determine what they should do next.

"One of us can go through, and check it out. If it's clear, the other one can come through. However, if it's a trap at least one of us will be free."

Napoleon took out a coin, "Heads or tails."

"Heads." and with a flip of the coin, Napoleon entered the cave.

The passageway was narrow and sharp. His footsteps echoed, and his breathing sounded extremely loud to his ears. If someone was waiting for him, there was no way he could sneak up on them. As he exited the pathway, he prepared for an attack. When it didn't come, he began to breathe a little easier. Examining the valley before him, he saw no threat to them. With his binoculars, he saw a metal shine in the distance.

"It seems clear. Come on through," Napoleon signaled him and settled down to wait for Illya to join him.

Once they were together again, they decided to watch the area for a while and both took positions in the tall grass.

"Well, well. Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin, you sure took your sweet time joining us. We thought for sure it your arrival
would have been yesterday. I hope our messenger didn't make it too hard for you to find us."

Illya stared at Napoleon with that I-told-you-so look. Dr. Fabray from their 'The Maze Affair' was glowering at them. Dr. Fabray had attempted to introduce a bomb into headquarter by pretending it was a laser gun. Napoleon had almost died and Illya had delivered the device into UNCLE. Only a last minute communication from Napoleon saved the day.

"Last we heard of you, you were serving time in a federal prison after your stay in the hospital that is," Napoleon said.

"Did you really think that prison could hold me? But we stray from the subject at hand. I suppose that little incident with your sister Mr. Kuryakin took a little while to settle before your left New York." Illya anger quickly erupted.

He attempted to attack Fabray, "Now Mr. Kuryakin, you won't want to see Mr. Solo's head splatted all over the ground would you?"

He saw two guns pointed at his partner's head as he glanced back. Illya stopped short, slowly raising his hands to the top of his head. The last thing he heard before blackness over took him was his name being called.

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