The Answers to the Questions Affair


By Jkkitty

Napoleon Solo, CEA of the New York office, had just left the entrance of UNCLE to go to his office when the security alarms started to sound. Overhead he heard Mr. Waverly ordering him to De Floria's shop. As the entrance door opened, he found three Section 3 agents attempting to hold down Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin after they had brought her in from the back of a cab.

Once inside the shop, she began to fight everyone or anyone who came near her, demanding that she needed to help her brother—Napoleon's partner, Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin.

She lay on the floor of De Floria Shop, a bullet in her back and bleeding from her head, not recognizing who was around her.

"Illya, they got him, the KGB", she struggled to release herself from the agents' hold. "Got to get to him."

Napoleon leaned over attempting to stop Jo from struggling and received a blow to his jaw.

"Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin, I am ordering you to stop this now."

Napoleon's gamble paid off, and she stopped immediately. Sometime a military upbringing had it advantage.

"Napoleon, the KGB took Illya, find him", she responded then became unconscious.

As medical arrived, Napoleon noticed for the first time the cabbie standing in the corner of the shop surrounded by other Section 3 men. Napoleon overheard the cabbie shouting and demanding to know why they were pointing guns at him. After all, he only did what he was told. The CEA moved closer to the driver and ordered the cabbie to give him an explanation as to how it was he had bought the wounded agent to the shop.

"Look buddy", the driver started fuming until he saw the look of fury in Napoleon's eyes, "I just did what I was told to."

"Who told you to do it?" Napoleon demanded. "Some guy with a mop of blonde hair pushed her into the cab, yelled this address, started to follow her in, then all these bullets started to fly. Slamming the door shut, yelling to me to take off, and went running into the alley", the cabbie defending his actions.

"I turned around to look at her, and she was messing up my cab with her blood all over the place. Three big guys with guns were chasing the guy. I gunned my engine and brought her here. What's with all the guns? I ain't done nothing," the cabbie complained.

"Where exactly was this?" once again ignoring the cabbie complaints.

The cabbie had just finished giving the exact location by the time April Dancer and Mark Slate had joined Napoleon in the shop." Napoleon yelled over to Mark Slate, "Mark with me. April can you stay with Jo; her partner is on vacation. I'll be back, put him" pointing at the cabbie, "on ice."

The Section 3 agents took the cabbie away who continued to complain and demand his rights. With a nod from April in agreement, Mark and Napoleon ran out the shop's door. Mark grabbed the keys from Napoleon as they headed up the stairs towards the car.

"No offense mate, but your driving when you irritated tends to be rather dangerous for the passenger." Both men leaped over their doors into Napoleon's waiting car and Mark U-turned and head toward the address.


Mark slowed the car when they arrived at the location where the cabbie indicated. As they looked over the site where the cabbie picked up Jo, they saw blood on the sidewalk in the broken glass but no sign of Illya. As they entered the alley, the two agents upholstered their guns.

"Not good mate. A dead-end alley", Mark spoke out-loud knowing his CEA was thinking the same thing. As they went further into the alley, garbage cans and trash was spread all over the alley.

"Although, it looks like Illya put up a good fight. Can you hand me a lantern Napoleon?"

"Humm. Oh here my penlight. What did you find?"

Napoleon was on the opposite side of the alley wall. "I found his gun and crushed communicator. Luckily, there is just a little blood." Mark explained as Napoleon joined him.

Napoleon sighed, "I'll report to Waverly, he not going to be happy." With that, he opened Channel D and reported in.

After he finished, Waverly let him know that Jo was in surgery unable to provide any information about what happen. The CEA needed to talk to the cabbie again, and informed the Old Man he was on his way in to do just that, hoping that he could get information about what the Kuryakins did that evening.


Arriving back at HQ, Napoleon when straight to interrogation. Right before entering the interrogation room, the two agents could hear the cabbie shouting and demanding his rights.

"You start Mark; I might belt him if I deal with him right now." Knowing his professionalism was not up to par at the moment.

Mark nodded his agreement as the agents enter. "Look here gents. You let me out, or I'm going to show you what I can do", the cabbie threatened.

"Hello, Mr. O'Brien is it? Sorry Mate that this was necessary. We were concern for your safety. You saw who shot my friend, and they could come after you next."

Mark's approach actually had the effect of calming down the cabbie a little bit.

"Well why didn't you say so? I don't know those guys, so why would they want to be hurting me?" he asked still angry but improved.

"They might be afraid that you saw them," Mark explained. "If you can just tell us what happened, we might be able to clear up this matter."

The cabbie took one look at Napoleon, and then looked back at Mark. "See, I was driving down the street and saw these two blondes walking along. As she was stepping off the curb, she twisted her leg, and the guy he helped her up. After a minute or so of arguing, the guy signaled for a cab, and I pulled over."

Napoleon and Mark smiled obviously the minute was a result of the two of them arguing over whether they would take a cab the rest of the way or walk. Illya must have won the argument.

"All of a sudden, as he was opening the door for her, I hear her yell out grabbing at her back and hitting her head on the door. He pushed her into the car, yelling this shop's address to me and telling me to take off. I was shocked and didn't start up right away. He yelled to get out of there as more bullets were hitting me cab."

Abruptly the cabbie demanded, "Who going to pay for all those holes in my cab?"

Napoleon calmly informed him, "I am sure your cab will be repaired. Let's hope my friend can be repaired also," giving the cabbie a cold look.

Taking one look at Napoleon composure, the cabbie quickly continued, "So he slams the door, yells at me to get going and the people at the address would pay for the ride, and runs off down the alley with these big guys chasing him with guns. Her, she was bleeding all over my cab, so I did what he said."

"What is this place anyways? I come in to say I have someone bleeding in my cab which I was told to take here, and the next thing I know there these men pulling me from my cab and putting guns in my face. Now you guys are acting like I blew up a building or something."

Mark kindly placed his arm on the man, "We will be asking you to stay a while. Can we get you something to eat or drink while you wait?"

The cabbie knew he wasn't going anywhere no matter how angry he was so went with the Section 3 who came to escort him to a room while a security check was being performed.


After the cabbie was escorted to his room, Mark and Napoleon reported directly to Waverly office.

"Sir, we’ve talked to the cab driver and believe that whoever took Illya was following them from the Russian Tea Room last night where they had gone for supper."

"I have feelers out the CIA, FBI, GRU, and KGB to see if anyone has any knowledge as to what happen to Mr. Kuryakin, seeing Miss Kuryakin said the KGB has him. I have also asked our agents to contact their informers for information," Waverly updated his agents.

"Sir," Mark began, "If the GRU or KGB has him, would they really admit it?"

He found it hard to believe that they would help the Russian. The agencies themselves had tried kidnapping him before.

"Mr. Slate, there are people in each organization that I can trust. I’ll get any information they have. I suggest you find out what happened tonight. We’ll find him gentlemen," and with a nod to both agents were dismissed.


With that dismissal, the two agents left to go to medical for an update on Jo. They were met by April who explained that on the way to medical Jo suffered a pneumothorax and had to be taken directly to surgery. To this point, no news of her condition had been brought out by the staff.

“Illya?" "Nothing yet but the ball is rolling." April leaned against Napoleon, "Why can't the KGB just leave them alone? I'll stay until she is awake. You two go find the Russian" with that she went back to the Jo's post-surgery room, and the men went to Napoleon's of

Chapter 2