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By Jkkitty

Chapter 1
Their assignment for UNCLE had been a success having retrieved the kidnapped scientist and turned him over to agents in Greece who now had him under their protection in an UNCLE safe house. Andreas Petros* and his partner, Jo Kuryakin had actually been given a few days of vacation after their task was completed, and were taking the time to see the sites of his homeland. He was proud of his home, Kalymnos, an island right off the coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea, but it was still a part of Greece.
Though one of the wealthiest Greek islands, visitors wouldn’t have guessed as Kalymnos was primarily a mountainous and barren place. The olives, oranges, and vineyards provided some of the country’s wealth from its two green valleys, but the seas around Greece that was the principal source of its wealth.
Andreas’ family was one of the wealthiest inhabitants and had lived there for centuries making their fortune from the sponge trade, better known as ‘Kalymnian Gold’. ….

When the two agents arrived without warning, his mother, Aiello, warmly welcomed them. After spending just a few minutes with her, her name seemed to suit her well. She was a whirlwind of activity, placing food on the table and preparing rooms for them while talking continuously about plans for the next few days.

Jo was surprised that his family asked no questions as to why they were in the area, or why she was traveling with Andreas. When she asked him why they weren’t curious he explained about his family’s beliefs.

“My family knows that I am involved in something very secretive. They believe I work for the government. You must remember Jo that we’ve fought many wars to keep our island free. My parents are proud that their son continues to work toward this goal.”

“And me?”

“Ah that was a little harder to explain, but they understand that you are my associate. It’s hard for my mother to understand why a woman would do this type of work, but she understands the world is changing. I told her that you work in New York.”

“Why does that make a difference?”

“You see my mother believes that in large cities, women don’t follow the customs of their homeland. So, you being a government agent from the big city is acceptable. She means no disrespect.”

Jo laughed, “None taken. I am just glad that she does not think of me as a jezebel or a loose woman.”

“Actually she wanted to know if we were serious. I explained that you and our boss were an item,” Andreas smiled. He loved teasing her about her relationship with Napoleon.

“Thanks now it sounds as if I sleep around, or something,” she pouted.

“But you do, with Napoleon that is.”

With that, Andreas took off down the lawn with Jo chasing him into the water at the end of the dock where they spent a lazy afternoon swimming in the warm water and sunbathing.


The two agents joined Andreas’ family and enjoyed the local cerebration of ‘Sponge Week’. It was an annual event that was taking place while they were there. It included singing, dancing, and traditional foods including gyros, souvlaki, calamari, feta cheese, and all types of seafood.
As Andreas and Jo walked through the festival, Jo noticed that they were often scrutinized by the many of the younger ladies of the island. At first, she thought that she was the focus of attention, as the small community seemed interested in any stranger. But then she noticed that when she and Andreas became separated for a few minutes, the ladies continued to stare not at her but at him.

She looked at him as her partner not an eligible man but as an older brother. She now regarded him as other women saw him. His blue eyes and light brown close cut curly hair accented his Mediterranean complexion. Although usually hidden under his shirt and tie at work, his unbutton shirt revealed his firm and athletic body. It made sense to her now, that the partner that she thought of as an older brother was a remarkably handsome man who could catch the ladies’ attention without a conscious effect.

More than once, she heard the word, Eros whispered as the younger women giggled and blushed as he walked by. She noticed that a few of the men seemed to be paying attention to him also.

“I think your admirers have made their boyfriends jealous,” Jo teased him.

Andreas looked at her, “What?”

“Haven’t you noticed the ladies are all sneaking peeks at you? A few of the men seem to be watching you too.”

“Really Jo, I believe you’re now seeing things. Let’s go find my family.”

“You may want to ignore it, but I think the ladies of the island would love to be walking here beside you, Eros.”

“Jo!” he said frustrated walking toward his mother. Grinning Jo followed him.

They were fun loving people on the island and helped the agents to relax and recover from their last assignment.


Andrea’s mother upon learning that Jo’s parents had died took her under her care and treated her like the daughter she never had, giving her advice about the world, men, and anything else that came to mind. Andreas seemed embarrassed by it, while Jo enjoyed every moment to the point she promised to come back and visit again when possible.

They were scheduled to leave for New York the next day when Andreas convinced Jo to go mountain climbing with him. He insisted that they stay away from the established areas, where with fixed anchors and ropes were set up, instead going to a remote district where he had enjoyed climbing in his youth.


When they arrived, the sparseness of the place was shocking after the lush green down by the sea though here the beautiful blueness of the sky reflected on the limestone cliffs. As they climbed the rocks, between the rough harsh trail and the warm sun beat down on them, their energy was quickly drained. When they reached a cave, Andreas suggested that they rest awhile and eat the food that his mother had packed for them.

While doing so, they heard the roar of a helicopter. Pulling their specials, they listened carefully for a moment. A helicopter seemed too close to the mountain, but then when the sound faded into the background they relaxed. Replacing their guns, they gave each other a sheepish look. They were after all on vacation and not every noise was something to be concerned about.


A little while later, a bullet hit the cave wall above Andreas’ head, making them drop straight to the ground.

“Andreas Petros I know you are in there,” a heavily accented voice called out.

“Put down your gun and come out with your friend.”

Proklyatie,” Jo swore in Russian as she pulled her special.

Dekára,” Andreas repeated her sentiments in Greek. He lifted his head to find out where the shot came from when another one just missed him.

“Do not take much longer to come out of there. You will not enjoy the outcome if we have to come in,” the voice demanded.

“What do you want?” Andreas called out.

“For you two to come out unarmed. Now I will not tell you again. Throw out the guns.”

The cave was small with no other way out making their choices limited to fighting and probably dying or giving up in hopes of an opportunity to escape. Both knew the last was their only option. The agents sent out two guns, Andreas’ special and Jo’s ankle pistol. She dropped her special in the corner of the cave hoping they wouldn’t expect her to be carrying it.

They raised their hands over their head and stepped out from the cave where men were pointing guns in their direction surrounded them. The voice that had spoken to them came from a badly scarred man, and when Andreas saw the him, he uttered softly, “Wung.”

A small Oriental man faced them; his face horribly scarred from having been burned, possibly in some sort of explosion. At barely five foot tall and one hundred pounds if that, the guards that surrounded him made him appear even smaller. But it was the coldness in his man eyes and his vindictive and mutilated grin that made the agents freeze where they stood.

“You do recognize me? Good, so you know why I have come then.”

“Andreas?” Jo asked from beside him. “A very old enemy.”

“Who is this woman?” Wung demanded. Neither agent answered; Andreas receiving sharp slap for his silence.

“You will answer went I speak to you.”

“He was teaching me to climb,” Jo volunteered before Wung could raise his hand again.

“Woman, I was not speaking to you,” he said giving her a condescending look, “Women are not to speak unless instructed to do so.”
Andreas placed his hand on Jo’s arm knowing her response to the comment could cause more problems than they had at the moment.

“Leave the woman go,” Andreas said, “She has nothing to do with our disagreement.”

Wung looked at the two guns on the ground motioning for one of his men to pick them up.

“Why do you carry a gun?” he asked her.

At first she didn’t answer but as he took a step toward her, she spoke, “Oh, I can talk now. It is his: he handed it to me and told me to shoot.”

“Do not push me woman. What is your name?”

Jo Nicolas.” She offered a name that she had used before while on assignment.

“You don’t need her,” Andreas said once more attempting to get Jo released.

“You are correct, we do not need her,” Wung said as he pulled the trigger.

She fell next to where Andreas stood, and he watched as her blood spread from her side onto the ground.

“Jo,” he called as he knelt down to her, as he pressed his hands over the wound. Wung’s men attempted to pull him up from her.

We are going now.”

“It is not as bad as it looks just hit my side,” she whispered to him, “I will find you.”

“What about her?” Andreas demanded of Wung as they cuffed his hands behind his back.

“She is no longer your worry. You should be concerned about what you are going to face and not her death.”

With that Andreas was pulled from his partner, leaving her wounded but alive. The last thing he remembered before they took him away was the pained look in her eyes, watching him as he was led to the helicopter; both knowing at the moment that neither of them could help each other.

Once the group was far enough from her, Jo pulled her communicator out of her boot.

“Open channel D. One agent down, one captured,” was all she could get out before she drifted into unconsciousness.


When Jo opened her eyes, she could tell that she was in a medical center somewhere in UNCLE. The gray walls were a dead giveaway.

“We’re glad you decided to join the living,” Napoleon’s said.

Turning toward the voice, she saw Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin.

After they gave her some ice chips she asked, “What are you two doing here? I thought you were in Jordan halting some revolution or something.”

“Completed without injury I might add. I thought Andreas and you were vacationing at his family’s home. Want to explain to me why you are lying in bed with a bullet wound to your side, and Andreas is no place to be found.”

“I am fine, thank you very much.”

She was not happy that once more she was in a medical bed, and this time it wasn’t even assignment related.

“We were just mountain climbing when someone from Andreas’ past wanted to invite him to a reunion. I was just in the way.”

“Did you recognize the man?” Illya asked.

“No, but Andreas did. He called him Wung and said he was an old enemy. About 5’0”, 100 pounds, Asian, dark black eyes, face badly scarred with what looked like burn marks. His accent had British overtones yet he was dressed in traditional Chinese Zhongshan Zhuang suit.

“What is a Zhongshan Zhuang suit?” Illya shook his head at Napoleon.

“It’s the Chinese traditional jacket. A tonic top with five center-front buttons representing the five powers of the constitution of the Republic. There are four front pockets, two on each side that represent the fundamental principles of conduct: Propriety, justice honesty and shame. The three cuff-buttons to symbolize the Three Principles of the People: Nationalism, democracy, people's livelihood.”

“Okay, Okay. Where do you get all this obscure knowledge?”

The Kuryakins laughed, Illya said, “Perhaps Napoleon if you would read entire files that we get instead of just glancing over them, you would also have what you call obscure knowledge.”

“Jo, anything else that can help us? “

"Very old fashioned. He doesn’t like women who talk without his permission.”

“I’m sure you made a lot of points with him,” Napoleon said as he looked at her bandages.


Later that day, the three agents sat in the communication room in Athens. After Jo completed her report to Waverly, he gave them their assignments.

“Miss Kuryakin and Mr. Solo you’ll go after Wung and find out what he wants from Mr. Petros retrieving him if possible. I’ll send his assignment file by a courier that will outline his previous involvement with Wung. In the meantime, we’ll be making arrangements for you to get to Xian, China. I believe it would be best to work in China with as little involvement with the government as possible. Westerners are still not usually welcome there, and Russians could be shot on sight. Therefore Miss Kuryakin, use your Nicolas identity.”

“Xian sir?” Napoleon asked.

“That’s where Mr. Petros assignment took place. I believe you’ll find that the information in the file will take you there.”

Waverly continued, “Mr. Kuryakin, you’ll return to New York and accompany one of our scientists to a conference that we’re sponsoring. As we agreed to supply two scientists, you’ll provide a dual role as Dr. Gloria Jonsinberg bodyguard and an expert in your own scientific field.”

“Yes, sir.” Illya answered a small smile playing on his lips and looking at his watch. “I believe there is a UNCLE jet leaving here for New York in an hour arriving in New York by ten o’clock tomorrow morning.”

He looked at Napoleon and Jo, “I will leave for the airport right away. Get Andreas back without too much damage to yourselves.”

After he left, Jo said to Napoleon, “Did you notice how he seemed to perk up when Gloria’s name was mentioned? I think that the two of them are getting close.”

“Are you sure you just don’t want him to find someone he can be happy with like we are?” he answered unconvinced.

“We will see,” she answered knowing that there was something going on with her brother and Gloria that was making him happy.

*Man from Thrush Affair

Chapter 2

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