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The Solo-Vaughn Files - SoloholicsWhere I have always been a big
Napoleon Solo fan,
I have also enjoyed the many other wonderful characters that
Robert Vaughn has brought to life
Over the years.
The stories in my section

The Solo-Vaughn Files

cover not only stories about the wonderful Napoleon Solo
but stories that are based on other characters
Robert Vaughn has played.
Lee from Magnificent 7 to Albert Stroller in Hustle
these stories show just how much I have enjoyed his performances and my way of saying
thank you
For all the joy you have given me.
Robert Vaughn a true American Original!

Section 1 - Napoleon Solo's Look on Life -Solo-centric stories

Section 2 The After U.N.C.L.E Affair - What happened after Napoleon made it to retirememnt.

Section 3 - Character Fanfiction - fanfiction based on other characters Robert Vaughn has portrayed.

You can read all of my Man from UNCLE fanfiction on:

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