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Move 6-Checkmate
Andreas, Illya, Mark, Napoleon

As the water continued to rise, the men made their way through the passages. Sharp objects, occasional bullets, and the darkness slowed them. They knew time was running out for the women.

"April, Jo can you hear me?" Napoleon yelled once again.

This time there was a response, "We're over here," April called back.

"The echoes are making it difficult to judge where you are. Can you help at all?"

"It sounds like you are to our left Napoleon," Jo called back. "

How high is the water?" Illya figured if he knew that they would have an idea as to how much longer they had to reach them. "Just below our chins. If you guys are going to get here in time, I think you better hurry," April shouted back.

"Napoleon, if you make it on time, I will wear a dress the next time we go out," Jo encouraged him.

"Sounds like a good offer to me," Mark countered, "What about the rest of us?"

"Find someone of your own," Napoleon called back.

This was more like his agents, bantering back and forth to relieve the tension. Their voices were getting closer together which meant the center of the cave was up ahead.


When the ship reached a mile out, the UNCLE men aboard left the hatch while the sub rounded the island. The plan was for each of the teams to emerge at the same time as the others from another area of the island.

The men surfaced and head toward the installation. As they arrived at the location, each team placed explosives on the entrances. The following explosions ripped the doors off their hinges. UNCLE agents streamed into the site answering enemy gunfire with their own.

The Well

Water had reached April and Jo's mouth, as the men reached then. Mark jumped into the well and undid the leg irons from the pegs. The other agents pulled the women up, and grabbing Mark's keys undoing their cuffs.

Attempting to catch their breath, April asked, "Now what?"

The question was answered by the ground shaking and sounds of falling rocks. Laughter echoed throughout the cave.

"Why my dear, you all die." Hubris was back, "All exits are now blocked thanks to Killman's machine.
Fate, Mr. Solo, Mr. Kuryakin as I told you is a fickle mistress. Goodbye my friends."

The agents were sitting silently thinking through the situation.

"Any ideas?" Illya asked. No one answered him at first.

Then Andreas asked, "Can we be sure that he's telling the truth? After all, they are Thrush and not known for being exactly straightforward." Napoleon assigned each agent a section of the cave to explore.

"No further than 15 minutes away. Then come back. Let's see if there are any openings."

This continued until the area before the well was searched. No one had any luck finding a path more than a few feet long before it was blocked by a pile of rocks. Only the fresh water well was available and would allow them a few days before their situation became critical. With luck, Waverly would be able to pull off his surprise before then.

As all the agents were exhausted from their ordeal, they decided to get a few hours of sleep before continuing to search for a way out.

The Rescue

Abruptly, explosions ripped throughout the cave. The agents sprung awake and ducked behind boulders which offered the only protection available. More rocks fell making the already blocked paths more dangerous. Gunfire came from all sides. The sudden blast of light overhead stopped all the action at once.

"We have it under control Mr. Solo. You and your people may come out" Waverly voice echoed throughout the cave.

Slowly the six agents stood and surveyed each other. Other than cuts, bruises, and a few bullet burns, they were all in one piece without serious injury. The enemy round up came swiftly.

The four escaped Thrush agents had been taken alive and would be returned to the countries of their escapes. New charges would be leveled, and new sentences carried out.

The agents were sent directly back to New York while the invasion group finished up at the site. Arriving back at Headquarters, the agents were told to report to medical before the debriefing at 10 the next morning. They were all found to be physically fit, but the doctor ordered two days of desk duty before allowing them to return to active duty.

Each headed toward their own bed for a decent night's sleep before the mandatory debriefing and paperwork. As the agents left the debriefing.

Napoleon stopped Jo. "How about a night out tomorrow? Seeing we’ll still be on desk duty, we know both of us will be here."

Jo smiled at him, "Okay, but I am setting it up. I will let you know the arrangements."

She turned and left him standing in the hall unsure of what to expect.

Move-The King's Reward

Jo walked into Napoleon and Illya's office. The CEA wasn't at his desk, "Where is he?"

"I am not his keeper. However, if I were to guess, he is probably at the range. There were quite a number of reports to finish, and that seems to be where he heads so I must finish them up before they are late."

Jo leaned over and kisses her brother on the cheek, "That because you let him take advantage of you. You should make a point of leaving them all on his desk one day and see how much he gets done. Could you give this to him when he comes back?"

Later when Napoleon came back into the office, Illya handed him the message that Jo had left, "Now I not only do your reports, I also your messenger service."

It read: 7 pm tonight Your apartment Dinner at 8 Tux mandatory JK

"What's this all about?" Napoleon looked at his partner for an explanation.

"No idea. I thought you two have a date for tonight." "We do, but she seems to have something special in mind."

"I do not understand my sister, or for that matter the two of you. The games you play," Illya shook his head, "Some help here would be appreciated." Nodding at the reports on his desk. To his surprise, Napoleon grabbed some of the files and began to work on them.


At 7 pm there was a knock on Napoleon's door. As he opened it, he stared. Jo was standing there with part of her waist long hair piled on her head and the rest flowing down her bare back covering the scars of her profession. A small amount of makeup accented her eyes and lips. The black dress she wore had with surplice neck and back, drawstring shoulders and had a slit up the side almost to the thigh accented by black pumps. The only jewelry was the necklace her grandmother had given her, and small onyx earrings.

"Are you going to ask me in or do I have to stand out here?" Napoleon regained his composure and opened the door completely to let her enter.

As she passed him, he grabbed her and kissed her deeply and passionately. "Wow!"

"You like?" Jo twirled with a grin.

"Like, love is more like it. I don't want to sound ungrateful, but why?" Napoleon knew Jo's aversion to dressing up.

"Well, you were right. I do not dress up like this when we go out, and you do deserve it once in a while. Besides I told you if you saved us, this would be your reward. Just don't expect it too often. Napoleon smiled, "I won't. Where are we going?" "

Well for this special occasion," Jo grabbed a quick kiss, "Alain Ducasse at the Essex House."

"How did you manage that? I mean it usually takes months just to get a reservation."

"Napoleon Solo, you aren't the only one who has contacts. I happen to know Alain from an assignment in France." Examining her from head to toe, "One more question, where are you carrying your gun?" There didn't seem anyplace for her to have hidden it. "If you are really good, maybe I let you search me later," Jo teased.


The two spend a pleasant meal in the quiet backroom. When the meal was over, Jo excused herself. When she returned she looked as if she had she had experienced something distasteful.

Placing his hand on his gun, "What's wrong?"

"Put it away. Someone just wants to say hi."

The aroma of Channel No. 5 preceded Angelique, "Darling, so nice to see you." She leaned over and kissed Napoleon on the cheek.

Turning to Jo she grinned. "My, you do clean up nicely, don't you?"

Before this could go any further, "Angelique what do you want?" Napoleon demanded.

"Nothing really darling. Just seeing if what my spies were telling me was true about your little companion here. I really don't see what you see in this Russian, but then I never have understood about the other one either."

"Angelique, Napoleon and I are enjoying a wonderful, quiet dinner and evening. Why do not you just slink away?"

Angelique leaned over and placed a kiss on Napoleon's lips to which he didn't respond.

"When you grow tired of the child, give me a call." Looking at Jo she said, "If we are all going to play together in the future, we must all learn to share." With that, she turned and left. "

I swear I am going to floor her. Child, I am going to show that woman how much of a child I am."

Napoleon handed Jo another drink with one hand as he held on to her arm with the other. "Don't let her spoil our night, sit down and have another drink."

Jo pouted for a few minutes but then smiled deviously, "You are right Napoleon; she will not spoil my night."

Unsure what Jo was planning for the next meeting between the two women, he just hoped he wasn't there when it happened.


After dinner, the two returned to his apartment. "What would you like to do?" Napoleon asked her with a suggestive look on his face.

Jo pulled him down on the couch and snuggled next to him," I would like to talk for a while."


"Nothing special. We always seem to be running into one another as we race from assignment to assignment. Can we just talk about our hopes, fears, or maybe just the about weather."

Napoleon smiled, "I think it's going to rain in the morning, what about you?"

Jo took one look at the grin he was trying to hold in and started to laugh. Soon they were just cuddling under a blanket with a drink in their hand. As the conversation died down, the two sat watching the fire, kissing slowly and gently.

Suddenly Napoleon, stopped in mid kiss, "Jo, what are you doing under the blanket?" as he felt her touch.

"Would you believe looking for my gun? Jo glanced at Napoleon innocently.

"Oh," he smiled, grabbed her hands from under the cover, and pulled her up. "I can think of more entertaining ways to end the night then watching a fire starting with that search you promised me."

Together they walked toward the bedroom both looking forward to the search they were about to undertake.

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