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Move 5—Thrush
Meeting the Enemy

The noise of guards coming down the hallway woke the agents. In turn, each agent was led out of their cell, hands cuffed behind their back and leg irons attached. While this was happening, guns were held on the others to ensure the agent being bound didn't attempt anything. After the agents were bound, they were led to a large cathedral type area.

The head table held the four men responsible for their captures. Before the table were six chairs. Each agent was placed in one of the chairs with cuffed hands attacked behind the chair, and leg irons attached to pegs in the floor.

"Ah ladies and gentlemen, how nice of you to join us," Colonel Hubris began. "I am sure you have many questions. I would like to introduce the other members of this panel in case you are unfamiliar with them."

Pointing to each in turn, "SS Former Nazi Deputy Fuhrer Max van Repp1, Dr. Killman, and Dennis Jenks. "

"Each of you know at least one if not more of these gentlemen personally. Of course, I am Colonel Hubris, as I am sure Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin would attest to."

"Questions anyone?" None of the agents spoke, "Come, come now surely you want to know why we went to all the trouble of bringing you here."

"Not really," Illya baited, "You are a bunch of mad men who want to play world domination. We stopped you before and now you want to demonstrate that you are better than UNCLE."


Hubris came around the table and backhanded Illya. "That will be quite enough Mr. Kuryakin."

"You asked," Jo offered, "But remember once a failure, always a failure."

Hubris turned to backhand her, but caught himself. "No, no my dear. I learned from my last encounter, women are not to be physically punished. It makes the men unreasonable," he turned as he finished speaking and once again backhanded Illya, "Please try to remember that."

Furious Jo pulled at her restraints. "Miss Kuryakin, calm down." Napoleon commanded in his do-as-I-say voice, ".Vy poluchite svoĭ shans (You will get your chance)."

Napoleon told her in Russian. "English Mr. Solo, if you please," Killman demanded.

Looking toward Napoleon, Jo slowly relaxed. "Okay Hubris, we'll bite. What is it you want if not revenge? My agents and I have many things to do and don't have the time to play with you."

"Now, now Mr. Solo. Surely you understand that we will continue with this game until we have a winner. My associates and I have worked long and hard to make it enjoyable for you."

"Game?" all the agents said at once. Hubris laughed, "Surely you all play chess. Moves and countermoves, although at this time I believe we have you in check."

Petros silent until now, "You are loco. What do you hope to gain by this insane game?"

"Ah, Mr. Petros. Let me explain it to you. These two lovely ladies are your queens. You, Mr. Slate and Mr. Kuryakin the knights, and of course Mr. Solo the king. The goal of this game—you will give your all to rescue your queens."

"Enough of this foolishness," van Kepp demanded, "Let's get moving. I want them," pointing to Mark and April, "Dead."

"Mr. Solo. Your agents will pay for your interference in Thrush's affair. All attempts to kill you have failed. We intend to correct that situation now. Gentlemen, please remove the ladies." Hubris directed his men.

"What are you planning to do with them?" Napoleon demanded. These men were all insane, and they actions unpredictable. "

Don't concern yourself Mr. Solo. They will be waiting for you to rescue them."

As the guard undid the April and Jo's leg irons from the pegs, other guards approached the men.

"Ladies. If you attempt anything, your partner will be killed." Hubris explained.

The two women were pulled up from their chairs and led to the door. Both women pulled their arms from the guard as April spit out, "We can walk on our own, thank you."

The guards attempted to pull them back. "No, no. Let them be. Let them have their moment of control. Take them to the well. I am sure Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin, you do remember the well."

Hubris let out a loud laugh, "Once again, I believe this will be more fun than I have had in a long time."

Move-The Hunt Waverly

"Here it is sir," Lisa Rogers offered the information to Waverly; "All six signals seem to be in the same spot."

Waverly went and stood in front of the world map in his office. Pinpointing the exact area where his agents were. Speaking mainly to himself, "Strange, nothing seems to be in this spot. Enhance this area, Miss Rogers please."

As Lisa did as requested, a small spot began to appear. The island was set by itself in the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by no other islands, UNCLE attack would be spotted immediately unless

"Miss Rogers, get me the Secretary of the Navy."

Andreas, Illya, Mark, Napoleon

No one spoke in the room. About 15 minutes after the women were removed, Jenks turned the screen towards the agents. April and Jo hung below the level of a well. Leg irons attached to a peg at the bottom, arms restrained, stretched, and attached to a rail above them.

"You, Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin I am sure remember a similar situation. It will be four hours before the water reaches a point were Miss Dancer and Miss Kuryakin will drown." Killman spoke up, "You’ll see four paths leading to their well. Each one of you will be placed at the beginning of one of the paths and will proceed to find them. "

"The catch?" Andreas questioned.

"After you enter the paths, I will use my machine to bring rocks down blocking your escape that way."

Van Kepp continued, "You will find placed in the walls along the paths are sharpen items. You Mr. Slate and your partner discovered just how sharp stones can be. Now your companions will have the opportunity to also discover this."

Jenks completed the explanation, "My boys will be stationed around the area. They’ve been told not to shoot to kill, just keep you moving. Of course, they’re young and do make mistakes."

The agents knew that although difficult, they could do it. "What is it that you're not telling us, gov?"

"You are right Mr. Slate one other thing. This will be done in the dark of the caves," Hubris said as he started laughing and the rest of the Thrush agents joined them, "Take them out."

With that the four agents were released from the chair, but the leg irons and cuffs remained. Separated and taken to the four entrances of the cave, the game was about to enter into it final moves.


"I don’t want excuses. I need a sub standing by to take my men to the island. It's the only way to ensure my people are safe enough to rescue the trapped agents." Waverly listened to the voice on the other end of the phone.

"It is part of your charter with us," he interrupted, "Perhaps if you no longer wish to honor your commitments, we should look at the terms of our agreement."

No further arguments were forthcoming from the man at the other end of the line. Finally, arrangements were made to fulfill the request.

April and Jo

The women looked over their situation. "Ideas Jo?"

"You are the senior agent here, thought that was supposed to be your job," pulling on her restraints.

The banter continued for a while before becoming serious. "No good, April, I cannot get anywhere on these chains. How long do you think it will take to fill this well with water?"

"No idea. I haven't had any luck either on the chains. Guess we wait for the guys."

Knowing that whatever the men were going to face would be worst that this, "Let's hope they can survive long enough to get to us." April softly said. Jo nodded and began looking over the chains once more.

Andreas, Illya, Mark, Napoleon

Each man was placed before a door. Arm and leg restraints removed as the entrance opened and they were pushed through the opening. Hearing then click shut, they were met by darkness.

"Gentlemen," Killman voice vibrated through the overhead speaker, I wouldn't stay close to the door. I intend to activate my machine now."

With that warning, the rumble of crashing rocks was heard. The four men ran forward as the rocks fell where they had stood just moments before.

"Nice job gentlemen," Hubris' laughter echoed throughout the cave, "I think you should continue moving. I believe I forgot to mention that within the path, one of you will find the keys to unlock the ladies."

The overhead speaker was turned off to the sound of more laughter.

"Andreas, April, Illya, Jo, Mark can you hear me?" Napoleon tried to make contact with his agents.

The other three men answered him, but their voices echoed thru the cave making it impossible to tell where he was in relationship to his people.

"April, Jo can you hear me?"

Napoleon was concern as neither of the women responded, "Is everyone okay?"

All three men assured him that they were fine except for some cuts and scratches. "Okay gentlemen let's find the ladies. Be careful. Illya, how much time do we have left."

His partner could keep time without the aid of a watch better than anyone he knew.

"About 3 ½ hour Napoleon. Let's not waste any more time."

The men each began their slow walk to the center of the cave. With the darkness preventing them from seeing where they were heading, frequently they would bump into walls with sharpen stones, and objects some cutting them deeply. When one would stop for a moment, bullets splinted the stones beside their heads. Tension and anxiety made the walk weigh heavily on each of their minds. "I found the keys!" Mark yelled out in pain.

"Mark? Are you okay?" Illya asked.

"They were in a hole surrounded with sharp rocks. But my bloody hand is all torn up."

"Okay, let's find the ladies," Napoleon reminded them, "Time is ticking."

His comment was accented with bullets hitting the rocks beside him.
April and Jo

"How are you doing Jo?" April asked her companion through shattering teeth.

"Other than freezing to death," Jo answered, "It up to my knees. I thought this area of the world was supposed to be warm."

"Probably our luck that this well is fed by an underground stream."

"Yes, we are so lucky," Jo sarcastically responded, "If I have any luck at all, it seems all bad," she complained with a laugh.

April laughed, "At least Jo, we can still laugh."


Waverly boarded the sub with his men. The captain had received his orders and was prepared to take off immediately. "Sir, I can get you as close as one mile out, but the reefs in the area are too high in that area to get closer." "Just get us as close as possible; my men will do the rest." Sitting down, Waverly examined his plans once more, "Let's just hope they can hold out that long."

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