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Move 4-The Capture
Napoleon and Illya
As their plane landed, Napoleon and Illya-the last two to take the bait-received the report about the others. Before heading toward the hotel where the men were killed, they needed to check in with Farenti, the Section 1 from this area. They had experienced his contempt for New York's agents sent by Waverly before and hoped to prevent any other problems. After checking in with Farenti, they were given an older car to use.

Their punishment for the last time they were there; they had wrecked the car assigned to them.

The hotel scene was blocked off with chalk marks were everywhere. The two agents headed toward the manager's office.

"I'm Napoleon Solo and this is my partner Illya Kuryakin; we're from UNCLE and are interest in how the entrainment for dinner was arranged."

"Part of our service. We have used this choir many times before. Mr. Solo, please believe me if only we had only known."

"Sir," Illya interrupted, "There’s no way for you to have known. Unfortunately, the police have found the real boys and their director murdered. Who else could have known that the group would be singing?"

"Well just about everyone, Mr. Kur …e….kin. It was on all the fliers sent out for the event and our weekly announcement board.

"After speaking to the manager for a few minutes more, the two agents left.

"Well that didn't help much. Everyone knew according to him," Napoleon was frustrated, "So much for the easy way."

Their next stop was the school. Most of the students and teachers had gone home to deal with the deaths. Besides the fact that the choir's reservation had been made three months before, no further information was obtained. "

The bus site is about one hour away. Do you want to try for that tonight Illya, or wait for tomorrow?"

"Might as well get it done. It is the only other lead we have right now."

Arriving at dusk, the two agents examined the bus, "Nothing here. Although, I didn't really think we’d find anything. The number of deaths cause by these men is outrageous," Napoleon slammed his fist on top of the car, "Illya, we have to find them and stop this before the death toll climbs any higher." I

llya could tell the death of the boys was getting to his partner. The fact that it was revenge toward UNCLE and especially them only made matters worse.

"Come on old friend; let's get something to eat and a good night rest. In the morning we will get a fresh start."

"Illya, of course, let's eat so that you’re at your best," Napoleon teased him, lightening his own mood somewhat. As they were traveling back to the hotel, Napoleon called Illya's attention to the rearview mirror, "Company tovarisch."

Illya turned around sliding his special into his hand. Speeding up in an attempt to evade the car, Napoleon noticed that the tires were not gripping as well as they should, "We're sliding all over the place."

The second car was gaining and shooting at them. "Farenti not going to be happy that we are denting his car, Napoleon."

"Well if he had them check the tires before giving this piece of junk to us, we could hold onto the road better," as the car reached the next curve, a road block caused Napoleon to turn the wheel tightly.

The car flipped twice before coming to a stop and both agents piled out, gun in hand, and ready to fight.

All around them, they heard movement. "Mr. Solo, Mr. Kuryakin come out now, we have you surrounded," Jenks informed them.

Both men fired in the direction of his voice. "Come now gentlemen, would you kill children?"

t was then that they saw that the rifles pointed toward them were held by young boys. Jenks, of course, was right. Neither of them could bring themselves to shoot children. Standing up from behind the car, guns held down, the two agents gave themselves up.

Disarmed, and their hands were cuffed behind their back, Napoleon looked over at his partner, "Illya, I don't think Farenti is ever going to assign us a car again."

Their last conscious memory was someone walking up behind them.


The last message Waverly was waiting for arrived. Contact with Solo and Kuryakin could not be established. Thrush had all three sets of agents. It was now time for UNCLE to make its move.

The Reunion
April and Mark

Mark woke in a cold damp cell. The cell had two cots, a sink and toilet. It was surrounded on three sides by bricks with the last side covered by bars. Instead of the usual door, the bars seemed to disappear into the wall with no opening device. Looking out of the bars, he could see more cells lining each wall.

Across the hallway, April was also examining her cell. "Mark are you awake yet?"

"Yea luv. I’ve a bloody headache, nausea too. I hate Thrush drugs, plus that tap on the noggin didn't help."

"What were you trying to do? I’m quite capable of taking care of myself."

"I can see that April by the fact you’re in the same place as I am," Mark was a little upset for the scolding, "We're partners remember."

"Sorry, Mark," their conversation was interrupted by a guard bringing in two trays of food.

"I’d eat if I were you," he warned, "Don't know when the gents upstairs will be allowing it again."

"What do you think Mark? Do we chance it?" There were potatoes, veggies and chicken with coffee. "

If they wanted us dead or damage, they would have had plenty of opportunity. No, I think they're waiting for more company before anything happens." Both agents knew what Mark meant.

"Well, let's eat then. By the way, did they get all your weapons and little things?" "I say. There jumpsuit does nothing for my figure either. Orange is not my color."

Mark laughed as he dug into his food. "What's so funny?" "I can just see what Jo and Illya have to say about the color when they arrive" he explained, "Of course, Napoleon will make it look stylish no matter what it looks like."

April joined him both in eating and laughing.

Andreas and Jo

After the trays had been removed, the agents fell asleep but woke as the bars of the cell slid back. Into April's, the guards dragged an unconscious Jo and dropped her on the cot. In the cell next to Mark, Andreas also unconscious was dropped on another cot. The guards left without a word.

Andreas came around first. After looking around he stood, found himself dizzy, and headed toward the bars.

Seeing April across the hall, "April is Mark here also?" he called out to her.

"I'm here gov, next door on the right. How are you doing?"

"Other than a band playing in my head, not too bad. We were put out with gas bomb throw into the copters. I remember waking once and receiving some kind of injection. Where's Jo?"

"She in here with me, still out though. Looks like she was roughed up a little." Andreas chucked, "That's what woke me from the gas, her belting our guards. She was awful annoyed about being gassed. When they finally restrained her again, one of the guards wanted to make a statement before they injected her."

"I'll try and get her to come around."

"Thank you very much April, but I am awake. Could you all please stop shouting, or I will have to kill someone. Andreas I was not annoyed about the gas, I was simply trying to make a point," with this Jo sat up holding her head, "Anyone have any Aspirin?"

Grinning Mark looked over at her, "The only one I know that wakes up worse than you from drugs is your brother. He usually comes out swinging. By the way, what do you think of their choice of clothing?"

It was the first Jo looked at herself, "Orange. Oh at least we will be able to see one another when we are shot. They are, however, not the height of fashion."

"Women!" both Mark and Andreas stated together.

As before a meal was brought in for the two new arrivals, and dishes taken out. When no one else came, each agent settled down waiting for the next round and were lost in their own thoughts.

Illya and Napoleon

Illya and Napoleon revived almost simultaneously bound to a seat in the plane. Both were sore and had various cuts and bruises from the crash.

"You okay, Illya.

" "Napoleon, as always I am fine. And you?"

"Just some aches and pains, the normal. Where do you think we are?"

Illya thought about it for a moment. "Heading southeast I would think, as the sky is still darkening, whereas it was dark already when we were taken. South because it seems to be getting warmer."

Napoleon like that about his partner, always the practical one. Illya gave him the explanation for anything he said.

Jenks came into their sight, "Good to see you gentlemen are awake. I did want to have a little time to talk to you before we land."

"Glad we didn't disappoint you. Do you really think all these ropes are necessary? After all Illya and I are a captive audience."

"Come now Mr. Solo, we both know you two aren't ordinary agents. Besides I understand one of your agents attempted to take out our guards when being transported."

The two men looked at each other, "Jo," they agreed.

"Quite a little wildcat, I understand. Much like my Yvonne," Jenks sighed, "Well that what I would like to talk about. You two killed my wife, and when we arrive at the island you will pay for that. In the meanwhile, I would like to give you an example of what is waiting."

With that he left, nodding to his men.

After the agents slip back into unconsciousness, he took a long drink, "Yvonne my dear, this is only the beginning."


For a second time that night, April and Mark were woken up. This time, Napoleon and Illya were pushed into the cells. Stumbling, Illya was placed in with Andreas and Napoleon with Mark.

"Blamey, what happened to you?" Mark asked getting a wet rag for Napoleon.

"We had a discussion on the plane; Jenks didn't wait for any answers."

Napoleon took the cloth from Mark, "He had other ideas."

Andreas handed Illya a wet cloth.

Then holding his jaw while turning his face, "Seems like you didn't do much better."

Illya jerked his face away, "Thanks for the rag. How are the rest of you?"

Mark answered for all of them, "Okay, except for the few bruises on Jo."

"We figured it was her when they say they had to deal with a wildcat."

Pretending to be insulted, "Napoleon Solo, I am not the only one who causes trouble."

"No my dear you aren't, but you seem to be one of a pair I can count on to get the worse of things," thinking of how often Illya wound up in the same position. Having been given food as the other had, Napoleon and Illya joined the agents sitting back and waiting for the next move in this chess game.

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