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Move 3—The ambush

The envelopes were opened. Inside the message was straightforward but precise, a picture of a Thrush and the words "You are invited or more will die," and a signature. Napoleon and Illya's was signed Jenks; Jo and Andreas' Killman: April and Mark's van Kepp.

"Gentlemen and ladies, if you answer these invitation you are inviting your own deaths. If you don't there’ll be many more deaths I fear. Although you’re all expendable, I don’t like sending my agents out to certain death. Suggestions?"

Peering over his glasses, "An invitation from our past that we cannot refuse," Illya stated turning the envelope over in his hands, "Sir, I do not see any other choice."

Looking around the table, Waverly saw that his agents were all in agreement,

"Then we need to have some insurance in place," and began to make plans with his agents. Because of the urgency of the situation, each set of partners would be delivered to their location by UNCLE jet.

April and Mark would be boarding one that would be heading to Johannesburg. The other four would share a jet first to the island of Ibos to drop off Jo and Andreas then to Switzerland to dropping off Napoleon and Illya.

April and Mark

After reviewing their plans, April and Mark spent the trip playing cards and resting.

"You cheat April."

"No I don't," she defended herself; "You English just don't understand the American rules of this game."

"American rules I understand; it's the April rules that confuse me."

April laughed as she declared herself winner of another game.

Their relationship was that of big brother and his sister. No romantic involvement was present, and each respected the other professional abilities, but April did enjoy confusing Mark in cards.

Just after sunrise, they woke up by the intercom. The agents had time to clean up quickly and have food before they landed.

As they exited the plane at a private field, they were met by a Johannesburg UNCLE agent. "You will find a mess at the mine. The government is disturbed that the killers identified themselves as members of the Fourth Reich. They believed that the group was destroyed after you two wiped out their headquarters."

"Sorry gov seems we have just disbursed them, not destroyed them. Is all the requested equipment in the boot?"


"That the car trunk. The English, they do have a language of their own." She teased Mark.

"Everything requested is in the boot, then. Good luck. We will have channel J open for direct communication."


Mark drove while April kept watch, "No one following us."

"You sound almost disappointed, luv."

"Not disappointed, more concern. At least if we can see them, we know that they know that we know what they’re up to and that we’re here."

"I bet you couldn't explain that again," Mark teased, "You're getting testy."

"I’m not testy. I’m hot, dirty, and hungry. Van Kepp has to be expecting us, and we know he has a plan in place. I just wish that we knew when, where, and what," she sulked, "I hate waiting."

"Don't sulk luv, we're here now. Maybe someone will attempt to shoot at you. That should cheer you up."

April playfully swiped at Mark's head, "Not funny, but at least we’d be getting somewhere. Waiting for the other shoe to drop is annoying."


Arriving at the mine, they were admitted and directed towards the police chief in charge. After introducing themselves, they were escorted to the site. "We have removed the bodies, but marked where they were located. The other mines in the area have extra protection, but this killing has the miners very anxious and refusing to return to the mines until we catch the ones who did this."

As they looked over the site, Mark was the first to raise the feeling of being watched. "I feel it too. It's coming from our right."

Both agents removed their guns and turned around scrutinizing the surround areas, but they saw nothing. When they looked back toward the gate, they noticed that most of the police had left.

"April," Mark began pointing to the gate, "I think we’re in trouble."

From all sides, men dressed in the SS storm trooper uniform advanced on them with guns drawn, "Drop the guns, Miss Dancer, Mr. Slate. My men have orders not to kill, but maiming is always an opinion."

"Twenty to two luv," Mark observed, "Do we make a stand?"

Both slowly raised their hands holding their guns with one finger, "Why die today, when we can hopefully fight tomorrow. I just wish I’d worn my jeans. Their cells tend to ruin my dresses."

Mark laughed, "Hopefully, we’ll be around to put it on your expense account."

The two had their guns taken from them. After cuffing their hands behind them, they were quickly search and lost their communicators, various explosives, and a tracer. "

Mr. Slate and Miss Dancer, you do not know how I have waited to meet you again," van Kepp stated, "I have many surprises for you. Starting with this," he stepped up and slapped first Mark then headed towards April.

Mark attempted to block the slap but was hit from behind. Van Kepp slapped her, and then had his men pull up her sleeve and inject her,

"Good night Miss Dancer, I will be seeing you later." Before she passed out, she had seen Mark also receive an injection.


Aboard the jet carrying the other four agents, Illya, Andreas, and Jo was reading. Napoleon walked from the rear of the plane bringing drinks for everyone. After passing them out, he sat next to Jo.

"Perhaps we could discuss why you are can't wear a dress on a date with me," he whispered in Jo's ear. "

Napoleon this is hardly the time or place."

Illya looked up from his book, "Look you two. There is a private room with a door in the back, why do not you take your discussion back there."

"I thought you were supposed to help me keep my virtue, not help him take it," pointing to Napoleon.

"Dear sister, I am sure you can protect your own virtue much better than I can."

"And you Andreas are not partners supposed to look out for each other."

"I do watch out for you Jo, but only when you need it, which doesn’t seem to be the case this time. So actually partner, I think we’ll all do better if you two discuss this privately. Oh, and please try not to be too loud."

Napoleon extended his hand, "Care to discuss this in private?" he offered with a twinkle in his eyes.

As Jo stood, he led her to the back room.

…. "

Sir," Lisa Rogers brought in a message, "We have lost contact with Mr. Slate and Miss Dancer. The last reported we received from them was when they arrived at the mine." Waverly accepted the message, shook his head, and wondered what would happen next.


Napoleon and Jo woke with Illya pounded on the door, "Come on you two, we land in an hour. You would not want our pilot to get the wrong idea now, would you?"

Napoleon was ginned at Jo as he dressed and she untangled herself from the covers. "I guess you’re right. A dress would get in the way," then ducked out the door as a shoe flew at him.

"I hope you two at least got some sleep. I’d like my partner at least half awake when we get to the island." Andrea said handing Napoleon coffee.

Jo walked out of the room at that moment, "Do not worry, I am very rested and relaxed. Is there any tea ready?"

Illya handed her a cup and a donut, "Breakfast of spies, I see."

At the airport before the two groups separated, Napoleon grabbed Jo kissing her lips passionately.

"Take care," he had to admit to himself this was the hardest part of their relationship. Knowing that each time one of them left for a mission they might not come back to reach that 40th birthday.


Jo and Andreas

Andreas and Jo boarded a copter for the flight from the mainland to the island. Thomas "Straightshot" Fitzgerald was the pilot. He was well known for being able to get in and out of tight spots. "How's my favorite female spy," he asked kissing Jo on the cheek.

"Good Straighshot and you? I would like you to meet my partner Andreas Petros."

"The same. Welcome aboard mate," shaking Andreas' hand. "Hope you're taking good care of my girl here. Won't want to hear she's not being treated right. Buckle up we’ll be taking off in a few."

The wind blew through the open doors of the copter, the noise of the copter prevented too much conversation, but Jo leaned over and spoke into Andreas's ear "And Napoleon wonders why I do not wear dresses."

"I'm sure he’d enjoy the view if he was with us, and you’re wearing a dress," Andreas teased.

Receiving a dirty look from her, Andreas grinned, "I could take a picture for him?"

A slap on his head left them both grinning

. ….

When they landed, Straightshot briefed them. "The cave’s over there," he pointed, "The villagers' bodies have been removed, but the locations marked in the village. Do you want me to come with you or stay here?"

Andreas thought it over, "Three heads are better than two. Why don't we look over the village then examine the cave. Watch out for Killman's men." T

he three examined the village area finding nothing but destruction. Most of the people had been caught in their homes and had died there. Others were found face down with bullets in their backs. Death was quick and unforgiving to the people who had failed Killman. Aftershocks shook the area, making it unsafe to remain in the area for any length of time.


"Do either of you have the feeling that we are being watched?" Jo asked looking around. They pulled their guns and looked around. No one was visible, "Just jumpy I guess."

"Don't disregard your feeling Jo. You ‘ve been right to often in the past. Let's head for the cave." In the middle of the cave, they found a machine.

"Think this is it?" Straightshot asked. "Looks like something out of Sci-Fi."

Andreas examined it, "Looks like a smaller version of what we destroyed. Let's take it back."

On the way back to the copter, they heard others coming from behind them.

"Get in the copter fast, and be ready for takeoff. We’ll hold them off, while you start her up."

"Petros and Kuryakin, you can't escape. Give up now and we’ll not kill the pilot," Killman yelled over the sound of fire."

Uttering a few words in Irish, Straightshot attempted to take the copter up. Before they were able to take off, a gas bomb was shot into the copter, followed by two more. The agents were unconscious before the men reached them giving them injections to keep them that way.


Waverly received the second message, Petros and Kuryakin was not responding to attempts to reach, the pilot was found just recovering from the gas. This left only Solo and Kuryakin not yet taken.

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