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Move 2--The Invitations

On an abandon island in the Gulf of Mexico, four men from Thrush sat around the table verifying their plans for their next moves. All of them had escaped from a maximum security prisons where the at least one of the six UNCLE agents had incarcerated them.

The first man was SS Former Nazi Deputy Fuhrer Max van Repp. Van Repp, although working mainly with TORCH, had aligned himself with Thrush for this exercise. He had faced Dancer and Slate in Johannesburg over diamonds. The agents had prevented not only van Repp diamond mission, they also destroyed most of the Fourth Reich's membership in the area including the Leader. Van Repp escape from prison had been arranged by Thrush, and he now was preparing to achieve his revenge on Dancer and Slate.

The next man was Dr. Killman. Solo and Petros had been instrumental in stopping his earthquake machine and disgracing him in the eyes of Thrush. Although Jo Kuryakin hadn't helped in his capture, she assisted Petros in his interrogation when Solo had been called away for another assignment. Killman had been furious that UNCLE had two minor agents, as he saw them, interrogate him and one of them a woman. After plotting his vengeance on Petros and Kuryakin from prison, he now waited for the next move in the plan to start.

The third man was Dennis Jenks whose attack on the Section 1 leaders by his boy's school was prevented by Solo and Illya Kuryakin. Not only had they stopped the assassination, but his wife, Mother Fear, had been killed in the fight that followed. Jenks was an angry man with little regard for others who crossed him but not the brain behind any operation. He willingly followed the leader of the group who promised revenge on Solo and Kuryakin.

Finally, the man who had assembled the group before him, Colonel Hubris. Solo and Illya Kuryakin had been responsible for preventing Thrush from taking over Africa by destroying the plane carrying instructions and resources from Central. Hubris and men were all captured and imprisoned. He was going to prove as he said to Solo and Kuryakin, "That fate is fickle."

"Okay gentlemen. We now have a few days to complete the next moves in our plan and prepare for the expected UNCLE agents to come in search of us," Hubris commented.

"I still don't understand how we can ensure that they’ll be the ones who’ll be sent out to attend to these matters. They aren't just going to come running."

"Easy Jenks. I have an envelope that each of you will leave at the site of your assignment. These envelopes will be addressed to the agents that we wish to attract. Knowing UNCLE agents as we do, they will not be able to pass up the invitation."

Hubris offered a drink to his partners, "Once we rid ourselves of these six international agents, UNCLE will be in a state of disarray. Central will then be able to mount an attack that can bring UNCLE to its knees."


Casey McLaughlin was pleased with himself. He believed that he had killed Solo and Kuryakin in the car explosion. As he waited to be called into the meeting of the four men in-charge of this operation, he was trying to decide what he would ask for. Although he had wanted a few minutes with Solo and Illya Kuryakin to replay them for the humiliation they caused him, killing them made up for the insult. The major thing he wanted was to punish Jo Kuryakin for her betrayal. By the time she was taught a lesson, no one would want to date her again.

As he entered the command room, the men became silent. "Ah, Mr. McLaughlin, come in." Hubris invited.

"Good evening gentlemen, I’m happy to report that Solo and Kuryakin are dead. The bomb that I placed in their car, also destroyed a major part of the parking structure," Casey announced proudly.

"Is that so, Mr. McLaughlin," van Kepp questioned, "Then perhaps you can explain, why they are in their headquarters with the other agents we are after?"

Surprised, "But I placed the bomb in their car, and only opening the door with a key could make it explode. You must be wrong."

"No, Mr. Laughlin. You are the one who is wrong. I know that we do not accept failure in the Fourth Reich, how about Thrush," with a shake of their head the other three agreed with him. Van Repp raised his gun and shot McLaughlin between the eyes.

"One less problem to handle later, shall we finish up gentlemen," Hubris pressed the intercom, "Have someone clean up the mess in here please."

The Fourth Reich

Van Repp had his men ready to attack the diamond mines in hills of Johannesburg. To ensure that credit for the attack was received by the Reich, the men were dressed in their storm trooper uniforms. The assault force approached the guards at the gate, killing them instantly.

"Remember, take no prisoners. Everyone is to be eliminated."

The men took van Repp at this word. Surprised by the invasion force, the poorly under manned mineworkers were rounded up, stood against the mine and murdered before they could resist. After the miners had been killed, van Kepp removed the reserve of diamonds equaling a little over thirty million dollars. The mine was blown, buildings burnt, and the dead left lying about. On the gate, an envelope as left addressed to Dancer and Slate; the first invitation was delivered.

Dr. Killman

The small island of Ibos had recovered from Dr. Killman force labor, and its people were now quietly returning to their previous lives. Killman not only blamed Solo and Petros for his downfall, and Jo Kuryakin for his humiliation, he blamed the people of the island. With only a small amount of time and money, he had constructed a smaller version of his earthquake mechanism. Placing his machine in a central cave on the island and waiting until he knew the people of the island would be at home for supper, he started the machine. The vibrations were sent along the island's fault. The buildings fell quickly, trapping most of the people inside.

Once the quakes stopped, Killman sent his men to finish off anyone who was still alive. On the door of the village leader, an envelope was attached to the door that was addressed to Petros and Jo Kuryakin. Another invitation was delivered.


The boys were ready. Jenks with Thrush's help had recruited a group of boys trained at different Thrush facilities to kill without feelings. His one requirement was that the boys could also sing. They arrived early at the meeting of the international businessmen in Switzerland. As the meal ended, the entertainment began. Remembering the failure he had faced with the Section 1 leaders, he had been careful not to bring any attention to himself or the boys keeping the attack simple. Slowly the singers began country western music; dressed in cowboy outfits including hats, boots, and guns in gun belts. The singers moved around the room surrounding the men sitting at the dining tables.

As they began to sing Don't Take Your Guns to Town by Johnny Cash, the boys pulled their guns and shot the twenty-five men present. Before following his boys out, Jenks left an envelope addressed to Solo and Illya Kuryakin at the head of the table. The final invitation was delivered.


As each man returned from his task successfully, Hubris greeted him and became more excited. The invitations were all delivered, and he knew the agents would have no choice but to answer them. The probability that others would die if they didn't respond guaranteed it. As far as he was concern, UNCLE agents are just to goody-goody.

"Gentle let's have a drink to our continued success," each man raised his glass, "To the downfall of UNCLE," as each drank, he reviewed the next move in this game they were playing.


The Wait

The agents were becoming edgy and irritated over the least little thing. It seemed best that they spend time away from each other. Waverly noticed the pent up energy in his agents and knew it wouldn't be long before someone exploded. Tired of being restricted to headquarters, finishing paperwork, visiting the range, the agents met in the gym intending to spend time working out with their partners.

Dressed in the typical UNCLE gym shorts and tee, they had mats reserved and were ready to begin. Each frustrated and needing to release the pent up energy. Unknown to Jo, Napoleon had traded places with Andreas. Turning to face Andreas, Jo was surprised to see Napoleon standing there.

"Here's your chance Kuryakin to take an honest shot at me. After all, it's better than dumping another cup of coffee on me." That morning after Napoleon had teased her, she had responded by dumping his coffee on his lap.

Illya shrugged his shoulders. The relationship between his partner and sister was driving him crazy. He found himself refereeing their disagreements the last few days. Napoleon's devil may care attitude and teasing had set off Jo's who was not known for patience when not on assignment.

As he and Andreas squared off, he grinned," Maybe this will help clear the air."

"My friend, there is only one thing that will help clear the air with those two, and headquarters doesn't lend itself to the activity." Illya said watching the other two.

At first Jo and Napoleon were cautious and testing each other. Then each became more aggressive and determined to take down the other. Others began to watch the match with interest. While basically even, Napoleon did have the advantage of weight and height. Finally, pinning her, Napoleon leaned over and kissed her on the nose.

"It’s exciting seeing you in action. I find strong, assertive women very sexy," he whispered in her ear.

Embarrassed that other had seen him do it, "Solo, I swear you are pissing me off. Sexy right!"

Jo turned and threw him and stood up ready to take him down. She swept his feet out from under him, just as the overhead announcement came that they had been waiting for.

"Mr. Solo, Kuryakin, Slate, Petros, Miss Dancer and Kuryakin, report to Mr. Waverly office immediately."

Illya picked up the phone and was transferred to Lisa Rogers office, "Miss Rogers, do we have time to change, we are all in the gym." After speaking to Waverly, Lisa instructed them to be in the office in 15 minutes.


Arriving at Waverly office, the six agents entered and took their seats. "Gentlemen, ladies we’ve finally heard from Thrush." He sent around three envelopes each addressed to one set of the partners. The agents opened their envelopes and read the note inside, it was clear that a trap was being set that none of them could avoid.

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The enemy is from:

The Blazing Affair by Michael Avallone (Girl from Uncle #2)

The Man from Thrush Affair

Children Day Affair

Deadly Goddess Affair

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