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By Jkkitty
First Move
April Dancer and Mark Slate, her partner were sitting in there office with Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin and her partner Andreas Petros, "Come on ducky; come out with us after work tonight."

As Jo was about to reply, explosions set off the alarms throughout the building. Overhead they heard "We’re under attack, agents to the garage."

The four agents headed toward UNCLE's garage where the first explosion sounded. As they ran through the door, destruction met them everywhere. Cars were buried under the falling cement ceiling especially in one corner. April glanced at Jo and took off in the direction.

"Choryt!" Jo mumbled as she ran after April. Napoleon's red car was in pieces.

At this moment, it was impossible to see if anyone had been in it at the time of the explosion. The women knew that just an hour before, Napoleon Solo, New York's CEA had driven them and his partner Illya Nichovetch Kuryakin to work in that car. Both men were stopping off just long enough to gather some ammunition and equipment that they needed for their next assignment. As of yet, they weren't present among the field agents scattered around the damaged garage.

They began to clear out the area around the car hoping that they won't find the two bury under it.

Mark broke the silence, "I'm sure they weren't in the car luv."

"Then why are they not with us here," Jo demanded.

"As the senior agents in the house, they're possibly keeping Waverly under wraps," Andreas offered hopefully.

One look from both Jo and April caused Mark and Andreas to turn away and continue clearing the rubbish.

While working clearing debris, unexpectedly two Section 3 agents appeared before the four of them with their guns drawn, "All of you are to come with us immediately."

"What the hell is going on and why the guns?" April turned angrily towards the agents, "We’re trying to help out here."

"Miss Dancer, we have our orders from Waverly, you’re to come now, and we’re supposed to protect you."

Frustrated they entered Waverly's office. "Sir, what's going on? We were searching the wreckage and these two showed up," pointing to the Section Three agents, "Illya and Napoleon were supposed to be leaving around the time the explosions. Their car’s buried under the largest pile of debris," she challenged the interruption.

Waverly glanced at his agents who were smeared with dirt and grime. "Sit down. Gentlemen you are dismissed."

After the door closed, "It seems that you four and the two of them are the targets of this explosion."

As he informed them of this, Napoleon and Illya walked out of Waverly's private office covered in debris. Napoleon's usual perfect suit was torn and dirty. Illya's black shirt and pants were gray. Both had numerous small cuts and bruises around their face. Shocked the four stared at their friends.

"As you can see, Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin managed to avoid the destruction arranged for them."

Napoleon explained, "Illya had a new car opener that worked by remote that he wanted to try out. As we came out the door, he pressed the start button and the car went up. Luckily we weren't in it at the time."


As Napoleon and Illya took their seat, Waverly sent around six sheets of paper. Each one had one of the agent's name typed boldly on the top. Picking up his sheet, Napoleon noticed that it was an obituary with a small thrush in the lower corner. Each of the other agents discovered the same.

"The information contained in this is extremely accurate, sir," Napoleon noted. The other agents voiced their agreement, "Someone has access to a lot of information about us."

"True Mr. Solo and we’re looking into that. However, I believe the some of you were involved in an incident with a Mr. McLaughlin a few months ago. If you look carefully, you’ll see his name right below the thrush."


Jo shifted in her sit. She remembered the incident involving Casey McLaughlin, as she had been the cause of it. Recalling the night as if it were yesterday instead of six months ago:

Napoleon had called earlier in the day to invite her to dinner along with Illya, April, and Mark, but she had declined as she had a date with Casey. The two went to the 21 Club and were dancing when she noticed the UNCLE group sitting in the opposite corner of the restaurant. After the dance, she led Casey over to the table and introduced him to the other agents.

Although Casey was hesitant at first, he finally agreed to accept Napoleon's invitation to join the group. As they were taking their seat, Mark and Napoleon whistled at the dress she was wearing.

"You never wear a dress for me," Napoleon sulked.

"I sure I could think of a couple of reasons why not, as we usually doing things that a dress would be in the way," winking at him.

"You've dated him Jo," Casey asked just short of demanding. "On occasion," She smiled at Napoleon, "When I had nothing else going on."

Really, it not nice to tease Napoleon," Illya stepped in what he knew could escalate into something that would be better kept until they were in private.

The waitress appeared at that time, taking their order. Illya noticed that Casey was glaring angrily at Napoleon and Jo but said nothing.


As Casey returned her to the table after a dance, Napoleon asked her to dance the following one with him. During the dance, he began to question her about Casey.

"When did you meet him?"

"About two weeks ago. Actually right after you left for your last mission."

"Mind if I ask where?"

"On the protection assignment you assigned to me." She responded a little upset at his cross-examination.

"How did his background check come out?" a standard practice for anyone going out with non-UNCLE personnel.

"Are you asking as the CEA or do you have another reason Napoleon, such as jealousy? If it is as the CEA, I am not on duty at this moment. If it is for any other reason, you have nothing to worry about," she declared angrily. "

You did do one, didn't you?" raising his eyebrows. "It’s procedure."

"I know procedure; I do not need you to remind me. Like you ever follow them. Next time you turn off your communicator on one of your dates and we need to go find you, I will remind you of procedure," she had shot back at him seething. She attempted to pull out of his arms at this point, but he held her tightly. "Napoleon Solo, you are really pissing me off."

"For someone who has problems with American slang, you’ve grown to like that word a great deal," he teased her.

The stormy look gave she him, let him know she was not amused by his teasing. "Jo, you didn't run a scan, did you? Waverly will have your head. Come on, I'm just watching out for my favorite agent," he had bent over and kissed her on the nose, further enraging her.


While Jo was dancing with Napoleon and Mark with April, Illya watched Casey scrutiny them. He noticed that Casey was tearing his napkin in small pieces while his face was turning red and then deepened as the dance continued, Illya began to become apprehensive.

"Casey, what did you say you did for a living?"

Casey looked at Illya with annoyance, "Security, why?" he shot back and then turned his attention back to Jo and Napoleon. "

Sorry no offense meant. Just a big brother watching out for his sister," making it seem like a joke.

Before anything else could be said, the dance ended, and the agents returned to the table. It was obvious that she was angry at Napoleon as she swearing in Russian under her breath.

"We're going to my apartment for some drinks," Napoleon offered, "Jo, you and Casey are welcome to join us."

"Thanks, but we’ve other plans," Casey answered for the two of them. The bill paid, everyone headed toward the door.

Illya pulled her aside warning, "Watch him, he seems to have quite a temper and was not pleased about you dancing with Napoleon."

"I do not need yours or your partner's advice," she spit out through her teeth, "Good night."

Casey asked her to wait a moment while he used the phone, thereby allowing the rest of the group to leave before they did.

When he emerged, he grabbed her arm roughly. "Casey that hurts."

He mumbled, "Sorry" and released the pressure guiding her toward his car.

As they approached the car, his grip tighten once more. He swung her around screaming, "Don't you ever embarrass me again. When you’re with me, you aren't to even to look at anyone else."

Catching her off guard, he backhanded her and knocked her to the ground.


After leaving the restaurant, the others headed toward their car, "Darn, I left my coat. Give me a sec; I’ll be right back,"

Napoleon said. Exiting the restaurant again, he heard the shouting, and saw Casey raise his hand to Jo. Running toward the two of them, he yelled for Illya. Both men reached at the car as she fell toward, hitting her forehead on the side mirror then the ground.

Illya pulled out his gun aiming it at Casey," Do not move a muscle," he warned, "I have no problem with eliminating women beaters especially when it is my sister."

"Illya, no. I am okay," she pleaded. Looking into her brother angry eyes, "Really just help me up."


Napoleon caught his partner's stiff arm, "It's not worth the jail time" before turning and slamming a right hook into Casey's face knocking him to the ground.

April and Mark had joined them and was helping her up, "I think you need stitches, luv. You’ve a good gash above that eye."

Illya bent down and placed his special under Casey's chin, "Do not ever come near my sister again, or next time no one will stop me," biting out each word, he holstered his gun then pulled Casey up with him by his shirt.

"You want the coppers, gov," Mark offered looking at Napoleon.

"No, leave it please," she appealed to them, "This is embarrassing enough, and Waverly going to wonder if I am in the right section. I do not want him to have to speak to the local police on top of it. Just leave him go."

"Against my better judgment you’ve two minutes to clear out of here, or I might just let my partner use his gun." Napoleon gave him a push toward his car.

Casey stumbled, "You’ll all be sorry," he yelled at them, "I’ve friends who won’t take kindly to this. You haven't seen the last of me, yet."

Illya started to go after him, when she grabbed his arm, "I need you, bolʹshoĭ brat (big brother)," stopping him in his tracks.


"Miss Kuryakin, would you like to join the rest of us in this discussion?" Jo blinked, "Sorry sir," coming back to the present.

"As I was saying, Mr. Kuryakin and Mr. Slate examine the bomb, Mr. Solo and Miss Dancer look into intelligent reports about Thrush activities, and Miss Kuryakin and Mr. Petros dig up all you can about our Mr. McLaughlin to add to his file."

"Sir, something just doesn't set right with this. Revenge against Jo or maybe Illya and I that I can buy, but the other three, it just doesn't add up. I think we’re going to find that this is something more than just revenge."

"Quite possible, Mr. Solo. For the time being you’re all confined to headquarters until we find out a little more about what's going on. Besides your assignments finish up your paperwork and use the time to practice on the range or in the gym. However until further notice you’re not to leave the building."

The assembled agents started to object, "Are my directions clear? It should only be for few days. I can't afford for my best agents to be out of action for long. You have your assignments, Dismissed," halting any further discussion of the situation

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