Rules for posting Fanfiction stories.This is a featured page

Welcome to Soloholics!

Fan fiction is welcome here but there a few rules all contributors must follow:

1. Positively no SLASH or SLASH implied stories allowed.

2. No vulgar or questionable language allowed.
(Wikifoundry the site provider has software that checks for questionable content. Also readers and other writers can report questionable content to Wikifoundry or the site Moderator.)

3. We prefer to keep this site "Solo-Centric" but stories with both agents are allowed.(please no Illya centric stories as he has plenty of sites of his own!) Also stories about other characters Robert Vaughn has portrayed are welcome (Lee, Judge Travis, Albert etc.)

4. In order that many people can contribute please keep story size under 20,000 words. Also Stories that run onto more the seven chapters will be pulled from the site

5. If you have stories posted on other sites you can link them here by setting up your "Writer"page and list the link on that page.You can add a brief description of the link there as well.

6. The site is geared to give NEW Writers a chance to spread their wings and soar "solo". Established writers are welcomed as well. The idea is to have fun sharing our views of the Suave Super Agent.

So please remember when posting
"If you can't say something nice, Don't say anything at all."
Send the writer a personal note with things you feel they should correct.
The idea of the site is to ENCOURAGE not Discourage!

How to start.
Each writer can start her/his own fan fiction section and you start by simply signing in.

1. Click on Home page.
2. Click on "Add A New Page".
3. When page prompt comes up, type in the name you will be writing under. This will give you your own place to post stories.

How to Post your Fan fiction.
Unfortunately posting here is a bit more of a challenge then on other sites. But here is how to do it.

1. Click onto your own section name.
2. When page comes up, click on "Add a New Page".
3. Type in the title of your fan fiction here.
4. Blank page will come up with story title at top. Simply click on EASY EDIT.

Here's were it gets fun.....

1. You can COPY & PASTE your original document to the page. And Save.

Depending on your document type it will save as posted or everything will appear in one long section.

2. If one long section, hit EASY EDIT once more, read thru you document for section breaks.
3. Move the cursor behind the first letter of the new paragraph and hit enter twice. This will give you a nice clean break between paragraphs or spoken phrases.
4.Once you go thru the entire document, hit SAVE. Story will appear as written with defined sections.

OR after setting up your story's title page:

You can simply chose to write your story directly onto the site page. The site has spell check so you can make your correction.

Adding Chapters
1. Click on your original story title page
2. Click on "Add a New Page" here remember to type in the original story title followed by Chapter #('s)
3. Always click on the Main Story Title page to add chapters (never from last chapter) and add the chapter number.

Any problems or questions just let me know and I will be happy to help in any way.


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