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Robert Vaughn DVD Releases - Soloholics

Robert Vaughn DVD Releases - Official Robert Vaughn Fan SiteRiver of Death
Available May 26, 2015
Pre-order at :

rt Vaughn plays a deranged Nazi bio-chemist hiding in the Amazon jungle.

Rated R

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A Cry from Within (Sebastian)
A Cry from Within (Sebastian)

Available March 17

on DVD and VOD (Video on Demand

Robert Vaughn has a small cameo in the start of the film.

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Robert Vaughn DVD Releases - Robert Vaughn
West Point

(true stories about life at West Point Military Academy)

Robert Vaughn is in one episode

"The Operator and the Martinet"

Well worth purchasing for the episode!

West Point DVD on Amazon

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jkkitty DVD 0 May 11 2013, 12:01 PM EDT by jkkitty
Thread started: May 11 2013, 12:01 PM EDT  Watch
Thanks for keeping us informed. Just preordered Hanger 18
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soloforever Thank you very much!!!!! 2 Aug 23 2012, 7:25 AM EDT by soloforever
Thread started: Aug 23 2012, 5:57 AM EDT  Watch
Really? Can I ask your favor?
That is very kind of you and if you don't mind , yes please.
I'd truly appreciate it.
How can I settle the account? Can I pay you in October? Is it all right?
I have a vido of "alien" of the series and I enjoyed it a lot .
And it made me feel I want to see the rest of the episodes.
Thanks a lot again.
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soloforever Good news and bad news 1 Aug 22 2012, 8:37 AM EDT by SoloSista
Thread started: Aug 22 2012, 2:57 AM EDT  Watch
DVD of "The Lieutenant" is relesed!
What a good news!!
But .... they only ship to USA not to overseas.....
What a bad news......
Oh, I want to see them....pity
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