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* * * * Coming September 1, 2012 * * * * - Soloholics
Robert Vaughn
Contest #1!
* * * * Coming September 1, 2012 * * * * - Soloholics

* * Robert Vaughn Contest #1 * * - Soloholics

Photo Caption Contest
* * * * AND THE WINNER IS * * * *

Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"I don't care what SHE told you Bob,
that is not why it's called "The Magnificent 7"."


Congratulations TinaP22 !!
Thank you to everyone who entered.
The final choice was made by a special tie-breaker vote!
Another Contest coming in October so keep watching!!

Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"Whoever invented zippers, never used a western saddle!" RussianPrince
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"I don't care what SHE told you Bob, that is not why its called "The Magnificent 7"!" TinaP22 (blushing)
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"Hey!!!! I think I finally mastered the Texas 2-step!!" Baby-Stroller
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"There's a snake in my....boot" Wait wrong cowboy!! Bobsyouruncle
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - SoloholicsLee: "Can I get a little privacy here?" Chris: "See, that's what happens when you try to out drink you horse." Kelly-LA/CA
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"Oh, look at Steve... It seems he found something on Yul again. Yeah, I think he will definitely knock my door tomorrow morning.Not again... (sigh)” Soloforever
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - SoloholicsBob:" Sorry you guys.I didn't mean to sound like I am better than any of you because I have a web site dedicated to me" Yul: "Yea,right" Bob:"You all have one as well." 2good2beforgotten
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - SoloholicsLee: "I look so sharp. If anything ever happens to me I hope I'm reincarnated as a gentleman in a 3 piece suit" SharonT23
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"If they're mad because I have the best wardrobe, wait till they discover I have the as well" C.N.Solo
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"14, 15..16...Huum..So I only have 16 lines...When you look this good you don't need to do a lot of talking!" Irishrose2
"Anybody seen a script?" Nappifan
[Untitled]"Ah.....fellas....I think I brought something home from Tijuana besides the maracas." NappySappy
Robert Vaughn Contest #1 - Soloholics"Who wears ALL black in 110 degree heat? I mean really...." DonFrankmano
Contest Rules:
1. Open to all members worldwide. You must be signed up as a member with writer status.
2. Please keep all entries clean and site friendly, but also remember, a little innuendo is good for the soul! ;-)
3. Please try to limit your entry to 3 lines (within your cell) to allow space for everyone. No entries left in threads will be accepted.

4. Be sure to add your member Icon & Site-member name to your entry. (just like the birthday card)
If you need help adding your Icon email SoloSista or MKRichards for assistance.
4.Entry posting ends September 8 2012. At that time the WINNER will be decided on by SoloSista and Moderator MKRichards.

Good Luck to Everybody!!

* * * * Coming September 1, 2012 * * * * - Soloholics

will receive this beautiful
11x14 color photo of

"The Magnificent 7"

Autographed by Robert Vaughn

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TinaP22 Photo Caption Contest! 2 Sep 10 2012, 10:02 AM EDT by MKRichards
Thread started: Sep 10 2012, 5:07 AM EDT  Watch
OMG!!! I can't believe I won. I almost didn't put that entry in. (I'm still blushing) But thank goodness a friend pushed me to do it. Ironic that a retired LEO should win a photo of a gunslinger! and autographed to boot!! This is going on my wall next to my UNCLE Special. Thank you so much.

Soloholics are the best in the world!!
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