Robert Vaughn in 2012- A year in review

Robert Vaughn in 2012- A year in review - Soloholics
Referred to in Soloholics Circles as the
"Re-Dawn of Vaughn"

2012 proved to be a busy year for the great Robert Vaughn!

With the last season of Hustle neatly wrapped up he made on appearance on another
British television program called "Coronation Street.
Filming wrapped on the British film "The Magnificent Eleven"
And Mr. Vaughn found himself back in the United States
(much to the joy of his American fan base!)
Here are the high points of the year.
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1. Coronation Street & The Magnificent Eleven "The Magnificent Eleven" and Robert Vaughn's appearance on the BBC series "Coronation Street."

2. Robert Vaughn in Person! June 9-10 2012 Robert Vaughn makes his first US appearance in nearly 3 years at Super Mega-fest in Whippany NJ

3. Lifetime Achievement Award July 19, 2012 Robert Vaughn receives the Lifetime Achievement award at the Long Island International Film Expo

4. Robert Vaughn Returns to the Stage! August-September-October saw Robert Vaughn's successful return to the stage in the Geva Theatre of Rochester NY's sensational staging of "You Can't Take it With You" playing the lovable Martin Vanderhoff. This page also links you to the Opening night dinner , Best wishes and reviews pages.

5. "You Can't Take it With You" Production Photo Photos courtesy of The Geva Theatre, Rochester NY.

6. Robert Vaughn in Person Geva Theatre Soloholics site-members meet Robert Vaughn after the performance

7.Friar's Club Honor October 9, 2012 The Friar's Club Honored Robert Vaughn, Jerry Stiller and Christopher Lloyd for their Ensemble work in "Excuse Me For Living"

8. Excuse Me For Living- The Movie October continued to be a busy month with Robert Vaughn's return to the big screen after nearly a decade in the wonderful film "Excuse Me For Living" on October 12, 2012 in NYC (and selected theaters nationwide.DVD release is January 8, 2013!)

9. Happy 80th Birthday Robert Vaughn On November 22, 2012 Fans around the world helped Robert Vaughn Celebrate his 80th Birthday in style. With fans sending message across the site, from all corners of the world, the day topped off with everyone stopping at the same time to sing the universal chorus of "Happy Birthday To You." (page includes links to individual wishes, Special event information and wishes from Japan)

10. Robert Vaughn names "Soloholics" as his Official Web site December 1, 2012. The little website that could...Did! After winning the award for best Fan Site in it's category, Robert Vaughn gave us his full authorization to be his official representation on the web. Link is to the Cinema Retro article.