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Agent Andreas Petros was introduced in The Man From THRUSH Affair, which aired December 4, 1967 as Napoleon's temporary partner.

Peach Bottom Affair
By Jkkitty
Napoleon Solo, CEA of UNCLE New York and his partner Illya Nichovetch Kuryakin, Section 2 Number 2 walk into the cafeteria looking for lunch. After getting their food, they joined the other set of partners laughing in the corner.

April Dancer and Mark Slate were listening to Andreas Petros explained how his partner Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin had wound up with waist long purple hair, face and hands. Mark and April were laughing when Napoleon and Illya joined the group and overheard part of the story.

"...Then we were running into the mixing room of the Jellybean factory, trying to get away from the Thrush goons who were chasing us. I saw them behind us and gave Jo a push to get her out of their gun sites, right into the purple dye pot for the Jellybeans. It tipped over spilling the whole pot on her head."

"Let us not forget your bright green color, Andreas," Jo continued the story, pouting that this had happen in the first place. "He went to help me up, slipped on the purple dye, falling backwards hitting the green pot of dye."

April and Mark were laughing uncontrollably at this point, "Well luv, it could be worst, you could be Technicolor." he chimed in.

"Here," Illya tossed a shampoo bottle to his sister, "Compliments of Section 8. It should turn that purple back to your wonderful strawberry blonde. It will also work on the face and hands. Share it with Andre."

"I will think about it," still blaming her partner for the coloring.

"How are my two favorite female agents today?" Napoleon asked oozing with charm. He reached over and ran his hand down Jo's purple hair.

April just nodded in answer to his question. He was a lady's man and she regarded him as a good friend

"Hands off the hair Solo," Jo demanded giving him a glare. She was still trying to sort out her feelings for this man. She knew that she cared for him, but unsure if it was a good idea or not.

He removed his hand and smiled at her, "Now my dear, are you free to go out tonight. I seem to be dateless?" he asked.

Before Jo could answer, a new Section 4 secretary past the table, "Be right back", he said to the group.

He left straightening his suit and began talking to her. Coming back smiling, he rejoined the group. "I suppose you are now busy tonight," Jo asked him with a frustrated and hurt tone.

"What? Oh yea. How about tomorrow?" he offered not hearing her tone.

Jo's chilling blue eyes gave him a glare that could have frozen the New York Bay, "Ty durak, (you are a fool) Solo", and left.

"What did I do?" he asked innocently.

"Napoleon, sometimes you’re so dense," April told him as she and Mark stood.

"Well we’re off on assignment. Think about it." "What?" he asked the two remaining agents.

Andreas and Illya just looked at him as if he had no common sense. "Well, I need to find Jo and get that shampoo," Andreas told them and left.

"Nice way to clear a table Napoleon." Illya said and then continued eating not wanting to get into an explanation with his partner if he didn't understand what just happen.

"What?" Napoleon asked once again.


Later that day, Jo was working in the computer lab when she and Andreas were paged to Waverly office. She walked to the office reading her computer printouts on a project that Illya and she were working on. She was so engrossed in the printouts that she arrived at Waverly office still in her lab coat. Before Andreas could catch her, she entered the office. Waverly was very specific about dress protocol for his agents and lab coats were not appropriate dress for an assignment discussion.

Napoleon and Illya were already sitting around the table, Illya looked at Jo raising his eyes and looking toward the lab coat. It was only then that she realized what she wore.

"Miss Kuryakin, Mr. Petros, please take a sit. I’ll be sending you to Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station in Pennsylvania. Miss Kuryakin you’ve been hired as a personal assistant to the president, Mr. Mudden. Mr. Petros, you’ll be working on the construction of the second unit."

All four agents received the folders detailing their assignment. The first power plan unit was opened in 1966 and two more units were in the construction stage.

"You two will be following up on a report we received from one of our part time agent about a Thrush plot to destroy the power station."

"Sir, how sure are we that the agent information is correct?" Napoleon asked looking up from his copy of the report.

"The agent had supplied good leads in the past," Waverly informed them.

"I assume Sir, he’s no longer with us."

Andreas looked up from his report, "Do we know what Thrush is planning to do at the site?"

"That will be your assignment," Waverly directed his agents. "Mr. Solo, you’ll coordinate this assignment, and contact the president of the company. We want them to know UNCLE’s investigating them. Hopefully, it will cause them to be less careful."

"Mr. Petros, you’ll find the item or items we’re interested in contacting Mr. Kuryakin and Mr. Solo who will help you either destroy or capture it after Mr. Kuryakin has determined if it’s an item UNCLE may be able to safely use scientifically."

"Miss Kuryakin you’ll locate the paperwork and computer inputs of the project, gather them and bring them out. Any computer file, you’ll destroy."

"Miss Kuryakin and Mr. Petros your plane leaves in two hours." As the four agents were leaving, "And Miss Kuryakin."

She stopped and turned around. "See if you can dress appropriate for your position at the company", Waverly reprimanded her.

"Yes Sir", Jo acknowledged the reprimand.


A week later, Napoleon and Illya were summoned. "Gentlemen, we’ve the information needed to intensify the investigation into the Peach Bottom plant."

"What do you know about ultrasound and its destructive powers?" he addressed the two agents.

"Not too much sir" Napoleon admitted.

Sir, I believe that it is extremely high-power sound waves high frequency above 20 kHz up to 100 kHz and that can destroy anything from human eardrums to concrete buildings. It causes cavitation that causes local extremes of temperature and pressure in the liquid where the reaction happens. It breaks up solids and removes passivizing layers of inert material to give a larger surface area for the reaction to occur over."

"The frequencies can be adjusted to narrow the destructive powers of the waves. The problem is that to cause any destroy to hard material, humans in the area will also be destroy" Illya limited his information to a level that he knew both Napoleon and Mr. Waverly would understand.

"What does this have to do with Thrush, sir?" Napoleon made a face at his partner who always seems to know something about everything.

"It seems as they have designed a breadbox size version of an ultrasound machine that can cause the same reaction as a normal size machine. Their first target is to be the Peach Bottom plant," he handed the information that the two undercover agents had sent. "I need not remind you how severe this could be. The number of people who’ll die if that reactor is destroyed gentlemen, and the inability of that part of the state to sustain life is unacceptable,"

Waverly left it hanging in the air. "Your flight leaves in 30 minutes," waving his hand, he dismissed the agents.


Napoleon walked through the door at the Peach Bottom Power Plant office straightening his tie. "Hello, my name is Napoleon Solo. I have an appointment with Mr. Mudden," he informed the secretary.

"I'll page Mr. Mudden personal assistant, Miss Nicholas. She’ll help you," the secretary called back to her. While waiting Napoleon leaned over her desk flirting with her.

As Miss Nicholas arrived at the front desk, she was in time to see him make a date with the secretary. "Sorry to interrupt you, may I be of help?" she asked with a cool voice and angry glare.

If Napoleon didn't know it was Jo, he wouldn't have recognized her. Her hair was up in a bun and chestnut brown. The contacts she wore changed her expressive blue eyes to hazel and were covered by large black glasses. Finally, her normal black outfit was replaced with a flower print dress.

He held out his hand, "Mr. Solo, I’ve an appointment with Mr. Mudden."

Looking him up and down, she ignored his hand and lead him toward the president's office. "Come with me, Mr. Solo. We cannot leave Mr. Mudden waiting."

As they were walking down the hall, Napoleon looked over Jo outfit whispering, "Very nice looking, but where's your gun?" knowing she would go no place without it.

"Use your imagination Napoleon, I hear you have a good one," she coolly answered back, "Can we keep this on a business level? I have things to do."

"Ouch, are you mad at me?" he stopped her as they approached Mudden door.

"Mr. Mudden is waiting for you," opening the door while avoiding the question, "Sir, Mr. Solo has arrived."

"Ah, Mr. Solo, what can I do for you?" offering his hand to shake. "I understand you’re from UNCLE. Why would they be interested in this plant?"

"Mr. Mudden, we've information that there’s a plot to destroy your plant, and I'm here to stop it. Can we count on your help?"

"I'm willing to help of course, but think it's unnecessary. I'm sure your information is incorrect. We're completely protected here. No one could attack us or get close to the plant without permission."

"I hate to disagree, but our source was killed right after he gave us the information. That doesn't happen if someone isn't wrong. Mr. Mudden, we'll be looking into this and any help would be greatly appreciated."

"If this happens you do understand that it will be a national emergency. I'd like to look around the site, if it could be arranged."

Mudden sighed, "If you feel it’s necessary, Mr. Solo. However, I feel that it’s not. As I've said, we're secure here."

"I'd feel better if I make an assessment myself," Napoleon pushed.

Leaning over, Mudden flipped on his intercom, "Please have Mr. Dabowski come in, Miss Nicholas. I'd like him to take our guest on a tour of the facilities."

Napoleon thanked Mudden while standing to leave, "I'll be in touch, and I'll keep you informed."

A few minutes later, Dabowski appeared. A typical Thrush agent, although not one Napoleon recognized right away--big, muscle bound, and dumb. Napoleon was taken around the compound but not allowed to inspect three of the buildings.

"Only people with top security clearance are allowed in them," he was informed.

After the tour, Napoleon was returned to the office where he was met by Miss Nicholas.

"Thank you for your time," he smiled at her.

She walked him to the car, "Mudden had visitors while you were out, watch out for an ambush."

As Napoleon entered his car, Jo shook his hand, slipping a piece of paper into it. "Please call if you need anything else Mr. Solo." She watched him pull out.

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