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The stories under this heading deal with Napoleon and his best friend Maggie.

Maggie Richardson was introduced in the story entitled "Demons". She was originally to be just a "one-off" character appearing only in the one story. but readers responded to their relationship with enthusiasm. Asking for more and more of the friends. And so here they are.

His best friend since the age of two, Maggie is a rarity in Solo's life. Lovely, loving a total free-spirit who is his match in every-way. She is smart and tender, can run him barb for barb, and isn't afraid to say what ever pops into her mind. A trait he finds most appealing. They have a tremendous amount of respect for one another, while at the same time maintaining the same innocence they shared as children.

Although they do occasionally share a bed, it is solely for the purpose of companionship. The love and trust they share acts as a sexual buffer between them and it is that same trust and love that they would would never give up, as Maggie once put it, "for a few fleeting hours of passion".

I hope you enjot their new home. And that new readers will come back for more of "Naps and Mags"

1. Best Friends Forever - Follow Napoleon and Maggie from their childhood, through those awkward teenage years. His deployment to Korea and the start of a new life.

2. The Summer Solostice - The longest day of the year just got a bit longer and a whole lot hotter for Napoleon and Maggie.

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