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The two women arrived by a small plane at Manizales, Caldas a community (section) of Colombia, South America. It was located in the basin of the Rio Chinchiná and Guacaica River They rode on a rough road in the old bus used for transportation in the area toward the small mountain health center where the agents were being held.

The women studied their surroundings. Manizales was built in a mountain region with a number of ridge lines and steep slopes visible surrounding it. Coffee plantations dotted the slopes and donkeys, lamas, and pushcarts were in evidence throughout the ride. An inactive volcano could be seen in the background.

Their assignment was to provide support for two down agents. The concerned for the two men they were to protect increased with their apprehension for the medical conditions they might discover.

The clinic was set back within the shadows of one of the many slopes. Compared to the sterile building of New York's medical, the hospital offered little in the nature of modern equipment. The building itself was abode brick with small windows. Although clean inside, the smell of sickness poured out into the hall.

The doctor escorted the two nurses from the United States to the patients' room.

"I am not sure why you were sent here," he began in English, "We have nurses to deal with our patients."

April Dancer and Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin, two of the few women in Section 2 of UNCLE, smiled at him.

"I am Jo Nicholas and this is April Dancer. Whenever we have sick employees in a foreign country, our company sends in their own nurses. It is part of our benefit package."

It had been decided it was better not to use Jo’s last name as it might sent a message to people they prefer didn’t know who they were just yet.

The two women looked over their 'patients'. Napoleon Solo Number 1 Section 2 and Northwestern CEA lay unconscious in one bed. In the other one was his partner, Illya Nichovetch Kuryakin, Number 2 Section 2 also lying unconscious. Both were pale and wrapped in bandages from head to toe but seemingly comfortable for the moment. Because both men had lost so many key electrolytes that were essential to life an IV solution of Lactated Ringer's hung above their heads and dripped into their arms. A smaller bag of sulfa hung next to it addressing the infections that were raging in their body.

No one was sure what had happened to them. Both had been found by some villagers left for dead in the rainforests.

Shot, beaten, and tortured, they were barely alive when found. Only the ID in Napoleon's pocket had identified them as UNCLE agents. When notified, UNCLE had sent the two Columbian UNCLE agents to protect them. Due to the limited number of agents located near the site, April and Jo were sent on security duty while Waverly worked with the government to obtain the men's freedom from Manizales.

The governor of Caldas, Jhon de Balboa, insisted on holding the two men until he was able to figure out what had left them in their present condition. Although UNCLE was aware of it, the Columbian government was unaware that de Balboa's actions were being directed by Thrush.


The doctor left the two women with their patients. They examined the men to see how much damage had been done. They careful removed the bandaging to inspect the damage under them. Both were covered with deep welts and cuts on their backs from a whip. The rest of their bodies were dotted with bruises, open sores, and abrasions. Although beginning to clear up, infection was still evident in many of their wounds.

After applying the topical antibiotics that had brought with them, they rewrapped the agents. The only sound the men had made during the examination was moans of pain as they were touched. Jo touched each man's face lovingly. One her brother; the other her lover.

"April and I are here with you," she whispered to them not sure whether they could hear her or not.

With a kiss on each of their foreheads, she looked back at April who had placed her hand on Jo's shoulder.

"We'll keep them safe until Waverly gets them out."

Jo nodded in silent agreement.

Although neither were nurses, they both had adequate medical education that actually reached the level of some of the doctors at the site. After the physical examination and a review of each man's chart, they contacted the UNCLE's doctor in New York about the two agents' condition by communicator.

"Okay, right now they should be on fluids, antibiotics, and some pain medication. Even though they aren't conscious, they can still feel pain," he informed the two women.

Before any medication would be administered to the men again, it would be checked by one of them. UNCLE had supplied them with a kit that would establish if there were any undesirable drugs in the fluids. In addition, UNCLE had sent them with antibiotics and pain medications that were known to be safe to replace the ones at the clinic.

The women requested a cot for the room. When asked why, April explained that they were to be 24 hours nursing and would take turn sleeping in the room, another service of their company.


"What do you mean, they are staying in the room at all times?" demanded Leandro Restrepo, who was the Thrush represented in the area. "We need to find out from those men where they hid that missing machine part. Describe these women to me."

The doctor shook in front of him, "The one is about 5' 7", about 130 lbs., shoulder length brunette hair, and brown eyes. The other is about 5'4, about 115 lbs., pale strawberry blond head that long but up, and blue eyes. Both slender and pleasant looking."

Restrepo handed him two pictures, "Are these the women?"

"Yes, sir," the doctor said.

"Maldición (damn), Dancer and Kuryakin. UNCLE must know something is happening here. Go keep an eye on them. Stop tampering with Kuryakin and Solo's medications. They'll be checking it before giving it to them. I'll get in touch with you when I decide what to do. Just let me know if the two men show any sign of waking up."

Restrepo called Central and informed them of the development.

"Don't do anything until they wake up. Your men have already caused enough delays by almost beating them to death. Just keep an eye on them for now."

The man from Central said as he hung up. Restrepo slammed the phone down. He had done his job. It wasn't his fault that the UNCLE agents after being recaptured had been beaten nearly senseless. Then he was told that the two agents had managed to take a pill hidden in their teeth and seemed to die. No heartbeat or breathing was detected, so they were left where they had fallen. Another of UNCLEs drugs to protect their agent, he supposed had given the appearance of death. Later they had been found by villagers and taken to the clinic alive but in critical condition.

He had been leading the search for the system piece when his second in command, Jose Romeros, handled the search for the two agents. Well at least that would never be a problem again, his second in command was no more. Now, he needed to wait for the UNCLE agents to awake up to get the part. Thrush took no excuses for failure. He now had to locate the machine part before any other damage could be done to his career.


April was on watch when Napoleon started to moan in his sleep. He became extremely restless and yelled out in his sleep. Soon Illya joined him in this behavior. It was almost as if they were sharing a dream.

She woke up Jo, "We need to give them something to help them relax."

First, they gave them something for pain, and then sponged them down. Both men finally relaxed once more but their eye movements told a different story. The two men were dreaming.


Illya and Napoleon sat in their usual place at the round table in Waverly's office. They waited for him to fill his pipe with Isle of Dogs No. 22 and attempt to light it. Both men smiled behind the folders they were examining when he failed. Finally he placed it in the ashtray and addressed them.

"We’ve had reports from our agents in Columbia that Thrush has been working in the background as advisors to some of the governors within that country. Something seems to be happening in the area, but no one has found out what Thrush is up to."

"Sir, I thought the new government has been cleaning house down there."

"Napoleon, they have been but remember the country had so many problems in the past and with the drug cartel, it is taking a long time to sort things out. That article I gave you a few weeks ago explained the whole situation," Illya informed him.

Napoleon gave his partner a sour look and when Waverly looked back down at his folder, gave him a light hit in the head. Although Waverly saw, he said nothing.

Each member of his best team had their own attributes to offer to partnership. Napoleon was the strategist, suave, and leader of the two. Illya was the scientist, source of diverse information, and the more aggressive. Napoleon would plan the operation but it was Illya who would ensure its success. Together they had survived situations where other teams failed.

"Gentlemen, your attention please," both men looked guilty at him, like children caught doing something wrong. "You’ll be investigating the reports and discover if there’s anything to concern us. Two of our men from the area will meet you and sharing the information they’ve gathered. Your plane leaves in four hours."

Both agents left the room going over their checklist in their minds.

"How updated is the equipment in Columbia?" Illya asked.

"Not the most current but not too bad. What are you thinking of Illya?"

"Just like to know what I can expect. By the way, you owe me $5.00. He never smoked the pipe."

"He tried," Napoleon replied.

"The bet was he would smoke the pipe, not attempt to."

Napoleon handed over the five, "Next time, we'll make the details a bit clearer."

Many agents had a running bet as to whether or not Waverly would actually smoke his pipe.

"See you in our office?" he asked.

"Half an hour," Illya responded as they separated.


The plane ride was long but quiet. Napoleon flirted with the stewardess and Illya read.

"It really would be interesting to see what Jo would have to say about your flirting," Illya teased his partner.

"We have an agreement," Napoleon grinned at him. "When we aren't together, I have to keep up the appearance of the suave, care-free playboy."

Illya choked on his tea, "Oh. Well I will be happy to tell her, you are living up to your image."

Both men settled down for a nap and woke as they were flying into La Nubia Airport which was located near Manizales. As they looked out of the window of the plane, they could see a country of mountains, volcanoes and rainforests. They were met by their counterparts from Columbia, Luis Alberto and Carlos Fernando.

"Illya and Napoleon welcome to Columbia," Luis said shaking each of their hand. "I see Mr. Waverly took our concerns seriously, sending his big guns."

The two New York agents knew that Luis was truly happy to see them, where at times they had met with resentment from agents that they had come to assist.

"Thanks Luis. Just here to give you a hand."

"Oh no my friend, we now have a serious problem elsewhere. Waverly sent a message that you were to take over this operation. An appointment has been set up with Governor Jhon de Balboa and his new assistant, Leandro Restrepo. Leandro is pure Thrush. He knows that we know who he is, but is so self-confident that he doesn't care."

"Wonderful," Napoleon sighed, "Well at least we have all that out in the open. I suppose he'll recognize Illya and me."

"I'm not sure, but won't be surprised. Take care gentlemen, many people have gone missing in the area lately when they ask too many questions," Luis suggested.

"Gracias, my friend. We will be careful," Illya assured him.

After leaving the two Columbian agents, Illya and Napoleon checked into their hotel. They checked for bugs, and removed the ones that they found and then unpacked.

"Do you think the bugs were for us or is this normal procedures for visitors?" I

llya asked. "Probably normal procedure, but by removing the bugs, whoever’s listening will know we’re more than just visitors," Napoleon answered.

"Might as well meet the governor and his assistant." Illya said heading towards the door.

Chapter 2

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