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Since MFU first appeared, I have enjoyed reading the books and watching the program. Jkkity Fan Fiction - SoloholicsOver the past years, finding it on TV has been a challenge. I have written many stories for myself, and am now glad to share my stories and read stories others have written. Napoleon has always been my favorite, while Illya is someone who I always looked as a caring brother.
I have introduced the character of Josephina Kuryakin as a sister for Illya who he thought he had lost and for Napoleon a woman who he can love and who is his equal in many ways.
I have a few different types of stories. Many of the stories include all three characters, others include Napoleon and Jo and stories with just the guys. Hope you enjoy them and feel free to let me know what you think

Short Stories with Napoleon and Illya
Explosive Beginnings: One American, one Russian yet they were to work together, protecting each other backs, and achieving their assignments. Will this partnership work, after all their first meeting was explosive?

Another Day at UNCLE HQ: Another routine day at UNCLE HQ

A Sticky Situation While on a quiet vacation, Napoleon and Illya wind up in a sticky situation when they run across Thrush. Prompts ice cream, solitude, and sand

Downed Once More Napoleon and Illya survive a helicopter crash and let's the quotes fly.

Experiments gone Wrong Napoleon meets Count Johann Konrad Dippel and becomes his next subject.

Explosive Napoleon drags Illya along to check out a new piece of equipment for the agents.

Ghost Mask At a Halloween party Napoleon has a surprising encounter

Happy Birthday April Napoleon and Mark are in trouble, they forgot it was April's birthday

Hazel Eyes Napoleon waits for a special date, and Illya comforted him

Innocents A jungle, Thrush, and rescue

Melting Fears Napoleon was captured and drugged once more, and trying to fight the fears that come with it.

Napoleon's Birthday Blues It Napoleon's Birthday and the death of agent has him thinking about his life

No Choice Napoleon has to kill a traitor.

Overripe Tomato Napoleon reacts to antibiotics given to him after entering a Quarantine building.

Shattered Glass Illya is keeping vigil over an injured Napoleon who is in the grip of a nightmare

The End of Camelot Napoleon explain why Kennedy’s death is so

The Moon Lights the Way Illya is missing and Napoleon looks for him.

The Tax Man Cometh Napoleon Solo is engaged in a struggle, but doesn't receive any help from his partner this time


Avalanche Gerat Affair A year into their partnership, Napoleon and Illya investigate sudden avalanches in Switzerland. Thrush attempts to uses the beautiful country to increase their bank account while one of Napoleon's favorites Thrush women pits herself against them.

Below are my stories that include Napoleon and Jo or Napoleon, Jo and Illya. Some are chaptered, while others are just shorts. The stories show the growing relationship between Napoleon Solo and Josephina Kuryakin and Illya's acceptance of the situation between his partner and sister.

The Changing of Past Beliefs : Napoleon and Illya are working with a new female agent that is the second agent loaned to UNCLE from the GRU. Introduction of Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin. Nominee for the Fan Q award 2013.

The Answers to the Questions Affair Napoleonmust rescue Illya from a past enemy. However is this enemy from the KGB or is it personal. Questions from the Kuryakin's past might finally be answered if Napoleon can get to them in time.

Peach Bottom Affair: Thrush has another new invention. The partners, Napoleon and Illya with Andrea and Jo need to stop them from destroying part of Pennsylvania for years to come by radiation.

Of all the Women We Have Loved Before: Napoleon reflects on the women in his life on a rainy night.

Shadows of the Past Affair: Four men from Thrush come back to seek revenge on the agents from UNCLE

Going to the Ends of the Earth: Some times when you least expect it, someone will go to the ends of the earth to do something special for you. In honor of Robert Vaughn's birthday November 22

Energy Shield Affair: A day of fun that leads to an accidental meeting, an agent shot, an agent capture, leaving Napoleon and Illya following leads to stop a new weapon that Thrush is creating to control the world. Is it true or a trap?

Best Laid Plans Affair: Napoleon promised the doctor the next week would be the three Ss—sailing, sun, and swimming. Too bad he hadn't checked with Thrush on that. Illya, Jo, and Napoleon find fun and trouble during their vacation.

La Máquina Mortal Affair: Earthquake machines, injured agents, and the rain forest. Napoleon and Illya must deal with another mad scientist and his inventions. April and Jo are sent to keep an eye on them. Warning: torture but not graphic.

Never Assume: Napoleon's Valentine plans are ruined, almost permanently

Fears of the Heart Affair:new UNCLE's top agents must face their personal feelings when one of their own is taken to facilitate a trade for a high ranking Thrush operative. Suggestions of torture and rape.

Ambuscade Affair: What does a florescent pink katydid have to do with the missing CEA? Can UNCLE figure it out in time to save Napoleon? Illya, Mark, and Jo are attempting to save their friend, but first they need to find where Thrush is keeping him.

A Mole in the Field Affair: Rogue KGB are receiving info from moles within UNCLE, and join forces with Thrush for their support of money and men in their plan to sabotage the Russian government. Can Napoleon and Illya stop them in time

Life After Section 2? Rescued agents and Thrush drugs might force Napoleon to come to a life changing decision.

Temples of Gods Affair: An innocent vacation leads to a kidnapped agent, with the trail leading to the ancient temples of China and an old foe. All places and descriptions are from visits I have made to China and seen. The older culture of the country is beautiful and full of history.

All the World's a Deadly Stage Affair: An off-Broadway play could help create world chaos as part of another Thrush plot. The agents go undercover to stop it

More Difficult Than a Leopard to Change His Spots: Will one thoughtless action by Napoleon Solo destroy the relationship he has developed with Josephina Kuryakin?

Chinatown Affair: UNCLE joins forces with an unlikely ally as they chase down a common enemy who is determined to destroy the world. completed: suggested torture, suggested rape, some language nothing graphic

Podhradi Affair: The agents deal with gypsy traditions and Thrush while trying to stop another of their evil schemes.

A Hole in My World Affair: Why is Napoleon in such a bad mood? Waverly and Illya attempts to fix the problem.

Ghost from the Past Affair: Napleon and Illya attempt to discover what Thrush is up to and what they want from Jo memory.

Back to School Affair The agents must face a new adversary, one called 'technology.

Do you have Regrets? Napoleon reflects on the questions as he thinks about his life on a Father's Day in the future. After Retirement series

The last group of stories include drabbles, stories inspired by a single word, and other that I have written but does not focused mostly on Napoleon but that he is included in.

A Drabble a Day: Discussions of life The 100 word shorts that have the two men discussion the activities, beliefs and actions in their lives. A Drabble a Day keeps the Thrushies Away. (at this time over 175)

Word Challenges The Drabbles and stories here are based on prompts words. Each word is than used to write a story--usually short to show Napoleon and Illya in varies situations.

Other stories I have written: At this site are all the stories I have written. All include Napoleon but he is not always the primary focus usually it focuses are both Napoleon and Illya equally.

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IrishRose2 jkkitty Fan fiction 1 May 19 2013, 10:03 AM EDT by jkkitty
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Great to see all your terrific stories in one place! I have read alot of them before, but it is so nice to have them here easy to find.

Keep up the good work!
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Kelly-LA/CA jkitty 1 May 19 2013, 10:01 AM EDT by jkkitty
Thread started: May 10 2013, 4:40 PM EDT  Watch
What a wonderful collection of fan fiction. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

You are terrific. Welcome !
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Baby-Stroller Jkkity FanFiction 1 May 19 2013, 9:59 AM EDT by jkkitty
Thread started: May 17 2013, 3:51 AM EDT  Watch
WOW!! So many great stories. How long have you been writing?! I really like your style.

Can't wait to read the rest that you have listed. You have me hooked!!
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