Happy Birthday Robert Vaughn from Yoshiko

Happy Birthday Dear Dr. Vaughn!
Happy 80th Birthday
On your 80th birthday, I wish you another wonderful year of happiness, Joy and good health. It has been just over a month since I saw your stage and met you at Geva Theatre Center, Rochester. Thank you so much for taking time to meet and talk to us (Tammy, Teresa, and me).It was once- in- a- lifetime precious moment for me, and I still can’t believe I could make my dream come true. Every day, I recall every single kind word you said to me as well as a few impressive lines of your Vanderhof on the stage. And when you told me “I saw you enjoying the show from the stage”, all my long years of studying English became worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoyed your performances and the show. I love you on the stage! I saw most of your works on TV and movies, and I love them, but seeing you on the stage in person is very special. I loved to see you enjoying interaction with the audience and I am very happy that I could be a part of them. I would like to see your stage again. If anything is coming up I am sure that Tammy will let me know, then, I will fly all the way to the place wherever it will be to see you on the stage.

You are such a sweet, charming, kind, intelligent, cool, wonderful gentleman just as I’ve imaged for 48 years. I am truly happy to have been your fan. Once again, thank you very much for your work entertaining us for such a long time.

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday with your family and many more .

-Yoshiko ********

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