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Josephine Nichovia Kuryakin, Section 2 agent and computer expert was bored. On light duty because of injuries, she had finished up all her paperwork, qualified on the gun and knife range, and worked on a number of problems in the computer lab, but after all that she still found herself unsettled as she didn't have much patience when it came to mundane, everyday work.

Unable to go on an assignment until released by medical, she had begun to wander the maze of hallways that made up UNCLE to reliever the tedium; finally she decided to address the issue head on with the CEA.

Entering the office of UNCLE CEA Napoleon Solo and her brother Illya Kuryakin, his number two agent, she sat on the edge of the CEA's desk. "You have to give me something to do in the way of an assignment."

"Do I now? Did Medical release you from light duty?" He was trying to suppress a grin as he leaned back in his chair staring into her blue eyes but failing and looked toward his partner who was hiding behind an upheld report.

"Since when do you care what Medical says," she swung toward her brother, "Neither of you ever do."

"It's only for another week. Let's see, you are recovering from two broken ribs, a concussion, and a bullet wound to your leg. No way, I pick my fights with Medical."

"If I were one of the guys, you would help out," she sulked.

"Don't play that card Jo. You know better and besides I like having time with my girl when she is healthy."

"Not that we have had much of that either," she mumbled.

She was playing with the commitment ring he'd given her. They both had agreed that their relationship came second to their jobs and professional allegiances. They spent as much time together as they were allowed to and as often as possible, but assignments and injuries kept that at a minimum.

Jo turned toward Illya, "Come on, you have some pull. What good is a brother, if he does not stand up for you?"

He tried to stifle his smile, "Sorry."

She sat on the desk pouting for a few minutes then decided to try another tactic. She slipped from the desk, walking around then lowering herself into Napoleon's lap; giving him pecks him on the cheek, lips, and forehead, running her hands over his chest and said please.

"Josephina Nichovia Kuryakin, we're at the office right now and I remind you of our agreement that you insisted on; work is work and play is play. My love, just think no one hurting you for another week."

"You, the great lover Napoleon Solo are turning me down!"

"Illya, can you please take your sister to lunch or something. I have to complete this report for the meeting later today."

"Isportitʹ sporta (spoil sport)," she shot at him.

"I do understand Russian, you know." She gave him a sour look and turned to her brother.

"Come on, lunch will give you something to do with your hands besides molesting my partner," he said as he stood up and grabbed his coat.

"Okay, Solo but wait till you want something," she suggestively raised her eyebrows and left.

Illya's Fear

The sibling sat together at the new Polish restaurant with their meal. Papryka nadziewana (stuffed green pepper) for Jo, golumpki (stuff cabbage) for Illya, and czarnia in front of them both.

Illya seemed distracted. "A ruble for your thoughts."

He suddenly took her hands and kissed them, "Just thinking how much it hurts when you come in injured. I always have the fear that you will not come back to me."

"Illyusha but I will always come back."

"Too often I have almost lost you. Do you remember the time we were playing tag on the ice and you fell in. We were so young, and I could not pull you out. I yelled and yelled until finally papa showed up. He pulled you out and held you so tightly. Then he let me hold you. I cried so hard until you tagged me and said you are it. I almost lost you that day."

"But you did not. I was scared but knew you were with me."

"Then the day that you were taken away from me after everyone was killed. That shot I heard, I was sure you were gone forever. I never let anyone get close after that. Now I have you here with me and do not want ever to lose you again."

"Illyusha moĭ dorogoĭ brat, ya vernusʹ k vam vsegda, yesli ya mogu. (My dear brother, I will come back to you always if I can). No ya dolzhen delatʹ to, chto ya mogu, chtoby prinesti mir vmire. (But I must do what I can to bring peace to the world). YA obeshchayu, chto nikogda ne ostavit vas dobrovolʹno, no, pozhaluĭsta, ne sprashivaĭte menya , chtoby datʹ eto. (I promise I will never leave you voluntarily, but please do not ask me to give this up.)"

"Nyet, YA ne budu , no obeshchayu vam neprestanno pytayut•sya vernutʹsya ko mne sestrenku (No, I will not but promise you will always try to come back to me little sister)."

"Da, YA eto sdelayu. Vy obeshchaete, tozhe? (I will. Do you promise also?)

"Da, Obeshchayu takzhe (Yes, I promise also)."

"Enough of these thoughts, let's eat," Jo said as she let go of his hands. "Eat my bolʹshoĭ brat (big brother). Once your stomach is full, you will feel much better."

Illya answered her with a boyish smile and a hefty bite of his food, "You better finish that before I am done, or you might lose it." She smiled and began eating some of her own meal.

After they returned to Headquarters, she tried once more to get convince Napoleon. "Please, give me anything to do to get out of this steel prison."

"I'm sure Mr. Waverly won't appreciate your description of our building. I have nothing that I can assign to you. How about if I make it up to you with dinner and dancing tonight?"

Jo took a deep breath, "Maybe Thrush will try something there," she said hopefully, "Okay dinner and dancing, if you are sure it is not against my medical restrictions."

"I'll be at your apartment at 6, okay."

Agreeing, she left his office in search of another agent to talk to until later that evening.


She had been pacing the room waiting for Napoleon for over a half an hour before he called. "Sorry love, a pair of agents are pinned down outside of town with some vital information. Illya and I are leading a rescue group so I won't make our date tonight. Tell you what, meet me by my car tomorrow morning at 9 and I'll have a little assignment for you."

"Okay, be safe." She was disappointed but understood the importance of what was going on and knew that if anyone could save the agents, her men could.

She went to bed after grabbing the stuff black leopard that Napoleon had given her in the hospital, "Maybe you can keep my bed warm tonight seeing he is not here to do it," she told it as she fell asleep.

Jo's Assignment

"Napoleon Solo this is not what I had in mind when I asked for an assignment," Jo was driving them to the airport. Her hair blowing wildly in the wind, "Being a chauffeur is not my idea of a mission."

"You're still on light duty and your exact words were, 'Give me something to do to get out of this steel prison'." he said chuckling.

"Illya, say something."

"It is what you asked for," and returned to the book he was reading. He was getting use to the banter between the two and ignored it.

"Next time, don't get incapacitated and you won't have to be taken off the active agent roster," he suggested.

"Fine, I will tell the next Thrush agent who is interrogating me, not to hurt me as it upsets the UNCLE's duty roster," she responded sarcastically.

He laughed and turned to watch the car that was following them. Waverly was right; Thrush was waiting for the two agents to lead them to the prisoner held by UNCLE.


When they arrived at the airport, she pulled into the departures lane. Cars surrounded them while the sound of foreign voices and the yelling police assaulted their ears. As they exited the car, Illya leaned over and gave Jo a peck on the cheek, "See you in a few days."

Napoleon also leaned over to give her a kiss but she turned her head, "Your idea of an assignment was not funny."

"My love, rules are rules." He gently took her face and turned it up toward him. She allowed the kiss which was long and wanting. "Keep my bed warm."

"It has been a long time since I was able to warm it up."

"Stop getting shot and tortured."

He gave her one last kiss lasting until Illya slapped him on the arm, "The plane boards in 10 minutes, and I for one do not want to explain to the 'old man' why we missed it."

"Now Napoleon," he said as he started toward the door.

"See you in a few days," he said as he turned to follow his partner, "I better go or he'll sulk all the way to Germany." A quick wave and he was gone, but not before he noticed the two Thrush agents getting out of their car and following him.


While the Thrush agents shadowed them into the terminal, another one called in, "Sir, you were right. They sent Solo and Kuryakin who just went inside. They were dropped off by Jo Kuryakin."

"Excellent take her, she'll work well for our next step. This is even better than I planned."


Jo pulled up in the parking structure under their apartment.

"Hi, Miss K. How did you ever get Mr. S to allow you to drive his baby?" asked Jimmy McLaughlin, the UNCLE parking attendant.

Only 20, he was 5'10", black wavy hair that he combed back continuously, hazel eyes which were frequently full of enthusiasm and wonder when talking to Section 2 agents. Dressed in a black leather jacket and jeans, he looked like the typical biker youth of the day.

He had the basic UNCLE training, belonged to Section 5, and was waiting for his 21st birthday to attend Survival School. He knew all the agents in the building and their cars. Napoleon's blue Corvette convertible was his favorite.

"No one except Mr. K gets to drive it and that only when Mr. S can't."

"Just need to know the right incentives, Jimmy. Mr. S would like a complete overhaul while he is gone. Could you see to it tomorrow morning?"

"Sure thing. You need any help?" he knew she had only gotten out of Medical a few days before and was still healing. One look and he smiled, "Sorry I asked. Have a pleasant day."

She parked in Napoleon spot, put up the roof, and stepped out of the car. She heard her name yelled, and turned seeing two burly guys coming toward her while another was hitting Jimmy. Before she could pull her gun all the way from it shoulder holster, she felt a sharp pain in her neck before darkness had come.

Thrush Abroad

"I see our friends are aboard," Illya had spotted two Thrush agents sitting in the back of the plane.

"We'll have to see what we can do about them. There'll probably be more waiting at the airport," Napoleon grinned. "How much longer before we land?"

"Thirty minutes, what are you planning?"

"Just going to visit the men's room." He removed a clip from his pocket carefully and removed two darts from it. On the return trip, he tripped falling into the two men.

Reaching his partner, "Our guests were very tired. I think they've decided to nap for a while." Then he notified HQ that they were being followed, and to create a distraction when they landed.


As they exited the plane in Bonn, Germany, they blended into a group of 'travelers' who were at the gate and smiled when they saw that a tall blonde agent and his dark haired partner were part of the group.

"You called for a diversion," Mark Slate said as he joined them.

April Dancer slipped her arm into Napoleon and Illya's. "We were on our way home, and the 'old man' asked for us to set something up." Soon, they were across the terminal and out the door into the waiting taxi before the men following them caught up.

April and Mark gave them a wave farewell and their cab into the city pulled away.

With their car hemmed in, the Thrush agents were left without a way to follow them. "Verdammt (Damn it)," the one said, "The boss is going to be pissed."

Chapter 2

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