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Code of Conduct. - Robert Vaughn

Welcome to the Official Robert Vaughn Fan Site!
This site was set up to celebrate the life and career of Robert Vaughn
and is the only site on the web Authorized by him.
There are a few Site Rules that Everyone MUST follow:

1. No inappropriate additions to the site (including Slash or slash implied fanfiction, photos, artwork, etc)

2. No Abusive language whether directed at a member, poster,or another Celebrity.

3. This site is for Robert Vaughn. Please do not set up pages for or highlight any other celebrities/programs on this site.

4. This site is not a political forum. No controversial topics or "hot-button" discussion please. Please do not post anything (including your avatar) that would be based on religion, lifestyle etc. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable here.

5. The Moderators have the right to delete threads or post they feel are not in the best interest of the site.

6. Some photo albums are locked (blue lock) by the creator of the album. This means that only the album owner can add photos to it, but Everyone is welcomed to view the photos inside. Albums can be locked for a number of reasons (ie) "The Young Philadelphians" album is locked because many of the photos are in order of the movie story line.

7. During Contest such as the photo captioning contest, the anonymous thread feature will be turned off. This will prevent non-site members from posting. Once the contest has ended the feature will be restored so that anyone visiting the site can leave a thread. Thank you for your understanding.

8. Anyone can post a thread. You do not have to be a member to add your voice to the site. But remember to post your message under the appropriate page:
Television Subject Threads- under Robert Vaughn on Television
DVD (reviews or comments)-under DVD Release (well you get the idea!)

If thread postings become a place to vent or bash, the anonymous feature will be turned off and only Site-Members will be able to post to the site.

9. Please refrain from posting anything that may be an invasion on the Vaughn Family privacy. Do not post address, email, current private photos or any personal information that would infringe on the family's personal privacy.

10. We want everyone to have fun here and enjoy all things Robert Vaughn.

Simply remember the 3 R's
Responsibility (watch what you post)
Respect (be mindful of your fellow site-members & visitors)
Robert (Vaughn, of course)

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Anonymous Seeking Help To Determine If Dr. Vaughn painted a 'self portrait' 0 Sep 9 2016, 2:42 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Sep 9 2016, 2:42 PM EDT  Watch
Hi, folks. My name is John Harrison, and as all of you are, a life long fan of Robert Vaughn and the world of U.N.C.L.E. For the record, I am 65-years young.

So, I recently purchased a painting, done in gold, black, brown and white, from a fellow Man from UNCLE in South Carolina. The painting was bought by him in an estate sale. On the front left corner of the painting is the name Robert Vaughn, 1965. On the back of the painting is a signature "Robert Vaughn," and NYC, 1965. The signature looks very much like Dr. Vaughn's, and I must say is the best penned version I have ever seen.

I have asked my friend, John Heitland, to contact Robert to see if he either painted this, or at least signed the back of the painting. As I said, the painting is now 51-years old, and isn't abstract, but close to it. If someone can help me in this regard, I would appreciate it. If Robert did paint it, he might just be interested to know that it is still around and may be interested in seeing it again.

I will be happy to post a current picture of it if someone informs me of the process.

Thanks for listening, and best wishes. Dr. John Harrison,

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Anonymous Politics 0 Jun 11 2015, 1:04 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Jun 11 2015, 1:04 AM EDT  Watch
Dr. Vaughn why have you never run for office. Your opinion about Vietnam makes more sense of any I have heard.
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