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Illya and Napoleon

My stories are focused on Napoleon Solo, our favorite spy. But I believe that the most fitting and endearing tributes to him can only be seen through the eyes of his long-suffering friend and loyal partner, Illya Nickovetch Kuryakin. So he'll almost always be there in these stories to help Napoleon when he needs him!

Table of Contents:

Weapon Dance: Mr. Waverly notices Napoleon's unique way of using his weapon, and trouble ensues.

The Renewal Affair: The story of how two friends became enemies, and why. (Crossover between MFU and A-Team episode, "The Say UNCLE Affair".)

Still There: Illya- "Even the best of friends fall out sometimes. But this was different. This was terrifying. You wouldn’t look at me, you didn’t forgive me. And I’d never forgive myself."

Through the Eyes of a Child: Napoleon really is injected with Minus X during the "Minus X Affair", and Illya has to deal with it.

Sixteen by Fourteen: "It's a local custom. I assume American students have theirs." "Oh yeah, of course." "More dignified perhaps." "Well, we have uh...pantry raids and stuffing sixteen kids into a telephone booth, things like that." Inga and Napoleon from "The Deadly Smorgasbord Affair"

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