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A New Alliance by NappySappy

Illya Kuryakin sat up in his hospital bed resting and feeling fully alert for the first time in two days. He had a bit of a concussion from his last assignment in Panama but had been more affected by the latest and greatest Thrush drug used on him in an attempt to induce a deep and permanent state of psychosis. An IV was attached to his right arm which had been flushing the drugs out of his system for the last 48 hours.

He never ceased to be amazed at how UNCLE’s medical section patched and propped up Section II agents. They were an amazing group of people…..tough when they needed to be, gentle and soothing at other times, and most importantly, understanding of the complicated nature of Section II agents and their partners.

Napoleon Solo sat in a chair that was pulled up to Kuryakin’s bed. His head rested on the bed and he was sleeping deeply. Kuryakin gazed at Napoleon and smiled at the mussed, dark hair as Solo slept. UNCLE’s CEA wouldn't be caught dead looking the way he did right now and he intended to remind his best friend of his disheveled appearance at the first opportunity. What was not so amusing was the cuts and bruises his partner sustained in rescuing him from potentially lethal circumstances. Illya rested his head back on the pillow, closed his eyes, and reflected on their devotion to each other as agents. He had never known such loyalty.

Kuryakin’s thoughts were interrupted by a smiling, Dr. Elizabeth Ray, UNCLE’s Chief Medical Officer, as she entered the room to check on her patient. Illya held up a finger to his lip, and softly motioned for quiet.

“Illya, you’re looking well.” Dr. Ray whispered, pulling up a chair. “How’s that tough little noggin of yours?”

“It’s good, Dr. Ray, thank you.”

Kuryakin seemed perfectly content to be resting in medical, a far cry from his usual posture. There was a softness to him that Elizabeth had not seen before and she hoped to take advantage of the opportunity to deepen her relationship with the mercurial agent.

She nodded towards Solo.

“He just about killed himself over this one, Illya. I don’t think he slept in 48 hours and he was absolutely maniacal about getting you back. Even the Old Man got out of his way.” Dr. Ray reached over and rested her hand on Solo’s ruffled hair and paused.
“His heart is his weakness, you know.” She said smiling.

“There are many worse weaknesses, Liz,” Illya responded smiling down at Napoleon. “And I’m afraid his most glaring weakness is related to me. I worry that I am endangering him.”

“He’s a true heart, Illya. He always has been.”

Kuryakin digested this thought. “You are correct, of course, but I don’t know how much longer Mr. Waverly will tolerate such strong proclivities for a colleague’s rescue at the expense of a successful mission.”

“Baloney, Illya.” Liz laughed. “Waverly knows exactly what he’s doing. There is no better complement to a true heart than a pragmatic counterpart. And every cynic….. that would be you….needs an idealist to lift his spirits. You’re a perfect match. And there was no risk to a mission here. You were the mission.”

The Russian agent conceded the point.

“I’m sure we try the patience of your medical staff, Dr. Ray.” Kuryakin chuckled.

“Of course you do. But Illya, you have to remember that things are a little different down here in medical. I've seen both of you ripped up, beaten, tortured, poisoned, brainwashed, with broken bones, crushed lungs, and about anything else you can imagine. I know the two of you inside and out…probably better than you know yourselves. I can’t imagine one of you without the other. When you two are in my care, I’m privy to the most vulnerable emotional state that any human being experiences. You two are so much the opposite that you are perfectly inseparable. And understand that when we are treating one of you medically, we’re usually treating the other psychologically. It’s an ugly business out there. We get it, Illya.”

Dr. Ray checked the IV drip and wrote some notes on Kuryakin’s medical chart before turning once more to her patient.

“He’s out of the field next year, Illya. What then?” she quietly asked.

Illya watched his friend sleeping and sighed. “We've talked about that. There’s no way I could take on another partner. He’s really the only one I completely trust. Not to mention he’d worry himself sick over it. He has the ridiculous idea that he can protect me somehow.” Illya grinned.

Dr. Ray laughed. “I can’t imagine how he got that idea!”

“He’ll be taking over for Mr. Waverly in two years. You know, Liz, he’s really ready. No one will do the job like he will. God knows, I’d never last two weeks. Too impatient, too demanding, too…..”

“Stubborn!” Liz laughed.

“That too.” Illya acknowledged returning the smile.

“So what does that mean for you, Illya?” Dr. Ray posed.

“When Napoleon comes out of the field, so will I.” Kuryakin answered. “I’ll work in science and research until Napoleon takes over for Waverly.”

“Then what?”

“I’ve been promised a new post for which I’ve lobbied extensively.” He paused chuckling. “Chief of Security for UNCLE’s North American Continental Chief.”

“Oh Illya, that’s priceless….not to mention perfect.” Liz said enthusiastically. “Seriously though, his life will be just as much danger, perhaps more, when he takes over for Waverly. He’ll be a huge target.”

“Yes, and I could use some help convincing him of that. But there’s no one better suited than me to protect him, Liz. He trusts me. He’ll listen to me.” Illya paused. “He damn well better!”

Dr. Elizabeth Ray looked down at UNCLE’s scruffy CEA. “I better get him cleaned up…he’s got a few nasty cuts and bruises that need some attention,” she sighed.

Illya grabbed her arm gently. “Liz….could that wait? Maybe you could let him rest a little bit….he’s exhausted.”

The doctor smiled and nodded. “Will do Mr. K. You know, he’s lucky to have you. And Illya,” she spoke again, “When he does take over for Waverly, I’ll look out for him too.”

“How about we do it together, Liz?” Illya said sincerely.

“Even better.”

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