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Chapter 1

The smoke filled room was crowded with all the section chiefs and their seconds. Their purpose was to create a better world, which was now being threatened by someone who was betraying their oath to UNCLE. Raised voices argued with one another until Waverly brought the meeting back to order.

Illya Nichovetch Kuryakin, the only Russian in the group, had received condemning glances by more than one member of those gathered, but no one spoke their thoughts out loud which would've led to an immediate confrontation with Napoleon Solo, the second most powerful man sitting at the table.

The Russian, on the other hand, ignored the glances while he studied the information in front of him.

"Sir, do we've any leads other than that information is leaving our offices here and abroad then finding its way to the Red Stars?" Napoleon asked.

"No. We're aware that quite a number of our people have visited the offices from which the information was transmitted, but we’ve identified the agents who have been at all the offices within the appropriate time frame." Waverly continued speaking, "The information so far isn't too damaging to our organization, but whomever is stealing it seems to be increasing its importance with every transmission. We must find our leak and silence it immediately."

The agents present looked silently at each other with the exception of Guy Williams from Section 3, who glared directly at Illya specifically, "Perhaps Mr. Kuryakin would have some insight into the KGB’s Red Stars agents receiving the information." Williams said.

Napoleon's bearing stiffened visibly at the implied accusation but before he could speak the Russian placed a hand on his shoulder as he spoke, "I am not familiar with these men or the group to which they belong."

The tension in the room rose as the Napoleon faced Williams until Waverly stepped in.

"Gentlemen, we aren't here to accuse each other; we have suspects from the various offices and are investigating these agents."

The door to the meeting room opened unexpectedly and an outraged Josephine Nichovia Kuryakin walked in without permission. She stopped in front of the table and glared angrily at the people assembled there.

"Miss Kuryakin may I ask what's the meaning of this intrusion?" Waverly demanded.

"Sir, I expect the KGB and GRU to be watching me, and am not surprised that the FBI and CIA are doing it, but when UNCLE starts to suspect me as an informer, I have had enough." She placed her gun, communicator and ID on the table then announced, "I quit."

She turned without making eye contact with anyone at the table, walking out and leaving those in the room surprised into silence for the moment.


Before anyone could react, Napoleon and Illya rushed after her, hearing Waverly heatedly barking their names as the door slid closed. They continued to ignore his call, catching her as she entered the hall.

Napoleon grabbed her arm swinging her around face him, "What the heck was that all about?"

She glanced at his hand demanding, "Remove it!"

He thought about it for a moment, but knew the second he did she would flee. "Tell me what you were doing in there."

"I was unaware that you are heard of hearing," she sarcastically said.

"Malenʹkaya sestra (little sister), speak to us," Illya pleaded.

"I am no longer working for UNCLE and am going home, I thought that I made that plain."

Napoleon attempted to pull her into an empty room, as a crowd was beginning to gather, but she refused to budge.

"Jo, we don't understand," Illya softly said trying to get her to explain what was happening, "Do you not understand that by quitting UNCLE you will be recalled. Even if you stay hidden, they will find you."

"You misunderstand me, I am going home to Russia," she clarified. "

That is a death sentence, you can't do that," both men stated shocked that she would even consider it.

"At least I will know who my enemies are, and where the bullet will be coming from unlike here where I do not know who to trust and when to expect someone to stab me in the back. "

"What about those of us who care about you?" Napoleon asked holding her hand in his.

"Care for me! You two are betraying me by just being part of this investigation. Not one person here has defended me," she accused glancing from them to the gathering crowd.

From behind them they heard Lisa Rogers, Waverly's secretary calling them, "Waverly wants you back in here now. He's very angry."

The men were torn between their duty and their personal life. Napoleon let his arm drop off her arm. Turning he walked back toward the room head down. Illya touched her face.

"Please," he pleaded once more, "I just found you and cannot lose you again. We will fight this charge together. You are all I have left in the world."

"Remember I love you both more than my own life," she said as she turned walking through the people who were lingering in the hall. Illya watched her walk out of his life toward what he believed could be her death.

As they entered the room the saw Waverly lifting the telephone receiver, dialing a number then spoke into it, "She's on the move. Remember she is only a suspect so follow but don't apprehend or restrict her movements. Call when you have something to report."

Hanging up the phone, he looked at the people gathered in front of him, "You're all dismissed at this time; we'll continue this discussion later this afternoon. I want all departments to review their records creating a report of information that might have been compromised. Mr. Solo and Mr. Kuryakin you’ll remain."


Andreas Petros, Jo's regular partner, followed her to the Russian consulate where she spoke to the guard before entering the building with only her customary black clothes on her back. He had known her since she came to UNCLE as the second GRU representative and trusted that she wouldn't sell out UNCLE but was concerned when he saw her entering the building. Although he’d report what he had witnessed, he didn't have to be happy about it.


As the room cleared out, Napoleon and Illya remained in their seats waiting for Waverly to acknowledge their continuing presence, "Gentlemen, what do you think you were doing discussing security matters in a hallway? I don't remember dismissing you to follow up on Miss Kuryakin's actions. It's now common knowledge all over the building thanks to you actions."

"Sir, we don't understand what just happened?" Napoleon confessed.

"It's quite clear to anyone present, Mr. Solo. Miss Kuryakin quit. What is there to question? I'd appreciate you doing completing the required report as asked. Mr. Kuryakin, I also expect your full cooperation in this matter."

"Sir, I don't believe she'd betray UNCLE. She's one of my agents, and I'd like to know exactly what is going on. I'm the CEA who do understand proper protocol."

"First, she's no longer your agent, she quit. She was my agent as are you. Perhaps, if you have a problem accepting this, we need to look for a new CEA."

Napoleon looked from Waverly to Illya. He knew his partner would follow his lead in the pursuit in questioning what was happening. This was only the second time in his career that he questioned his boss' actions openly, the last in the Concrete Overcoat Affair. Although he actually knew that Waverly would never do anything that was not absolutely necessary, he felt that he had needed to question this situation.

Taking a deep breath the CEA said, "I'm sorry sir; I'm confused."

Both men studied the table before them, "Sir….," Illya began.

"Dismissed gentlemen, I'll see you at the meeting later this afternoon," his tone made it clear that their continuing objections wouldn't be welcome.

As they rose to leave, the communication board buzzed, "Waverly" he answered turning his back on the two puzzled agents who stopped to listen to the incoming communication.

"She has entered the Russian Embassy, sir," Andreas reported. "I understand Mr. Petros, maintain your surveillance reporting any change in her status," as he disconnected, he noticed the two men still standing there.

"Gentlemen, you were dismissed."


As the partners entered their shared office, the silence they had shared on the walk there continued until Illya, whose entire body shook with anger and frustration, slammed his hand against the wall.

He growled, "She is not working for that group of radicals, no matter what evidence there is against her."

"I know tovarisch. There has to be a reason for what's happening, we'll find it," Napoleon assured him, "I just don't understand how Waverly could believe she's the leak."

Both men lapped into silence once more. As they gather the information requested, a pattern began to emerge. Although none of it was decisive, the information that Waverly had asked for seemed to pile up against Jo and two other agents. By the time their report was completed, although non-conclusive it did seem to indicate that the three agents were the only suspects in the investigation. However, they knew that Jo's actions earlier in that morning would make her the prime suspect.


A few hours after she had entered the Embassy, Jo was escorted stiffly out, face bruised, hand cuffed behind her back to a waiting car. Someone had quite obviously been questioning her. She had been surprised when the 'interview' had stopped when they had received phone call from an unknown source.

Andreas followed them to the airport, where she was led to a waiting Russian jet. After it took off, he returned to headquarters to verbally report in. On the way to Waverly office, he encountered Napoleon and Illya in the hallway where he held his hand up stopping them before they could question him.

"My orders are to report my finding to Waverly and no one else, sorry gents. But I'll tell you this, no matter what I saw, I don't believe Jo is the leak."


The normally quiet halls of UNCLE were raging with gossip. The name Kuryakin could be heard over and over in conversations. Red menace, commie, pinko, traitor, and betrayer were words being thrown about. No one except the section chiefs and their seconds were supposed to know what actually had happened that morning, but it didn't stop the gossip from spreading like wildfire.

As the two enforcement agents walked through the halls toward the cafeteria, they noticed the hushed conversations on their approach, which would return to normal tones after they had moved on. Frequently, they heard the name Kuryakin being said aloud.

"I see the grapevine is in full swing," Napoleon said to his partner.

"What does a grapevine have to do with this, Napoleon really please speak English," Illya was in no mood for American slang.

"Okay my grumpy partner. How about the rumor mill?"

Illya gave him an exacerbated look, shaking his head.

"She is being convicted without the charges even being known. Sometimes, I believe she and I will never fit in here."

His partner understood the Russian's concern. It didn't seem to matter how many time Illya and Jo had almost died for UNCLE's beliefs, some people would never trust them because of their nationality. Napoleon felt this situation was getting out of hand and would be better if he could talk to Waverly, but it seemed that the head of New York UNCLE had made his own mind up about what was happening. The two agents found the same situation in the cafeteria.

Walking by the lunchtime crowd, the conversations stopped until they passed.

"Perhaps Napoleon, it would be better if I return to the office and eat there," Illya offered.

With a shake of his head, he said a little louder than normal, "If people wish to express their ignorance about matters to which they have no knowledge, I won't allow my meal to be ruined."

More than one person turned a shade of red upon hearing that.

As Solo and Kuryakin moved from the food line April and Mark called to the agents inviting them to sit at their table.

"Nice example of international tolerance." Mark observed, "Tomorrow they'll be tearing someone else apart. How are you doing, old man?" he asked as he turned towards Illya.

April moved closer to the Russian, "We're here for both you and Jo," she offered.

"I know we have a very active grapevine," Napoleon observed, "But this is spreading too fast for even that. Someone is making sure Jo is convicted without a trial."

The four of them glanced around the now full lunchroom, wondering who it was that was selling out UNCLE as they knew it wasn't who was being blamed.

New York

Later that evening, an overhead page requested the four agents' presence in the conference room. The CEA was surprised that all four of them were being summoned but grabbed his paperwork and reported as ordered.

"Sit down," they were instructed upon entering the room. "Gentlemen, your report please."

Although damning to Jo, the CEA handed it to him and after reading over the summary Waverly returned his attention to them once more.

"Your opinions about the report?"

"It doesn't look good for Jo," Napoleon admitted, "But I know that she isn't the leak sir."

Illya nodded in agreement.

"And how do you know this, Mr. Solo because she's your lover or you Mr. Kuryakin because she's your sister? I have warned you about letting your personal feeling interfere with your professional responsibilities. What would you say if this wasn't Miss Kuryakin that we were talking about?"

The brutal honesty of Waverly's statement felt like a slap in the face to Napoleon. Although he believed what he was saying, he thought about the question for a moment then answered candidly.

"My decision would depend upon which agent we were gathering information about. There are agents I trust with my life and others I'm not so willing to trust. The individual would be the deciding factor in my decision whether or not to believe their innocence or guilt."

Waverly knew that his CEA meant every word he said. It wasn't that Jo was the woman he loved, but that she was someone he would trust unconditionally.

"Mr. Kuryakin, Slate and Miss Dancer do you agree?" The other three agents nodded in the affirmative.

Then Illya said, "Although she is my sister, I would not trust her if I did not believe as Napoleon does that she is innocent. We all know from past experiences it would not be the first time a relative had turned bad."

As Waverly cross examined his gathered agents, he knew that none of them would accept anything but loyal devotion to their cause.

"Gentlemen, there's some information that you are unaware of." He pressed a button on his desk, "Please have Mr. Petros come in."

When he entered, Waverly motioned him to a seat. "Please share your report about this afternoon's surveillance." he said turning to Andreas.

After Petros had briefed them on what he had seen, Waverly's eyes settled on one agent to the next.

"Well gentlemen, Miss Dancer do you still believe in her innocence?" then waited as each agent reaffirmed their belief in her.

"We have a grave situation. The continued existence of our organization may be in your hands. It will be up to you to bring the traitor from this office and those of the other three cities involved to justice. It's imperative that we stop them before the group backing this cell of KBG agents gets any more information." Waverly continued, "We have intelligence that this rogue group is being supplied with men and money by Thrush which makes the situation critical."

The agents looked at each other. "Sir, I know we have a lot of damaging evidence against Miss Kuryakin, but I," Napoleon hesitated then glanced at the others. "We don't still believe she's our leak."

"I agree with you Mr. Solo."

That the statement from their boss had made all of them lean in and pay closer attention to him.

"You’re correct, she isn’t our mole. However, because of the evidence planted again her, Miss Kuryakin agreed to be part this assignment to find evidence against the guilty person from Russia," Waverly informed them.

"I don't understand sir; why you didn't inform us before when we spoke to you," Napoleon was frustrated and more than a little angry. "Because Mr. Solo, I don't feel that it's my responsibility to explain everything I’m doing to you, yet," Waverly responded knowing that although he was beginning to turn over more responsibility to his CEA, he wasn't ready to share ever decisions with him yet.

Waverly continued with his explanation, "While we work on our mole problem here, Miss Kuryakin with the help with of the Soviet government is developing a plan to trap the group in Russia. However, we must catch our own spy in order to ensure success."

Illya stated very slowly, speaking through clenched teeth, "She is in danger not only from this rogue group and Thrush but from the government itself. There are many there who do not approve of what we are doing."

"Both she and I are well aware this. Her safety has been guaranteed by the GRU and KGB for this assignment. It was her decision to accept it" Waverly said as he ended any other further discussion.

Although each one of them at the table understood what they had agreed upon when they joined UNCLE, this situation seemed to be unacceptable to all involved. No one spoke, each lost in their own thoughts.

"We need to find and eliminate our mole before this situation become irreversible." Waverly broke the silence.

Chapter 2

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