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Set for US Release March 17 2015 on DVD and VOD.
Film can now be pre-ordered.

From the movie trailer.
"Sebastien" - Soloholics "Sebastien" - Soloholics "Sebastien" - Soloholics

Behind the scenes photos from "Sebastien"
Photos by: Deborah Twiss
Sebastien - Doc Williams Sebastien - Behind the scenes Sebastien - BTS
Synopsis by Deborah Twiss

SEBASTIEN is a story about a couple, JONATHAN and CECILE (played by Eric Roberts and Deborah Twiss) from NYC, that moves to a rental house just north of the city to try to find themselves again, as a couple, as a family. Their two kids immediately begin having experiences that scare them. The daughter, ARIEL, 8 years old, (played by Sydney McCann) has a strange connection to the issues and actually exhibits strong physical symptoms that begin freaking everyone out. 10 year old brother MORGAN (Matthew McCann), an avid reality/docu drama tv buff, connects everything he sees to his television based knowledge of the world. Cecile begins having a lust for Jonathan that borders on scary and almost seems like possession. Jonathan takes on a job as a grief counselor at a local hospital and begins to realize just how strange the small town is. They attribute much of the craziness to the big move from the city to the country...but it is not the case.
The women who own the rental house are ALICE (played by Cathy Moriarty) and her mother SOPHIA. Their relationship is deeply disturbing. Alice is in charge of Sophia's care and it is not pretty. We wonder what keeps Alice so close to Sophia until it begins to be revealed there's a connection between the dark secret these women share and the hauntings in the house that Jonathan and Cecile's family are experiencing.
Enter FATHER THOMAS (James McCaffrey), an old friend of Sophia who begins sniffing around when the new family comes to town. He slowly reveals throughout the film what his interest and connection is to Sophia and Alice.
Unfortunately there is a huge secret, Alice's secret, that involves Father Thomas--and it is not until the end of the film that even HE realizes what it is all about.
The ultimate truth regarding the dark secret comes out and after many tears are shed and Sophia even dies mysteriously, the spirit is released and every person related to the situation has been changed, their demons now purged.
Robert plays the cool country Doctor, Doc Williams (Doc Willy) who comes to meet with Alice (Cathy Moriarty) and her mother at the beginning of the film. It is an important cameo because it is through Doc Williams we begin to understand how broken Alice's mother is and how bad their financial situation is.

Check out more BTS photos on https://www.facebook.com/SebastienTheMovie

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